Monday, May 9, 2011

Lazy vs. Tired

Normally I like to work out before I go to work. Normally I want to beat my cell phone to death when the alarm goes off in the morning. I'm always "happy" (or at least my anger has subsided to the point where no one is at risk) once I'm in the workout, but I'm totally groggy, out of it, and pissed off to be awake for a while until I get to that point. 

So since I feel like this every morning, it's tough to know when it's actually time to turn the alarm off and get the extra sleep. Do I just want extra sleep because I love sleep almost as much as a family member? Or does my body actually require it to function on this particular day?

My alarm went off this morning for my 1000 meter swim that I've committed to once a week to train for my triathlon. As I got up and could barely remember what my toothbrush was for through my sleepy haze, I realized I was getting up to rush to the pool, swim, rush to work, rush home to get my bike on the bike rack, bike, and then we are running tonight after we bike to try a brick workout, then I'd be rushing home so I could wake up early tomorrow for more exercise. Ok, ENOUGH. 

On a normal Monday, I'm fine with that schedule, especially since the bike club is a social thing as well as for exercise, but this weekend was crazy. Literally running took up my whole day on Saturday, and I was gone for my run from 5:30 am to 6pm. Sunday I woke up, ran for two hours, and then was gone from 10am to 9pm celebrating Mother's Day. Don't get me wrong, I had a fantastic weekend and loved how I spent it, but I'm also the kind of person that needs down time at home to recharge, and last week has seriously lacked that. This week is pretty much in the same boat. 

So the point is, for today, the hour of sleep was more beneficial than the half hour of swimming I lost. It's such a slippery slope though, because if I start turning off the alarm every time I feel tired, I'll never work out. And of course, those of us crazy people in the blog world get that wonderful exercise guilt every time we skip a workout, although I have to say I am really not feeling that much this morning.

Amanda asked about my camelbak. I got it so long ago that I honestly don't remember what type it is, but I think it holds 1.5L (although I don't really know) and I remember I bought that one because it supposedly kept the water cooler for longer with the insulation or something. Wow I'm a really helpful blogger. 

Here's a closer picture of it.

I LOVE the camelbak and highly recommend it for running. You can keep a ton of Gus, camera, cell phone, sanizer, whatever other random crap you need in it without having to carry it, and its so easy to drink out of. However, I do get pretty bad chafing on my neck from it sometimes, I only wore it for the first loop on Saturday and I have a huge red welt on my neck now from those seven miles. I recommend Body Glide.

How do you decide when you are really too tired to work out? Do you get exercise guilt?


  1. Yeah, I think after this weekend you probably need some extra rest!

  2. I don't get exercise guilt because I usually have a better workout the day after taking some rest and if I forced myself to workout, I'd have crappy workout and then probably a crappy workout the next too because I'd still be tired.

    I need a new hydration pack that actually has room for other stuff and a bigger bladder. Mine holds like 40oz and it's weaksauce.

  3. I totally know what you mean. Even though I have a weekend filled with running and seeing friends (and I absolutely love both of those things), I neeeeed downtime to function.

    I'm looking into getting a camelbak. I need to start hydrating more once my runs start getting longer!

  4. I could not live without my Camelbak. Especially in Hot Town USA, over here.

    I get EXTREME excercise guilt. I wanted to workout yesterday and didn't and I'm STILL thinking about it today.

    This post is disappointingly devoid of pics of Eric. :-)

  5. great post. I haven't had to battle with this decision for a long time, because lately I've been waking up 10 minutes before my alarm with a bucket of energy -- it's crazy!

    But more often than not, on days when the alarm goes off and I want to cry, I usually get up anyway. The feeling passes within a half hour. however, if I'm chronically overslept -- like 3+ days of very little sleep and my brain feels on fire, then sleep it is. No sleep is more harmful for your bod than missing one workout!!

  6. I spent a year teaching myself and my family that there is NO exercise guilt! My running is essential not optional to my daily life. It's like saving money, you pay yourself first.

    I like my Camelbak. I can't say love it. It does it's job. I wish it had more storage but I don't want to invest in a different style...yet.

  7. I try to weigh things. I try to think of the activities that I have done so I could give my body some time to rest. I don't really know thought if I make the right decisions on choosing whether to get up or just lay still in bed.

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