Sunday, May 8, 2011

It's Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

Sorry though, the best mother is already taken. So is the best grandmother. Better luck next year. 

Obviously I've mentioned numerous times on the blog how awesome my family is and how much you probably wish you were adopted by them at a young age. But since today is Mother's Day, and I've already filled you all in on how amazing my grandmother is, it's obviously time for a tribute to my mom!

I'd be amazingly happy if I could be half the mom to my kids that she is to my brother, sister and I. Looking back, it's hard to believe anyone could put up with our constant squabbling but she was constantly patient (and now, working with kids, I truly appreciate how hard that is!) When I think of all the times I just wish the kids would stop screaming my name for ten seconds, I can't believe she spent our whole childhood without snapping (at least that I know of!)

She always took time to play with us, listen to our ideas, and always made us feel valued and took us seriously, no matter what ridiculous things we little kids came up with. She could make anything seem fun, and constantly put time and effort into making sure that we had tons of great childhood experiences. When I was in second or third grade, just the two of us spent a week together in Washington, DC. It was so special to have a whole week with my mom all to myself and I still think back of the good times we had there when I visit the city today.

As adults, like I said yesterday, we are best friends and talk pretty much every day, unless our work schedules are totally opposite. I don't know too many other girls my age that have such a close relationship with their mothers so I feel pretty lucky that I have a wonderful one and it's so valuable to me. 

I also haven't ever met anyone else so selfless and caring - she is truly someone that I aspire to be like, and I honestly think everyone should. No matter how tired she is after working ridiculously long shifts at work (like 18 hours long) she always has time to listen to me complain about my day or tell her all sorts of boring details about my running schedule. She can always think of the perfect action or words to make others feel appreciated and valued. She has that same amazing attribute that my Grandma does of making everyone around you feeling happy and comfortable. She is so thoughtful, and always thinks of others. For example, she not only got me, Eric, and my grandma an Easter basket - she got my Grandma's roommate one, AND brought treats for all the nurses at the hospital. That's the kind of generosity and thoughtfulness that's truly rare and that I hope to have some day.

I could go on and on and on, but for the first time in a long time I actually get to SEE my mother on Mother's Day, when we are all meeting in PA to take my Grandma out to dinner! So let's just look at some fun pics.
 Back in the day, at my first Christmas.

 Disney World! Her favorite place.
 NYC girls trip with my mom, sister, and Aunt Leslie two years ago (ya you can't really tell we are in NY in this picture). Just yet another example of her going out of her way to make sure we all get together and have a great time.
At the top of the CN Tower in Toronto - another great trip that summer (orchestrated by....who else?? the wonderful MOM!)
  Katylin and Ben's Wedding July 2010
 Christmas - some recent year - told you she loves Disney World!

 How many people do you know who would drive 400 miles to cheer for you during your first marathon, AND make you dinner afterwards, AND even offer to do your laundry because they know you will be tired Sunday? AMAZING!
 Mom's wedding 8/14/07
 More wedding photos - isn't she beautiful???
 Getting wild at Howl at the Moon!
 Obviously we all recognize this day from the many, MANY times it's made the blog
She can even rock out with the best of them (me, obviously!)

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! Thanks for always supporting me, always showing me you love me, and always being an amazing role model. I love you!


  1. yay for awesome moms!! Love this pictures!

  2. This is such a sweet post. I love seeing all the pictures!


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