Wednesday, June 1, 2011

You knew the 50K freak out post was coming

You know all those articles that are like "tapering will make you feel like a fat, lazy piece of crap and your chafing will continue as a result of chub rub, not running"?? Or at least that's how I read them?


I have no workouts to report. Today will be some light elliptical-ing or bike riding.

You know how those articles say tapering gives you tons of time to freak out about your race?


If you don't know what I am talking about but want to, read this:,7120,s6-238-244--10201-4-1X2X3X4-5,00.html

I would normally have begun my freak out weeks ago, but with being insanely proud of my sister graduating from college (which I never posted about??), finishing my semester of grad school, being drunk in the woods all day, jumping over fire, and being a bridesmaid in my BFF's wedding, I haven't had much time.

And now I do. Here's some thoughts that have never come up when prepping for a road race:

 So safe

 So scary (not me, but that's what happens when you are the photographer. You get the idea)

1. I'll get lost in the woods like Little Red Riding Hood (probably should have waited till after the race to see that movie)
2. I'll get eaten by snakes
3. I'll trip and fall into the Potomac or just severely injure myself.
4. I'll get bitten to death by horseflies (thanks, Kara)
5. I need to learn all sorts of new vocabulary! (Switchbacks, single track, double track, horseflies, fire road - seriously WTF does all this mean?? probably should have looked into that before signing up)
6. I'll eat too much or too little (trail races serve actual food at the aid stations, its not just a Gu at certain miles like I usually do)
7. I can't hand anything off to Eric - in fact, he's not even coming. It's my first big race without him. We made the collective decision to leave the boys at home. It's ladies night in the hotel room with brownies, wine, and Gaga if we actually survive.
8. They are not serving gatorade and I haven't historically been successful with other sports drinks during races.  So I'm bringing one bottle but I sort of doubt it will last 31 miles...and again, no one can give me more like in marathons.

And some general fears:
1. The high is in the 90s....holy crap
2. Um I'm attempting to run 31 miles - again, holy crap (sorry but there's no way I'm getting through this without a lot of cursing - sorry 50K running buddies + mom. Minus Kara. She's a fellow potty mouth. Your secret's out.)

That pretty much sums it up. I read Meghann's 50K recap last year or whenever it happened, and I couldn't stop thinking "I could never do that. Being at mile 10 and having MORE THAN TWENTY to go?? Not for me." Well, so much for that. My rule is to never think about how many miles we have left until its under 5, anyway.

On the bright side, we have another half day (we got out early yesterday) of school today due to the 100+ temperatures. And if you even try to say we are lucky, come spend the half day in my room without AC and then think again. I've spent MANY full days in there in that heat. At least I'll be acclimated for the race. Another awesome fact about my school - when I arrived early yesterday to do some work, the closet my laptop was in had a paper clip in the lock, aka someone tried to pick it. Awesome.

I hope Nicole reads this post because there are a couple inside jokes in herejust for her.


  1. I think you're totally allowed some freak outs. And if you do get lost in the woods and a wolf finds you like little red riding hood, just remember that a hot woodsman comes to save her ;)

  2. This post made me crack up in so many ways. I had my freak out last week, so now I actually feel calmer. I'm at peace with possible death. :)

    1. Fire roads are our friends. Those are the roads built to allow for fire trucks to get into the woods, i.e. much easier to run on than trails

    2. I have powdered gatorade (lemon lime) and I can bring you a little baggie like it's meth and you can refill your gatorade bottle.

    3. My mom has offered to meet us at the halfway point if we want, so she can take anything you want to hand off.

    4. Horseflies will only make you run faster.

  3. Just leave yourself a trail of chocolate to get back where you came from if you get lost :)

    Try to relax and have fun, but I would totally freak out if I was you. Oh, and I hate the freakin taper.

  4. You're allowed your freak outs, but you're going to be awesome!

  5. You girls are going to be just fine! I cannot wait to read the hysterical race recap.

  6. see blog bestie, we both posted about getting killed by snakes while running on the same day. without meaning too. this MUST mean something!

    you are such a crazy badass for running this 50k. Don't be freaking out, just remember ALYSSA=BADASS. same number of A's and S's, practically the same word.

    So tell me, is the Gaga CD really that good? I guess I better buy it...

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