Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The long awaited Christmas recap

Wow, it's been awhile. I haven't taken a blogging break like this in quite some time, but I am still in upstate NY visiting my family, so I thought I'd give them my full attention. Unfortunately, those non-teachers had to return to work today, so here I am. I don't even know where to begin....

In my Christmas Traditions post, I explained how my family does Christmas fairly comprehensively, so I won't go through it again. Also, I'm guessing a lot of you had Christmases that involved everyone sitting near the tree, opening presents, and sitting around a table eating, so you probably have a pretty clear idea how it all went down. I do have some pictures to share, however.

My Christmas pjs - open me first knows me so well!

Eric is a great person to buy for, he always knows how to show excitement.

I know, this outfit is completely new and different! I totally didn't wear it to school on the 23rd, either.

As if I didn't already love Christmas enough, Eric made me love it even more when he proposed on Christmas Eve, 2006. 

Awww....look how young we were
5 years later, same picture, different tree

Santa still comes in our house - the lack of children doesn't dissuade him
Stockings are the most important part of Christmas

Deep fryer and pizza stone - eating healthy is a true priority for the Lindsey household

Half Ironman here I come!
My teacher friends understand my excitement here

My sister got me the best gift ever. Eric got me a photobomb.
On Monday, we met up with some good friends that all live out of state now. We hadn't seen most of them in quite awhile, so Eric was extra excited to show off his new gift from my mom.

In Saturday's post, I mentioned I lost my voice, but felt ok otherwise. Well, the "ok otherwise" part rapidly went downhill as the holiday continued. By Monday night, I couldn't even get through a sentence without a coughing fit, so Eric took me to an Urgent Care facility. I'm quite the expert on these type of places now, and we both rated this one as by far the best we've seen. Just look at what the waiting room had to offer:

We were then escorted to a private room.and given the remote to a private TV. In a similar facility near our house in Baltimore, I was lucky to have a curtain pulled around a chair separating me from the other patients. 

The doctor was nice enough to examine me, but I'm pretty sure the receptionist could have diagnosed bronchitis. Eric having to give all my information because I couldn't speak without nearly falling out of my chair due to coughing was a clue.

Needless to say, I haven't been running since Saturday and my enforced rest has no end in sight. 
That's basically how I spent Tuesday.
I got to watch Love Actually (my first time!), Bad Teacher, and Super 8 in my convalescence. I loved them all.

When you can't work out, it's important to maintain your health by eating sensibly, so we busted out my Christmas gift to Eric.
Fried peeps

Believe it or not, fried peeps didn't work out exactly as we'd envisioned

We immediately followed the fried peeps with fried pickles and fried peanut butter.

Bright side to being sick - I've had lots of time to enjoy my new obsession.

Ironically, I have done a long run with bronchitis before and ended up in Patient First. That's not the the ironic part. The ironic part is that I've used that as both a cautionary tale to other runners, and as proof that I've learned my lesson. Well, apparently not so much. Everyone, enjoy your runs a little bit extra for me this week, and I promise to enjoy my controlled substance (codeine) cough syrup a little extra for you.

To cheer me up, tell me a time you thought you learned your lesson, but then totally relapsed. Or just something totally dumb you did. Don't be embarrassed, we all know I share enough dumb things on this blog.


  1. I had a really good comment, but then got distracted by all of the pictures. Dangit!

    Let's play some more words with friends.

  2. Holy crap, I need that shirt! Hmm, something dumb. I do so much dumb crap that it's hard to think of a specific example. I always promise myself I'm going to learn to stop and not say stupid stuff, but, well, I have a blog so I think you know how that turns out. Feel better!

  3. I don't think I need to list the dumb things I've done, we all know I'm an idiot. I almost cut my run short today because I wasn't feeling it even after 3 miles, but then I thought of you, so those last 4.5 miles are for you. :)

  4. I love Eric's shirt. Amazing! I didn't know Eric proposed on Christmas, but that makes the holiday like 10x better, right? Glad you had such a great time, minus the whole being incredibly sick think. Hope you recover quickly!

  5. Sorry your still feeling bad, and do take it easy so you won't relapse.

    Truly stupid is more than a bit embarrassing. This being something that only a guy could do (not would mind you...but could) [at least it really should be something only a guy could do]. Years ago I was standing at the urinal at work (I know..TMI, but you need to know that), and felt a massive sneeze coming on. Being slightly theatrical (at least back then), when I sneezed I threw my head forward and slightly down.

    My next memory is of someone coming into the restroom and asking what had happened...they heard a loud bang. I slowly turned to them dumbfounded, having heard nothing...with a large round red and rising spot on my forehead where I nearly knocked myself unconscious on the pipe coming out of the wall.

    Lesson learned. See, it could be worse... :-)

  6. feel better! running and hacking up a lung don't mix well together!

    i LOVE that mug and eric's shirt....awesome! anything with poop in it makes me laugh. does it really have a gold star on it?!?!?!

    hmmm, learned my lesson and then totally relapsed. drinking too much? i've said i'm never drinking again far too often!!!

  7. I love Eric's shirt! My hubby totally needs one! I have an "I fanatize about the UPS Man" shirt since he works there and all. I should wear it more.

    Hope you start feeling better soon! At least you are around family who can care for you!

  8. I want to go to that Urgent Care any time I am sick!! The last time I had a sinus infection I sat in my doctor's waiting room so long I ended up in tears of frustration! I am glad you got meds and should be on the mend. I am also glad you watched Love Actually, how did you not see that before?! It is one of my all time favorite movies!
    And last but not least, I LOVE the shirt your mom got Eric, too funny!

  9. So sorry you are sick with bronchitis Alyssa! I watched Love Actually for the first time this Christmas too. It was much better than I expected.

    I'm obsessed with Words with Friends too! I'm jealous of Eric's deep fryer. I am sure you two will be cooking up lots of yummy fried foods!

  10. The gold star on Eric's shirt is the best!

    Did you coat the peeps in something before frying them? Maybe you would have better luck with deep fried oreos.

  11. I learned a long time ago that hard alcohol is not for me. But did that stop me a few months ago, when my little brother told me that pulling rum from the bottle at a football tailgate was a good idea? Nope, not at all. Fastforward to climbing someone else's Winnebago (apparently I just wanted to sit on the top)...and I remembered why I don't drink liquor. It seems like every couple of years, I have to re-learn this. I just need to stick to wine.

  12. I just re-read this and noticed the mention of fried peanut butter. How did that turn out?


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