Thursday, June 16, 2011

Let me tell you what's awesome

First, today's workout:
5 miles, average pace 9:18
YOGA because my out of shape muscles were still sore from body pump on Monday

I have some serious awesomeness to share.

1. I posted about how much I loved this new orange flavored coffee on facebook last week. Once again my amazing parents came through. Two pounds arrived in the mail today! Thanks, Dad! How cute is the orange tissue paper?
2.  Fresh Mint in Mojitos at outdoor concerts
3. This guy
4. Katy Perry - the concert was amazing, she's gorgeous, I would leave Eric for her in a heartbeat, end of story
No pics of her though, because we had lawn seats and I don't have a fancy camera

4. My birthday cake

Several coworkers were very concerned when I said I was making my own birthday cake, but I assured them I had offers to make it, I just love baking. Eric offered but I told him I would really prefer him to clean the house while I played with chocolate and peanut butter in the kitchen.

Note: I don't bake for looks, I bake for taste. Keep that in mind.

P.S. My in real life besties that are loyal blog readers, you are all totally getting leftovers on Sunday. You're welcome.

After significant research, I decided on a 4 layer cake, mainly due to the much improved frosting to cake ratio when compared to traditional cakes.

I used this recipe, but please don't click the link, at least until you comment telling me how good mine looks. If you look at the real one first, mine might not quite stack up.

Let's start with the frosting. Here's the ingredients. Can't go wrong with that.

If you don't want to marry for love, marry for a kitchenaid mixer.
If I hadn't just stared at Katy Perry for 2 hours the night before, I would say that was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.

Next: Peel a million Reese's. Sorry environment. Why don't they make them non-individually wrapped for baking????

I baked two cakes, then sliced each one in half to make the four layers.
In between each layer went melted peanut butter and frosting.
Then the whole thing gets covered in frosting - now we're really in business.

As if all that wasn't delicious enough, the whole thing gets covered in Reese's.
 TA - DA!!!!!!!!!!!
 Apparently washing cake plans either scares me or makes me angry.
 I take baking for my friends very seriously and perform extensive quality control.

Here's something not awesome. My worst paintball bruise is turning green and approximately 45 times the size of a paintball. Suggestions from friends and family: I'm turning into Shrek, it's fungus, it's mold.


  1. OH. MY. GOD. That cake looks AMAZING! I want some! Peanut butter and chocolate AND icing. You're a genius!!

  2. They do sell Reese's unwrapped, but they are the mini ones (then you don't have to slice in half either!)

    Instead of getting a Kitchen aid mixer, I should have registered for a personal chef. I'd use that a lot more often than the mixer :)

    Nice bruise. Have any of your friends poked it and asked "Does that hurt?" because that's what I'd do :P

  3. Holy crap, I want to be invited to your birthday party. Or maybe just have you make my birthday cake.

    Where the heck did you see the fawn?

  4. CAN'T wait for this cake! PS as a professional bruiser...aka, I bruise if someone looks at me means its healing!

  5. Ok, everything looked perfect until I saw a picture of your washing dishes. Hello? You can make your own birthday cake (that's just fun!) but you have to make someone else clean up after you!

  6. That cake looks amazing but I bet it tastes even better! birthday is in February!

  7. Did I miss the memo that it's your birthday!?!? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! you deserve nothing more than that most incredible droolworthy cake. looks amazing. even the one you made

    (although that link pic....whoa. talented person)


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