Monday, August 17, 2015

Some running news

A while ago, I announced I would be running the Baltimore Half Marathon in October.'s time I started training for that?

I wouldn't say I've been a complete bum. I've steadily exercised 5-6 times a week for the past ten months. I've very, very slowly been coming back with my running endurance and speed, although they are no where near they were in 2013 and might never be again. But I'm not completely out of shape.

I printed out a training plan and hung it on the fridge.

Even hung it up with a half marathon magnet.
It was supposed to start 3 weeks ago. Then boob debacle 2015 happened. I didn't nail training. But today was my first time ever going to work, as a mom, and NOT pumping, and I didn't even notice! Can we all say a prayer that boob emergencies won't derail my training and/or life in general any more, at least with this child?

The following week, I was in New York. I ran Monday and Tuesday, but really had no intentions of doing anything in NY other than eating and baby snuggling. I did nail that plan.

Which brings us to last week - my official first week of training. I didn't do terrible. I ran 20 miles in all, although 12 of them were on the treadmill. It's just so glorious to run and watch TV. In addition, I went to a spin class and a strength training class.

I was really spoiled this summer. I was home from work by 3:30 at the absolute latest most days, usually before that, so I was able to work out in the afternoon during nap time. That brings me back to my plan before Dalton was born, work out during nap times. Then he arrived and I was like WTF IS THIS "NAP TIME"??? All he does is sleep on me 23 hours a day? How do people work out with babies?

But now naptimes do exist, and during summer I could use it to run on the treadmill, and life was amazing. Although I miss those sweet chest naps. That also allowed me to sleep in until he woke up, and that too was a dream come true. This all contributed to last week's success.

In other news, buying baby toys is stupid.

But now I'm back to the cold stark real world of adulting and that's over. Exercise will take place at 5am or not at all. I was all set to start this year off on the right foot and had the alarm set and everything laid out to hop on the treadmill before the sun came up.

Yeah. At 1:30 am when I was STILL AWAKE, I turned the alarm off. I definitely haven't had insomnia in a hot minute, and it was weird because I wasn't stressed about the school year at all, or so I thought. I was just reading a really good book and couldn't stop. Naturally, as soon as I finally fell asleep, Dalton woke up and then I decided I was going to miss him too much during the school year so I brought him into bed and snuggled him and creepily stared at him from 12-1am. Normal. Finally I told Eric to take him away because I was staring at him and preventing myself from sleeping. I AM the mom in "I'll Love you Forever" and I will drive to his house to stare at him in 30 years. I get that mom.

Touch me. LOVE ME.

Today was a wash, but I did spend it in a sweatbox moving heavy furniture and books, so at least I got some movement. I have committed to at least two glasses of wine tonight, but just to help me sleep so I can think better at work tomorrow.

Tomorrow is another day, and my running just got some great news. My running buddy, Lily, is moving only four miles away from us! She just got engaged to an absolutely wonderful man and I am so excited for them, but selfishly also really excited for me that she's moving back from Delaware to run with me.

I'm mad we didn't get a better picture, my hair looked amazing that night.

I have no idea how I once trained for marathons. I am super proud of managing a 20 mile WEEK when I only worked four days, how did I once run 20 miles in one fell swoop? I would like to do a marathon again maybe in 10-12 years. Right now, the idea of doing those long training Workouts must either fit into nap time or be able to be done with the stroller. By the time I get my bearings as a working mom so that things like putting away a load of laundry doesn't feel overwhelming, I'll be baby crazy for number 2.

"Another baby, you say?"

And....that's the story of the half marathon training. Stay tuned. 

Confess...when did you last act like a creeper? Just today I openly eavesdropped on a private conversation, then admitted it.


  1. I am always an Internet creeper. There is no last time.

    I'm with you on the training. A marathon seems like a pipe dream for a very long time. I'm planning on just winging the half I'm doing in October. Run as much as I can and then run walk the rest.

  2. Pictures of Dalton make me super baby crazy. Does that qualify as acting like a creeper?

  3. Dalton is adorable. My son is almost 9 and I still stare at him, although now it makes him think I am weird.. aww. But I just love to stare at him and my daughter too. Kids are pretty awesome

  4. I think the longer I'm away from those long training runs, the more I don't want to do them anymore or can't imagine doing them. I have a half in October that I need to start training for myself and even that sounds hard right now with no baby.

  5. We will back to some early morning runs :-)

  6. I took a picture of the 3 year old sleeping at like 5:00 this morning. Used the flash and everything.


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