Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Give me all the dessert (and none of the exercise)

Freaking What to Expect has the nerve to tell me not to eat dessert, then asks me if I'm satisfied with the app. Um, NO. Just tell me whatever fruit my baby looks like this week and keep your judgmental opinions to yourself.

Don't judge me.

I'll eat dessert whenever I damn well please. That was the method I went with the first time around and look how well that turned out.

Although, with that guy, I exercised. This time around, exercise and pregnancy aren't mixing so well. This is honestly the first time in my adult life I have just gone days without it, other than being sick, injured, recovering from childbirth, etc. I ran 3 miles with my friend Katharine and our kiddos Saturday morning and since then...nada. I'm just TIRED. Not the soul crushing exhaustion of the first trimester, but I'm still freaking tired. The only time I can really work out is if I get up at 5am before work. I need about ten hours of sleep to even feel human these days, which would mean going to bed at 7pm. I'm fine with that, except I need to actually do things like clean up from dinner, pack lunch, work nonsense, play on Facebook, etc. So I sleep from around 8:30pm to 6:30am and still wake up exhausted. Good times.

On the weekends, we wake up and take selfies.

Probably my biggest accomplishment this weekend was staying up until nearly 11pm at Girls Night In with some BFFs. We ordered food and watched Magic Mike XXL. I hadn't seen the original, but somehow I managed to catch on. My favorite part was Michael Strahan's striptease. Seriously the best thing to ever happen to me was watching Kelly and Michael daily on maternity leave. I literally cannot wait to snuggle up with that new baby and those two talk show hosts.

Instead of wine, I had this.

Quite delicious and even sort of looked like wine when poured in to a wine glass!

Sunday was the first day of Hanukkah. We celebrated both holidays growing up, my dad is Jewish and my mom is Christian, so we are continuing the tradition with our kids (and my sister is with my niece and nephew).

First, we put our Hanukkah gift from my dad to good use - annual passes to the zoo!

Checking out the actual Baltimore ravens.

Even a non - animal lover such as myself enjoyed a good zoo trip growing up. Although not all the animals were out in December, Dalton didn't care and had the time of his life. I think he just loved being outdoors with wide open spaces to run around.

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Despite the lack of smiling pictures, he really did have fun.

I'm really excited because we now have annual passes to the zoo, Port Discovery, and teachers can go to the science center for free and all these places should only get more fun as Dalton gets older. Annual passes are really the perfect gift for one year olds (probably older kids too, stand by on that) because really, we do NOT need any more toys although they are certainly appreciated. I see all sorts of moms at these places with toddlers and little babies, so this leads me to believe I can do this too.

Of course, for Hanukkah dinner, we had latkes.

Smelled like childhood.
Dalton couldn't get enough, much like with every food.

Dinner by menorah.
I could have gone for a run when Dalton CRASHED for a long nap after the zoo, but I decided to follow his lead and took an amazing nap myself. My body truly does not allow me to nap (like I literally cannot fall asleep if it's light out) unless I'm pregnant, then I can take ALL THE NAPS.

It hasn't been at all consistent but I've felt a few baby movements here and there! I'm more and more sure it's a boy. Once I really have a big baby belly I'm going to do all the old wives tales like the ring on a string and everything. Chinese gender predictor says girl. It was right for Dalton, so we will see!

Have you ever gone through an anti-exercise phase? I'm ok with it while I'm pregnant (#sleepnowwhileyoucan), but my concern is that having two kids won't be a cure for this problem.


  1. I'm having an anti-nap problem and it is killing me! Felix slept for 3 hours today and I couldn't nap! Argh!!!!!

  2. You guys have such cool kid stuff by you! I'm jealous! Everything here is at least a 40 min drive away. That really screws with schedules.

  3. My life is an anti-exercise phase! I'm waiting for the I actually want to exercise and do it consistently phase. Maybe when I'm 50!

  4. Dalton is getting so big! I would give the app the middle finger and eat all the dessert too. We have a small zoo here and Cade was so upset the first time I took him and there was no giraffe! It was all he could talk about for days!

  5. You should get the Ovia app. It tells you a fruit/veggie comparison but also French pastry, toys & games, and strange but cute animal (though some of these are just weird...). You can choose each week which item you want to look at. Plus I don't think it ever told me not to eat dessert.
    I'm a little jealous of all the kid-friendly stuff near you too. Of course it's only an hour from me but it takes a lot more planning on my part!


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