Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Double Holidays

Tuesday was a great day for a Jew/2, like me. (Jew/2 was my nickname in college). I engaged in my annual Christmas present wrapping tradition, while drinking decaf coffee and watching my favorite Christmas movie, Elf.

Ignore my weirdness in this picture, Eric said he was taking a picture to show the tree/wrapping extravaganza.
Check out that big one in the back Mom and Vince - that's for you!
It was also the first night of Hanukkah! Hanukkah overlaps with Christmas this year - double score. So we paused Elf to light the menorah. Classic melding of cultures.

Pop Quiz: why are there two candles even though it's only the first night? Beware - wrong answers may indicate anti - Semitism.

I am trying to stick with Wednesday morning being for swimming. The week before Christmas is a great gym week, I had the pool to myself for almost the whole time, until an elderly gentleman joined me for what I could only guess was some sort of pool dancing workout. I'm sort of embarrassed to even post my swim "workouts" on here or Daily Mile because they are just so slow. My only consolation is most of my readers are runners and have no clue what a good swim time is (like me).

Santa came a little early and dropped off a brand new iPhone for me! Since I've previously posted that I've gone from being all "I'm too cool for a smartphone" to "I can't go four seconds without my smartphone", this was pretty exciting. 

It's actually been a huge debacle getting one, and I really wanted to post about my frustration. I didn't because the whole "boo hooo my new iphone isn't arriving on my doorstep the exact second that I decided I wanted it" was so ridiculously first world pains that I simultaneously wanted to scream at almost every Verizon employee and punch myself in the face. 

I'm still trying to figure the whole thing out, but what apps does everyone recommend?


  1. You're right, I have no idea what a good swim time would be. When I start swimming one day, I'll make you look like Michael Phelps.

    Oooh, nice iPhone. I'm really jealous.

    Hope your Jew candles don't melt your TV screen. :)

  2. Cool phone! You will love it!

    I've been in the pool for weeks now and have no idea how many meters a lap is...I just love it though. It's going to be my Wednesday thing as well. I feel so good once I get out.

    I love Elf. Your blog is very purpley :-)

  3. I want you to log your swim workouts and will not make fun of you at all. It will make me happy to see you swimming. Because swimming kicks ass.

    The shamus candle in the middle is used to light the other candles every night, signifying that Judaism has enlightened the truth for many religions throughout the world.

    Boo. Yah.

  4. Um...what Victoria said about the candles. I'm so ignorant. Also, if you can stay afloat for more than 15 minutes at least I'll be impressed with your swim workouts.

  5. I went by Halfie. It's strange being Jew-ish. We don't bother with the menorah because I am incredibly lazy. Also, fire hazard and tiny high jumping dogs.

  6. The middle candle is the shamus (which in English means "leader"), and its function is to light the other candles, so it doesn't count to represent the 8 days. However, your arrangement of candles is all wrong. The candles representing the days should start at the right, not in the middle.

  7. swimming 1 lap is impressive to me so i will never think you are slow.

    i can't wait for an iPhone. ugh, i hate my BB. total waste!

    i'm so clueless about lighting the menorah...please enlighten me!!!

  8. Crap, this reminded me that I need to wrap more presents.

    Quick, download Words With Friends and start a game with me!

  9. Don't download Bejeweled unless all you want to play is that! We are so addicted right now.


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