Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Technology conspires against us all

Now that we live in the digital age, using a "chalkboard" to teach is tantamount to kicking puppies, or at least I believe that's an appropriate comparison for people who don't hate all members of the animal kingdom. These days all your instructional material will be presented via smartboard and laptop, which in my opinion is infinitely better.

However, as we all know, technology comes to life after hours like in Toy Story and conspires against us humans. Despite the fact that yesterday afternoon, I tested out all my lessons with my smartboard and laptop, I arrived this morning to find that neither one of them would turn on. As a backup plan, I tried to print some stuff off, but none of the printers in the building would work either. So that was a nice, fun, calm way to start off the year.

 Despite all that, I had a pretty good first day in fifth grade. I'm not going to elaborate on that though, because good things are boring and I can't get into it for privacy reasons anyway. Instead, I'll focus on the complaints I have. The obvious problem was that it was hotter than the depths of hell and I was seriously 100% soaked in sweat before the bell even rang. If you know me, you know that I drink water like a 300 pound man marooned in a desert constantly, but when you're sweating that much, staying hydrated is an uphill battle. That brought on Braxton Hicks all day, and my legs and feet were throbbing the same way they do the day after a marathon all evening. I was also really spoiled last week because I didn't have to get to work until 9am, so returning to a 7:30 arrival was a rude awakening. Literally.

All in all, about par for the course for 9 months pregnant and temperatures over 90 degrees. Only five weeks and two days more, at the most. Totally not counting. I just want someone to explain why I wasn't allowed to do 90 minutes of hot yoga with my sister last spring (not Bikram, just 85-90 degrees in the room) but being on my feet for 8 hours + in the same temperature is just fine.

#proof. The temperature at dismissal.

That concludes my session on whining like a little bitch, because overall my baby is healthy and I enjoyed seeing my kids again so everything is really A-ok. Also my husband rubbed my sore feet and legs and they feel much better now. I did have a slightly different perspective this year. We always send home a billion emergency type forms on the first day for the parents to fill out, and I never really thought twice about it, it's just policy. This year I felt really bad about it and was like "god, I don't want to fill out all this crap after a long day of work, why are we punishing all the parents for sending their kids to school?".

I "ran" this morning and I set an important goal for myself to complete during pregnancy. I think I can finish Buffy, season 4. I "save" this show and only allow myself to watch it on the treadmill, for motivation and all. I began when I got the treadmill almost a year and a half ago, so it's been quite a journey (and re-watching seasons 1-3 of Game of Thrones on the treadmill set me back). I only have two episodes left, so I think can reach season 5 before baby. Aim for the moon, even if you miss you'll be among the stars.

This kind of looks like she's clutching her uterus so I felt it was appropriate.

How has technology conspired to screw you the most? I feel confident everyone has a story.


  1. I had a gazillion papers to fill out for my girls and rushed through it. I put my name in for Anna and had to cross it out and completely filled out one of Grace's papers with Anna's info. Again more scratching out. Their teachers are going to think im an idiot!

  2. It makes me so happy to see Buffy on your blog

  3. Technology can be the worst. Last year, the Internet in the ENTIRE TOWN went down on the last two days of school (the joys of teaching in a tiny rural town where only one company is brave enough to bring Internet service). It was really fun to try to have the kids present final presentations, finish the yearbook, enter grades, you know, everything. Everything was working all summer... and then the school installed a new server right as school started, and stuff works about 60% of the time now. Technology is the best.

  4. I can't play the original Sims game on my new laptop because it won't support games that old. In some alternate universe right now my Sims are setting themselves on fire every time they try to cook something.

  5. I blame technology when my alarm is set for pm instead if am. I know it did it on purpose.


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