Thursday, December 22, 2011

I may not be as dumb as I appear

I'm having serious issues with blogging. I like to blog in the morning, but my snooze button has been my best friend, and now that I'm actually training again, I can't just shorten my workouts, so I just push those until the last possible second and skip blogging. Then I try to blog at night when my creativity is at an all time low. This summer I got in an argument with a professor because she was insisting on posting an assignment so that we would only be able to work on it at night, and I kept insisting I needed it up at like 6am so I could get a good grade.

Speaking of grades, my grade is a 104% percent for my fall class. So if you thought I was really dumb based on things I've said on this blog, well, I understand, but that's a real grade from a real university! I'm actually a pretty big nerd when it comes to school, but ignorant at real life, like keeping up on politics or balancing a checkbook. Basically teaching and learning about teaching is all I got.

 The training plan had hill repeats on the schedule for today. Since my marathon is flat and I consider all of my neighborhood runs "hill repeats", I went with last week's speedwork, which was 6X800s (running at a faster speed for a half mile, then resting by running at a slower speed, repeat 6 times). It's been so long since I did any sort of real speedwork, so I was actually kind of excited.

I have always professed hatred for the treadmill, but, I'll admit, it's great for speedwork. It's a lot easier to just push buttons than try to see your watch in the dark while running on uneven, cracked sidewalks. Intervals are basically the only workout I don't hate on the treadmill, because constantly changing keeps me from dying of boredom. Plus, it is nice to be able to put in both headphones, and totally zone out, and not continually stop for lights, watch for cars, try not to trip on debris on the sidewalk, etc, etc.

I warmed up for half a mile at a 10:00 pace, then started my 800s - the first three were at a 7:30 pace, the next was 7:13, and the last two were 7:08. I did a slow jog for a quarter mile to rest in between each one. I swear we should tell the drug addicts about the high runners get after speedwork, they may never go back to crack if they try it. 

Most of my last half mile cooldown was at an 8:34 pace - it felt easy after 7:08!

Unlike nearly every other teacher in the country, I still have to go to work today. And tomorrow - all day. Oh, the humanity.

What time of day are you at your most productive? 

What are your thoughts on speedwork and/or treadmills?


  1. I like speedwork on the TM, but I have to say...the satisfaction from hitting goal paces outside, without the treadmill to rely on, is the best. But actually doing it outside is not so much fun.

    If you want a good TM workout, start at 6.0mph and increase 0.1mph every minute up to whatever you want (say 8.0), then go back down just as slowly. It's a killer workout and keeps me busy pressing buttons the whole time.

  2. I like speedwork on the TM too...although then again I like the treadmill a lot more than most normal people. TWO MORE DAYS and then you're on vacation. You can do it.

    Productivity? Before noon I do my best work, definitely.

  3. My daughter has school today and tomorrow yet. I know all the other schools around here are either done for the week or done after a half day today so I'm not sure why our district is different this time around. Keeps us sane for another couple days since she LOVES school and tends to piss her sister off pretty good while she's home.

  4. I don't think you are stupid. Well, maybe doing a 50 mile ultra raises questions about your intelligence. But whatever.

    Treadmills are something I usually use when it's either extremely dark/dangerous outside (hello ice!) or if I'm on travel for work and don't know good running routes.

    I love my bike trainer though. It makes it easier to do targeted workouts.

  5. That is a great grade and I never thought you were not smart!

    I hate Treadmills, hate hate hate them but maybe if I did intervals I would enjoy it more!

  6. 104%? Do they have extra credit in your grad program? :)

    I love having a treadmill, but I don't always like using it. I find that I make myself work harder on a treadmill because I'm bored. Outside, I just cruise along.

  7. I am most productive in the morning. I think it is because I work out in the morning and the adrenaline keeps me going. I wish I could workout mid-day but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

    Hmm...the treadmill. I am going to try with all my might not to run on the treadmill this winter. I think it does weird things to my body. Although it is good for "emergency" situations like hurricanes, ice storms and such. I think doing speedwork on the treadmill is better than doing nothing at all but I think mentally, doing it on the track or flat surface is most effective because you have to actually think and adjust.

  8. I dislike treadmills. Strongly. But speedwork is so easy on them. I like how easy it is to run faster on the cooldown after speedwork. Nice paces and negative splits!

  9. Congrats on being super school smart. Condolenses on being worldly dumb.

    I like that I can get in longer runs on the mill since my kids can play and not be bored in the jogger. (anything much over 7 is pushing it for LBM to remain happy) But I would always rather be outside!

    I hope you guys have a Happy Holiday!

  10. Obviously I love treadmills, but I might be a little cracked in the head.

    It's a good thing I blogged yesterday afternoon, because otherwise I wouldn't have done it today. I thought I'd have all of this free time with my days off, but no. This has nothing to do with your post. I'm clearly losing my mind.

  11. My motto is B's get degrees. It used to be C's get degrees, but in my PhD program they will boot you if your GPA falls under a B average (which sucks on the +/- system). I'm too lazy and unmotivated to be a good student.

    I've never done speedwork. It does sound easier on a treadmill, but I'm still convinced they are man killers sent to us by Satan. I have problems.

  12. Nice speedwork! I loathe the TM - but am considering a foot pod so that I know how fast it's really've inspired me to really look into it now. :)

    Congrats on the 104%!


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