Wednesday, June 29, 2011

When In Philly....

This may not seem that exciting to my readers who have real grown up jobs that don't involve singing the good morning song to start each day or in depth investigations into if  a fart was intentionally placed in someone's face, but I went on a business trip this week!

Like, my school district paid for me and some teacher friends to travel to Philadelphia, stay in a hotel, and go to a technology conference to get all these cool ideas. Amazing.

Yet another reason I love running is you get to see stuff you never would have otherwise. We were super busy with the conference so there was no time for sightseeing. But I went running each morning and got to see some cool stuff all over the city. Like this gorgeous couple.
 Actually we went out with friends Saturday night and I just think this is a really good picture of us, good thing I have this blog where I just brag about how awesome I am to post it. Can you tell where we are???

Monday - 4.3 miles

 Can you tell what this building used to be?

I am so out of my league even attempting to talk about this but Philly seriously had gorgeous architecture. If I notice, it's freakin good.

Tuesday, messed up the Garmin, but I think I managed about 3 miles after pushing snooze 47 times.
 Look where I went.....
 Philadelphia Museum of Art  - the famous Rocky steps!
 Like most movies, I've never seen it, so thanks for providing this statue Philly, so I knew what to do.
 And thanks to the two random girls walking their dog who took this picture.
 And yet another thank you for showing me where to stand...too bad I didn't see it until my second time up the steps, long after the pic was taken.

 Here's Philly through Rocky's triumphant eyes.
 Cute little park
 Random weird structure
 I read this plaque specifically so I could say what this statue was on the blog...but I have no idea now, so just invent your own story to go along with it.

 Here's the hotel I got to stay in FOR FREE! They made me so happy by providing me Starbucks coffee in my room.

Then things started getting wild. Guess which two of these I tried?
 After some drinks, it was time to check something off the bucket list. I gave up meat when I was 13 and since then I've had one slice plus 2 bites of bacon (three separate occasions) and one bite of a hot dog. But I was in Philly, and that city is known for cheesesteaks.

 Traditional Philly cheesesteaks are sometimes made with cheesewhiz, but I opted for provolone.

Here's 2 super awful blurry blackberry pics that sum up my reaction:

One bite was enough - I'm sticking with veggies until I go to another city known for meat.  Earlier that day I did have a fabulous salad at the awesome Reading Terminal Market, so me and Philly are still cool on food.

Wednesday morning, I did a 4.1 mile run on boathouse row, a gorgeous strip along the river with all these cool old houses. This run was ridiculously slow. Research from this trip shows that free candy from the convention + free drinks from rich technology companies + bite of cheesesteak combined with a lack of sleep does not make for good running. It does make for a good business trip though.


  1. Wow, looks awesome! I've never been on a super cool business trip that included a free hotel room and Starbucks in my room! Did you enjoy the conference?

  2. Oh man, if I was with you, I would have helped you out with the rest of that sandwich :)

    Please tell me that you drank the pink vagina and panty dropper. Those two drinks just seem to go together. :)

  3. I love business trips where you can run outside and explore. I went to a conference that was literally at a Disney resort so I was all excited to run around Orlando. Then I found out that you're basically locked in a compound at Disney, so I ended up having to run mile loops around the hotel...bummer.

    Your trip looks awesome!

  4. Cannot beat a run that ends on the Rocky steps!

  5. You were in Philly?!?! That's where I live (and no, I don't eat the cheesesteaks)! Glad you got to run up the Rocky steps. I run that loop all winter long because they plow it!

  6. What a fun trip! I've always wanted to go and get a pic on the Rocky steps. Very cool pics!! :)

  7. Haha looks like you had fun! I can't believe you tried a cheesesteak! You're awesome for getting up and running on your trip though!

    I love the Rocky I love the Rocky pictures

  8. I LOVE the picture of you on the steps! So fun!!!
    Technology conference?! Jealous! We're supposed to be getting all new technology in our schools this coming year. Thank goodness!

  9. That's 40 minutes from me! the Rock n' Roll Philly half marathon starts/ends near the art museum, and goes along boat house row! My May half marathon was on the other side of the river, with a better view of the boat houses though. Is the funky statue one of the Rodin statues? I hope you tried the pink vagina and the blue veiny monster. Where did you find those crazy drinks!?

    I'm not too familiar with elementary school technology...we have Mimeos in our self contained classes. our 2nd and 3rd graders make power point presentations! I can tell you some of the 1st graders got the itouch or the ipad for christmas! barf.

  10. That headband is super cute!!! And it looks like it would actually stay in my hair, instead of slipping out like every other headband!!

  11. You got to see some nice sights in Philadelphia. I am jealous!


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