Monday, June 20, 2011




I really debated sharing Eric's birthday gift for all the internet to see but since I make a fool of myself on a daily basis anyway it's just a joke , I figured why not.

I went to Body Sculpt today to continue my quest for Michelle Obama arms (sort of seems like you actually have to stick with strength training and not just get gung ho for a week then forget about for two months for that, but whatev). I went once before and I was terrified to go back because it was so intense, but this teacher just basically did a shorter, less intense version of body pump, with a million rest breaks. Kind of a workout but also kind of a waste of time but there were literally five people in the class so I felt I needed to stay. I did a little ellipticalling after to actually get my heart rate up.

After the gym I laid at the pool reading. This may be my number one favorite summer activity.
It was so addicting that  if I were one of those weirdos who "forgets to eat" I would have forgotten to eat lunch, it was that engrossing. Luckily my body has this special built in reminder called hunger.

I met up with my biking group for the last time (the group isn't continuing through the summer) for an 11 mile bike ride. We went up a killer hill (the same one as last week), then for some reason decided to do it again. 

It's ok because apparently I love hills now. Saturday's race wasn't enough for me so I signed up for a 10K called the "Dreaded Druid Hills". I think the name says enough. It's this Saturday. It was the siren's call of women's sizing and moisture wicking on the race shirt that sucked me in. I may regret this.

Does anyone else find it annoying when people "forget" to eat? I mean, I understand being too busy, but I just don't understand how you can honestly forget. Also, can you tell me more good books to read this summer?


  1. OMG I have this friend who is always sick, always had a bad day, is always hungry because she always forgets to eat. SO obnoxious! Food rules! I love eating! When I'm hungry, it actually is long as I have food because if I don't, hell hath no fury like a hungry Emily!

  2. I'm the same kind of weirdo who would read straight through and forget to eat.

  3. I used to never "forget to eat" until I had the baby. Your brain gets all wacky and you're so focused on them that it will be like 2pm and I'm like "Shit, I need to eat". Who says having kids will make you fat? :)

  4. So, are we going to get a picture with you in the wootyware or what?


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