Monday, August 3, 2015

A post not entirely about my boobs

I didn't have to go the ER this weekend to ask them to milk me. Progress! I told my friend about the whole saga this weekend and she correctly understood that the only solution is to breastfeed until I die. The main issue is milk not being removed properly/quickly enough. Probably because my child stands up and gets into insane positions while nursing, but I literally don't have the strength to pin him down.

This weekend we had our housewarming party! I don't have any pictures because I was trying out this thing called living in the moment but imagine NINE babies all being freaking adorable. It's kind of a big deal for me because I'm shy and introverted at heart and I really struggled making friends when I first moved to Maryland from New York ten years ago. In all honesty, for years I still felt like I didn't really fit in socially. Looking around at our entire house and yard filled with people I like that actually came over because they like me was pretty exciting.

I did develop a new clog during the party and tried to get Dalton to nurse and he was like MOM I'M MISSING THE PARTY GO AWAY so then I had to go hand express into the sink but I actually almost stole my friend's 3 month old and nursed him and then I was going to invent some story about how once Dalton went to a party at that age and refused to eat when he wouldn't feed from her later.

It didn't inflate my boob to massive proportions though. I'm trying this new thing where I nurse on a "schedule" - morning, before afternoon nap, and before bed (and as needed at night). Before it was a free for all, which I loved, but now he's kind of over it and more into food. I had a meatball on a fork at the party about to eat it and he took it off the fork and ate it himself. Story of my life.

Sorry I really hate pictures of other people's kids with food on their faces but his GIANT eyelashes caught a piece of food at dinner tonight.

Anyway, I need to get my supply back down to meet his actual needs. After ten months of slamming fenugreek and oats and praying for more during every pump session, that's something I never thought I would say.

Ok, moving on from boobs. And bottles! Dalton has been taking his milk from a sippy cup at daycare for the past few weeks, so I just sanitized all the bottles and they are shipping on out.

Bottles have been toys around here.

Goodbye and good riddance!

We are taking them up to Rochester with us tomorrow to go visit my niece and nephew (and the adults in my family)! Have fun with little baby Sloane, bottles. I sure won't miss you. Unrelated, bring on the garbage plates.

My nephew is 3 years old today! I swear he was just a teeny baby, and now he is this sweet, thoughtful, adorable little boy with a hilarious sense of humor. How could this have happened? 

Love him!

And in other trite OMG TIME FLIES news, I sent out the invitation for Dalton's first birthday party today. 
"Hello ladies and/or gentlemen" (we try really hard not to be hetero-normative, especially since he can marry anyone now, YAY!)

I'm so sad that my sweet little baby is almost done being a baby, but also this age is just beyond fun. 

Going crazy laughing and making faces at me through the window.
I swear he learns something new every day. This weekend he started giving kisses and flipped all the flaps up in Where's Spot looking for Spot! Which sounds completely stupid to celebrate but it was huge for us, I've been looking for freaking Spot on my own for months now.

When we return, summer will be pretty much over. I even planned and looked at curriculum today. As per usual, pretty much nothing I planned got done, both in terms of fun activities and useful projects. But I got a ton of extra time with my little man, and his dad, and even some sleep! Overall, a win.

Thank you for all the supportive comments about all my issues. My boobs truly thank each and every one of you. 

What's your favorite summer activity? Mine is probably swimming, so I'm really glad Dalton likes it too.


  1. I can't believe summer is almost over...but at the same time, I am sort of done with this heat and humidity. Fall is my favorite season and I'm already excited for apple picking and pumpkin spice lattes and cool morning weather. And getting to run again.

  2. My favorite summer activity used to be long runs training for a fall marathon...oh how my life has changed.

    Getting rid of bottles is so liberating! Packing up my pump was basically the greatest day ever.

  3. Putting bottles away was amazing. If I never wash another bottle nipple again in my life, I'll be happy.

  4. Jude started flipping up the flaps in his Dear Zoo books! He loves it! That seemed like a huge turning point in our nightly book reading.
    The end of bottles is awesome. But I still have to wash sippy cups! At least they are a little less annoying. I'm more thankful to not have to wash pump parts anymore!

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