Sunday, May 22, 2011


Blah Blah Blah I've been gone you all missed me or went on with your lives as normal etc  etc.

I have to say as much as I love writing and stalking blogs actually going out and spending time with real life friends and having a constant social life has been pretty fun. 

Week workout recap basically for my own accountability because I don't think anyone cares:

Monday: 3.5 mile run, 5 mile bike ride
Tuesday: Super speedy tough track workout
Wednesday: Weights + elliptical
Thursday: 7 mile tempo - ish (I should've pushed myself way more) run, 12.28 mile bike ride soaking wet in the pouring rain - longest bike ride ever! Wettest too!
Saturday: 15 mile run, 4 hours of dancing at Howl at the Moon

Let's just talk about what makes a weekend epic.
1. Catching up at an adorable wine bar with Carolyn and Casi and then seeing Something Borrowed on Friday night. 
Again, loved the book, loved the movie. It also helps if you have the best friends ever. If you are in need of a girls night, this is it. Amazing. Plus the movie theater we went to serves drinks and they had a special Something Borrowed drink menu.
2. A gorgeous day for a 15 mile run around Baltimore's beautiful inner harbor and Fort McHenry with the world's greatest running buddies that starts out by seeing this. 
That's state pride, right there (it's the Maryland Flag).

3. Spending the rest of the day at wine in the woods with our friends Lily, Tricia, Jill and Sean.
It's exactly what it sounds like. Wine tents set up in the woods, sample a ton of wines until they all taste the same, buy a bottle, spread out a picnic on a blanket in the woods, eat your weight in cheese and drink wine like it's your last day on Earth. Which it was supposed to be, which is my excuse.

Might be worth it to be DD for pics like this.

Single ladies, here's a little tip for you. Before you get serious with a man, find out if he'd be willing to DD you and your friends if such an event is available in your area. You may also want to find out his thoughts on continuing his DD duties when you and your friends decide you want to dance at a bar for the next four hours. If he not only wants to do it but has a great time rocking out with you all night, he's a keeper. So keep in mind that the following pictures show Eric stone cold sober.

 S & M by Rihanna was on.

This is serious news. Not only did I turn down ice cream with Carolyn and Hagen Daaz Friday night (as in, she ate it, I sat there, and drank water), last night at 1am Eric got Taco Bell and I declined and made my own nachos out of Trader Joes baked chips instead. That was mainly due to disgust at the thought of what goes on at TB but what is going on here?

The Epic Weekend will continue by reading Kara's recap of the Warrior Dash, then heading down to follow in her footsteps and do it myself!


  1. I need a guy like that! It reminds me of my best friend's bachelorette party. Her fiance drove us to the restaurant, where we partied it up until 2am and then picked us up and drove us all back to the house (10 of us I think), and he had to work later that morning. It's so refreshing to know there are guys out there like that. Congrats to you :)

    I can't wait to see Something Borrowed!

  2. I was just thinking how nice this weekend has been doing non bloggy stuff. It's nice to tune out! Looks like you've been having fun too :)

  3. nice pictures, looks like you had a fun weekend!! also nice workouts this week, keep it up!

  4. This wine in the woods thing sounds pretty amazing. Actually, the whole day sounds great. Friends, food, wine and dancing?!? Sign me up!!
    I have been on a mini blog vacation lately and had lot's of fun!
    Hold on to Eric!! Not many guys would do that!! : )

  5. it's an interesting double life, isn't it? I was away from the blog world all weekend, which was amazing, and its strange to come back to the internet and see that life goes on without you. internet life, that is.

    way to show me how a good weekend is done!


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