Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dreaded Druid Hills 10K Recap

After last week's hilly 10 Miller, Monday's crazy biking hills, and a hilly trail run on Wednesday, PLUS today's race, I think I am going to change the name of my blog to Hills are MY LIFE. Actually, that's a pretty good attitude to adopt if I want to PR at the Baltimore Marathon. That's one hilly b!tch.

With a name like "Dreaded Druid Hills", you know what you are getting into with this race. Here's how described the race:

Brief Description

Most memorable quote so far: I love running hills, but that was mean and totally uncalled for. - Finisher in the chute, 2002

And that was it.

I got there super early, not knowing what the parking situation would be, and ended up having time to enjoy the porto-potty twice, stretch, warm up, and get a new high score on angry birds. Here's the pretty little lake we started at:

 Finally time to run!
 Thanks for not wasting my race fee on a fancy start line!

Despite the scary name, I actually really enjoyed this race. The hills were tough - like soul crushing, never ending, turn the corn thinking you're done and you are still staring straight up, running slower than you can normally walk hills. I climbed 1482 feet of elevation over 6.2 miles, which Eric put in perspective pointing out that race course went nearly an entire mile UPHILL! I honestly don't know if I've ever done a hillier road run. But the downhills gave some recovery time, nearly the whole run was shaded, and there was a bagpiper playing on the course for us. Plus, running through sketchy areas of Baltimore brings back fond marathon memories.

I didn't go into the race with any hopes of PRing (actually, the race facebook page tells you that won't happen) and just figured I'd take it easy on the hills and have fun. When I stop putting all the pressure on myself to get a certain time goal, I have so much more fun. 

There was no chip timing so I'm assuming results won't be posted for awhile so we'll just go with the Garmin time, since that's probably faster anyway.
6.29 miles, 57:21 and an average pace of 9:07. I'm pretty happy with that!

Post race food was nothing but refreshing fruit, and it was awesome. More watermelon!
 The finish area overlooked the lake and some pretty views of the city (would have been prettier if they weren't photographed with a sweaty ipod, sorry).

 On the way home the roads were blocked off and I couldn't find the expressway so I randomly followed a Mercedes because I knew that driver didn't belong in the ghetto either and, sure enough, he or she led me out to the expressway that took me home.

First I stopped at the grocery store for post - race essentials.
 I have a new favorite thing ever. I've always been anti - smoothie because I prefer to eat meals, not drink them. But I finally tried one when I was super hot after being at the pool all day and loved it. Then I found this at Whole Foods and it changed my life:
 It's in a plastic bag because I only pay full price for race fees and chocolate so Casi and I split the bag and she took half home.

This stuff basically turns frozen fruit and almond milk into ice cream. Now I can finally eat ice cream for breakfast without being shunned from society.
 This race shirt is sweet - the three beasts are supposed to represent the three really bad hills. There are more ventilated mesh panels in the back so I am considering wearing it to the 50K.

I'm SO EXCITED New York finally legalized same sex marriage (hint, hint Katy Perry)! 

Maryland, I've accepted that you are refusing to plow your streets or make bagels properly, but maybe you could get on board with this?


  1. That is an awesome shirt! I almost would run that for that shirt. That is a crazy elevation change. I'm really impressed with your time, I did a s-l-o-w 5 miles this morning and I enjoyed not racing :)

    I actually laughed at loud when I read the part about following the Mercedes out of the ghetto. :)

  2. Congrats on your race!!!
    That is a pretty sweet shirt!!!

  3. Great job! I'm loving that shirt, I bet it would be great for your 50k!

  4. Love the shirt and the nice starting line. Does sound like a doozy of a race with all those hills.

  5. Great Job! You may hav just convinced me to fork out the money for xanthan gum...I always see it in everyone else's smoothie recipes, but haven't wanted to pay for it...maybe next time...

  6. Nice job on those hills!! and nice race shirt. Funny way of finding your way out of the city :) I've never tried xanthan gum before, I'm intrigued... and yay NY!

  7. holy crap! a mile up gracias! nice job!!!

  8. Ooh, i do like that shirt! Great job on tackling those hills!


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