Friday, May 27, 2011 it like a relay?

Best response when telling a friend of a friend that Lily and I were about to run a 31 mile race. "So, is it like a relay?? WHAT??? YOU ARE RUNNING THE WHOLE THING??"

It's really starting to hit me, HOLY CRAP we are running 31 miles in 8 days.

My last long run was this morning. Ten rainy miles, 1:29, 8:57 average pace. 
It was the perfect rejuvenating run (cheesiest phrase ever) after my lame workout week. Next up, ultramarathon. I have a few shorter runs this week but not much going on until next Saturday.

On my run I decided to bring my ipod to the 50K. Yes, trail running is suppose to be about seeing nature and hearing birds and all that crap, but honestly, I don't think I could have made it through the Shamrock Marathon without Ke$ha. And this is 5 more miles.

I felt bad that my last few posts lacked pictures so I had Eric take one of me looking terrified, all wet and showing ten. 

Here's another treat. It's how Eric fell asleep last night after the long drive to my parents' house.

This weekend I have the distinct honor being a bridesmaid in my BFF Nicole's wedding.

 I absolutely love her and her fiance, Mike, and I am so excited to be part of their wedding. Like, seriously, I reacted with more excitement when she got engaged then when I did. And I LOVE my bridesmaid's dress.

See the love here? And the Colt 45?

Other random thought - I know I didn't comment yet due to that whole "being on time for work" BS but my shoutout on RoseRunner's blog yesterday made my freakin day. Go check out her amazing post. Love her, wish I could run behind her amazed at her speed and wishing I could keep up.

And I beat my whole class yesterday in the 20 yard dash. And I'm not ashamed to be proud of that. 

Have a great holiday weekend everyone! I'll be prepping to run 31 miles by getting a pedicure, wearing huge uncomfortable heels, and dancing my ass off all night. CAN'T WAIT!!!


  1. "hearing birds and all that crap" my thoughts exactly. Bring on the Kesha!

    Glad you had an awesome run!

    Have fun at the wedding! Take pictures, I want to see the bridesmaids dresses! I LOVE weddings!

  2. Is that a 40 of Colt 45? NICE! He he.

    Have fun at the wedding!

  3. If you're bring your iPod, does that mean I should too? I had pictured that we'd all be singing songs together as we ran. No?

  4. birds aint got nothin on ke$ha.

    ummm, colt 45? classy. I like your style.

    So excited for your race! I can't fathom that distance.

  5. I usually still use my iPod on trail runs, especially when I'm by myself. I feel like I experience nature just as well, and I don't get bored. Win win.

    Glad you had a good rainy run! Sometimes I LOVE running in the rain. Sometimes I hate it, but still...


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