Sunday, August 23, 2015

Times have changed

Friday afternoon used to mean one thing: happy hour. 

Times have changed. 

A different kind of after work watering hole. 

My handsome date. 
I'm not saying I'll never go to another happy hour, but I don't recall them ever being quite THIS much fun.

How long do I have before I have to stop dressing him in silly outfits?
Today is Eric's 35th birthday. We met when he was 25. This just occurred to me and kind of blows my mind. Just two kids, hanging out at the bar, being wild back then.

And now, we have our own kid.

As a model wife, for his birthday, first, I took his son from him to meet my friend Jen and her kids for a 7 mile stroller run.

Nailed it.
I made it up to him by bringing him a bagel with the wrong kind of cream cheese because I got confused.

Can you see the quinoa in his hair?
Everyone knows Sundays are lame, so we had the big celebration on Saturday. Our absolute favorite type of food is Ethiopian. We suspected Dalton would be a fan, and this kid went nuts for it.

The spread

Couldn't get enough.
Naturally we had to take a family photo to commemorate the occasion.

They all turn out so beautifully.
We did round two at home with our new, beloved selfie stick.
But everyone knows you need to take the picture from as high up as possible to make it the most flattering.
Eric's wasn't the only "birthday" today.

Classic Dalton face. "What's going on over there? Something I need to know about?"
He's grown a bit. 

Also, his llama sheep changed colors.
Last monthly picture until his actual, real birthday. All the feels. 

There was no real point to this post, other than me living in denial that school starts tomorrow. 

Where were you ten years ago?


  1. First of all, tell Eric I wish him a happy 35th and give him a hug from me. (I'm sure he will prefer your proxy to the real thing).

    Second of all, I seriously suspect you of photo-shopping-those pictures of Dalton, because he is inhumanly gorgeous. How is it even possible?

    Thirdly, I didn't know you liked Ethipian food! I love it, but haven't found a great restaurant here in Denver.

    I can't believe school starts tomorrow either! Good luck...

  2. 10 years ago was college. How did we get so old??

  3. It is so cool that he eats everything! Well, besides your ice cream I guess. That's gotta be rough. Happy 35th birthday to Eric! Travers is 35, too... it's crazy that soon our husbands will be in their late 30s!


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