Monday, October 29, 2012

While we still have power...

I think I was too jaded by pain and exhaustion yesterday when I wrote my Fire on the Mountain recap yesterday and unwittingly gave the race a bad rap. All but one aid station were manned by cheerful, wonderful volunteers, and they even had all the food in those trick or treat pumpkin buckets, which was an adorable little festive touch. The race director was really nice and everything was well organized, the trail was clearly marked, I can't complain about the race itself at all. My beef was with the terrain, and myself, for being unprepared/overtired.

Life took an unprecedented turn for me last night when, after posting my beautiful candy corn ice cream sundae, I barely ate half of it before crying uncle and begging Eric to put it back in the freezer. I can't recall a time when I ever couldn't finish dessert, especially ice cream. After that, I was too full to even drink any more wine. That's not a total loss, because now I have tons for as soon as I convince Eric to join me in drinking every time someone on the news says "hunker down".

I was really excited to follow my crazy ultramarathon with an ultramarathon of sleeping, but hunger woke me up after only about 10 hours. Damn running. Right now my life goal is to do enjoy everything that requires electricity while I can, so I made coffee and eggs and toast. I also did some extremely important hurricane prep, and made enough iced coffee for the week. I may have to drink it at room temperature, but I'm prepared to deal with that. I really did it for Eric's benefit. I really care about him, and I'm concerned for his welfare if he were to be trapped indoors with me unable to make coffee for days on end.

The Governor came on TV for a live conference this morning to have a stern talk with us Marylanders about taking this storm seriously. Eric is a major doomsday prepper (we are prepared for the Zombie apocalypse at all times) and I'm extremely prone to panic and fatalistic thinking, so we were already there. Of course, that just increased my panic, so I jumped off the couch as fast as my shredded legs could manage to do more preparations.

Eric read my status from another room and seemed really surprised when he walked into the kitchen and exclaimed "oh, you were serious?". Sometimes I get really concerned that it's like he doesn't even know me.

Weird photography angle because I have to keep my phone plugged in at all times now, mainly
because Kara is in labor and I can't wait to get a picture text of her baby!

I explained it was because I told him to buy me cookies at Costco when he went on Friday and he hadn't. He was full of excuses, the store was packed with crazies, he was busy trying to get us the essentials that we would truly need, blah blah, whatever. But now we have a pan of brownies, so we're good. I have tons of candy corn ice cream left, but if/when the power goes out that will be no help to me.

 This is one of those rare times when I am just so happy to be a renter who still reads books made out of paper that don't require charging. It looks like I am going to get this post up in time, so those of you who don't live in Sandy's path can enjoy it. If you are on the East Coast, stay safe!


  1. um, if the power goes out, that's the best excuse to eat all of the ice cream. duh. Also, you should top the brownies with the candy corn ice cream!

  2. Running low on chocolate this close to Halloween? Brownies are better than individually wrapped pieces of candy anyway!

  3. A) Yay on Kara having her baby! She would have it in the middle of a freaking hurricane.

    B) I would be so screwed if we got hurricanes here. I am totally NOT a doomsday prep person and I have a tendency to think everything will be fine. Alas, I would probably drown. Good thing I live here instead.

    Stay safe!

  4. If you have brownies and wine, you should be all set for the hurricane!! At least you live on the third floor, so your apartment won't flood!

    I bought ice cream last night and Patrick was like "you know we won't have a freezer tomorrow, right?" Yes I do...I'm carb-loading. Ice cream has carbs.

  5. Kara just moved up her total, to a lead of two over you. But if you start off with twins, you can catch up with Kara in less than a year. I mean, if you get cracking.

  6. Yeah FOTM is a "real" ultra event as in mostly self suported. No big buffets at that one. And that trail is just seriously challenging.

    We kept power all night which was nice.

    Booo that I have to get back to normal routine again tomorrow.

  7. Mike and I kept contemplating whether or not to read, but were like "well our ereaders are charged, so we should probably just wait until the power goes out." meanwhile, we have shelves upon shelves of real books.


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