Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This post needs more synonyms for beautiful


My good (in my dreams) friend Roserunner just did a really concise post to describe her awesome weekend, and in an effort to make my posts more like posts and less like books I am using her as inspiration to do the same. And not discuss at all how much I am freaking out about the 50K to save space.

Friday: Rehearsal
 Literally got smacked with my bridesmaid gift in the middle of the rehearsal dinner. Sentimental.
 There's the love!
 Friday night: Giant marshmallows
 Saturday: Nicole and Mike's Wedding!
Hotel napkin crossword: check
Demand for prize for completing it: check
Taking pictures with crossword, wine, and MOH in the bridal hot tub: check
Being a totally normal bride: check
 Oh my god how amazingly beautiful is this bride??? Seriously????
My sister does my hair for every wedding, including my own. She's awesome like that.

 My sister finding out the cake was red velvet. My family and weddings are two of my favorite things in the universe so when they are combined into one I'm pretty much in heaven.
 Husband of the bridesmaid duties
 The ceremony overlooked these falls. Gorgeous.
A woman escorted me down the aisle - a first for me.
 The bride and her parents - I need more synonyms for beautiful.
 Chuppah....almost blew into the falls but it was all good.

 Left to Right - my sister, Darcy, John, Carolyn, obvi, Casi
 Sexy pose...or something

The above photo is a re-creation of the below photo.
 This shows why the bridesmaids had to hold the chuppah.
 First dance
 My stepfather, Vince, hard at work on the photographs.
 Darcy, Mom and me and the cake
 Father of the bride and father of the groom...check out the hats.....enough said
Best DJ ever! She did my wedding and my friend Katylin's. Might be a little obsessed with her. Seriously if you are getting married in the western NY area email me and I'll hook you up.
The traditional roomie pic
 Just a glimpse into why Eric wins sweatiest man award at every wedding we attend.
 No wedding is complete without a kickline

When I tell people I take my dancing seriously....I mean it
If you live in an area with a Wegmans you can appreciate the ingenious favors/placecards: Wegmans black and white cookies with each guest's name and table number. Incredible. Enjoyed both on the shuttle and, for some, for breakfast.

 The next day - massive amounts of meat at Dinosaur BBQ
 How we felt after eating - aka why I am a vegetarian
 Last but not least....a stop to see Gram!
Workouts this weekend:
 Saturday before the wedding: I did 6 miles in the state park the wedding took place in . The first mile was straight uphill.
Saturday at the wedding: 20 minutes of lacing a bride into a corset (upper body work) and four hours of dancing

Monday: 3 mile easy run

I need to save all my energy for the 50k! Oops I said I wasn't going to talk about that!


  1. Awesome weekend! Loving the pictures. Weddings are seriously my favorite.

  2. I cannot stop looking at your sister's black and white dress. Sooooooo pretty. Oh, and LOVE that pic of Eric with the murse. It may be a purse, but not when he's holding it.

  3. this post FASCINATES me. let me count the ways

    1) love your dress
    2) omg. AMAZING wedding sight. wow. breathtaking.
    3) concise recap? bahahaha. nice try (for real though, this deserved to be a long post -- it was an riveting weekend!)
    4) I'm about to make your dreams come true, because we are blog besties. it's true. do you remember that you were the first person to comment on my blog and befriend me when I was a little loser blog with only 1 follower!? I remember!!!


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