Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Trying out that whole social life thing again....

I've had plans every night this week after work, and I'm rushing off tonight to see Katy Perry!
 How gorgeous is she? And I am going with these fabulous ladies:

I totally jumped back into exercising this week after a wonderful week of rest. Partly because of this:

That's right - 50K number two - in exactly one month and two days.

I mean, this is the only race I've ever gotten good pictures from, and not just because you can see the random photographers in the woods a mile away so you have time to stop looking special and start smiling.

 And if I'm this happy at the finish line, that's an experience I need to repeat.

I was undecided on this race for three main reasons.
1. It's the weekend of my three year wedding anniversary. Luckily, I'm the woman in the relationship, so I'm free to selfishly make other plans, because not too many husbands are going to end up crying about missing out on a romantic weekend.
2. I am running a half marathon 6 days after. But, this race is totally on trails, which are easy on the joints, and I decided to run the half as a training run for the 2011 Baltimore Marathon, and not go for a PR.
3. I'm doing my first tri exactly one week after - and I don't really have a justification for why this is ok, other than they are both REALLY cheap and you get t-shirts at both.

Since I was undecided, I asked Kara what to do (she has been signed up for the race since day 1), knowing she would tell me to do it. Mission accomplished.

Monday, I went to body pump. Today is Wednesday, and I am still so sore, so much more than after the 50K. That tells you how pathetic my strength training has been.
Monday night was the hardest bike ride of my life - 14.4 miles of killer hills. BUT that also included the scary downhills, and I got up to 29.3mph!!

Tuesday morning I ran 5 miles easy (9:48 average pace). Tuesday night I was coerced into doing 2 additional miles with Mike and Jill, which was a fun chance to catch up with them before our summer marathon training meeting. Hard to believe at the meeting last year I was terrified and never thought I could ever run 26.2 miles, and now I've done two more half marathons, two marathons, and an ultramarathon!

After the meeting we celebrated Casi's birthday with a mountain - like brownie sundae with peanut butter gelato and it was heaven. Those two extra miles really came in handy then.

This morning I showed up at the pool bright eyed and bushy tailed at 5:30am only to find out some kid pooped in the pool and I was SOL for my swim. Luckily I had planned to ride the stationary bike after so I changed into other clothes and still worked out.

Off to rock out for the rest of the night!


  1. Wow you are impressive, that is quite a lineup of events. Good luck!

  2. Saw Katy last week. You will LOVE the show. She is so fun. Wait till you see the outfit changing during Hot and Cold. OMG. Amazing!

  3. You're a better woman than me (for many reasons) but mainly because if I get to the gym and something is off (like I'm going to swim and the pool is closed due to poo), I take it as a sign and go home. Kudos on working out anyway!

  4. AWESOME! You're going to rock two 50ks, you guys are BA.

    Katy Perry is pretty sweet. I bet she puts on an awesome show.

  5. If poop derailed my workout, I'd probably just skip the whole thing, so well done :)

    I'm so excited for this 50K, but I'm glad I don't have races the next weekend :P


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