Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Now you can relax....

Wow, how do so many people who have real jobs that don't involve singing the alphabet song and/or a real social life manage to blog every day? Or even more than once a day? I am really impressed by that, because clearly one tiny hint of a social life and I'm out. I'll bring you up to speed since I'm sure everyone has been lying awake at night wondering....

Sunday I literally spent the entire day writing my paper. I took a rest day (I was a teeny bit sore from my half, so I blamed that) since I really didn't have time for a workout anyway. Seriously, I worked all day to the point where I didn't go to the grocery store or make lunch or anything so I took a can of soup from our emergency kit (yes, we have one) for lunch Monday. The thought of any more typing that night wasn't appealing.

Monday I decided to try to swim 1000 meters (about the distance of the tri) and just see how it went, and take breaks if I needed them. I surprised myself by not taking any! I also tried not to push off the wall, it looked really awkward but I tried to just make a half circle and not even touch the wall when I turned around. Sooooo....apparently I can swim that the nice clear clean waters at the YMCA. But I felt really nauseous and dizzy when I got out of the pool, not really like I was about to bike 17 miles. 

Monday night I met with the bike club again. We did a 7.5 mile ride to practice going up and down hills and even rode with traffic and had to cross a busy street at a light a few times. I DID NOT PANIC! I started with the group, did the downhills without hyperventilating, and never had that full blown terror hit me. I couldn't believe it had only been two weeks since that first horrendous ride. I was actually riding with the "fast" group this time. The whole group started back at the same time crossing a busy street then going up a huge hill to our starting point, at a local bike shop. I was the FIRST PERSON BACK! I even passed a guy on the uphill (a few times, actually). People were actually complimenting me on my uphill speed, which means I'm the only biker that passes people on the uphills and gets passed by everyone on the downhills. I'm a weirdo. 

We went out to dinner after with the instructor and the other bikers and all I can say is I LOVE this group. Biking groups turned out to be just as good an idea as running groups. 

Yesterday wasn't too exciting - started out with a 5 mile run (average 9:08 pace). After work I had my first meeting with my new softball team. I can't remember if I mentioned it before, but starting in June I'll be making a fool of myself playing softball once a week. I have NO skills in any sport requiring a ball. (Tons of TWSS jokes can be inserted there). I can't even really run fast, as in sprinting to a base. But, the team was really cool and we had a lot of fun hanging out and you can drink on the field, so, I am hoping if everyone else is a bit intoxicated when they play it will all even out somehow....

Sorry this is a super quick post, but here's some pics of girls night out since this post doesn't have any! Now you can relax knowing all the fabulous details of my life.


  1. woo! I'm glad you're back. I missed you!

    Awesome about your bike ride!!

    What else is in your emergency food stash? Do you also have a bomb shelter?

  2. Yay! Back in the blog world! The pics of girls night out look so fun!

  3. Do you have one of those radio/flashlight combos in your emergency kit too? :)

    Softball and tri training...hmmm, sounds like lots of things you'll be too sore to do after running 31 miles with me next month, lol.

  4. I have missed you!!!! But, I totally understand about not knowing how people blog so much during the day. Girls night looks fun! They are my fave. The softball thing sounds like SO much fun!! I played on a kickball and soccer teams and we always had a blast!!


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