Thursday, June 23, 2011

High School

I've had birthdays where I feel old, but I felt great for 28 (hint: make friends older than you, and invite them to your birthday party. Bonus points if they are dating people even older than them.) Even with my little sister being a college graduate and a proud member of the grown up work force I was doing pretty good. Then I got a disturbing email from Casi last night - our 10 YEAR high school reunion is planned for September. High school graduation definitely doesn't feel like yesterday or anything, but ten years is a long time.

I don't want to reveal too much on my blog in case the reunion committee reviews it and doesn't let me in, but let's just say I wasn't exactly in tears on the last day of high school. I did not exactly run for prom queen. Or to really put it out there, Eric was captain of the football team at his high school, and he said he wouldn't have dated me if we went to high school together (he was also a wrestler so in my mind he was the black AC Slater).

 Yup, that's right, I went and found his yearbook, and took pictures, because I was too lazy to scan stuff. Another hint - no idea where my high school yearbooks are, I know I did not take them when I moved to MD.

Casi and I promised each other years ago that we would both go to the reunion - much more out of curiosity than to actually reunite. I'm lucky that I've stayed such close friends with her, and we were also friends with Katylin in high school (although we graduated from different schools) but there's only ONE other person that I've actually kept in touch with outside of Facebook (my friend Rachel, an amazing marathoner who has done Boston!).

To make things even more awesome, the reunion is at the restaurant where I had my very first job as a dishwasher (and I was totally snubbed by the waitresses), so it's a total trip down memory lane. It's the day before a wedding we're attending in upstate NY, so I had already planned to be there that weekend. AND the price includes 4 hours open bar, and it's less than a five minute walk from my mom's house. Thank you so much, reunion committee planners.

I'll tell you one more story about high school, but it segues into something actually relevant to this running blog, I promise. When we had to run the mile, first of all this was basically equivalent to me running a marathon at that point in my life. I got a major asthma attack during the third lap, and the gym teacher told me I needed to finish before going to the nurse. When I finally got there, my normal inhaler didn't work and my mom had to come pick me up because I was coughing like crazy and still having trouble breathing. Good times.

So the point is, I was too traumatized to remember my mile time, and too uncool to do anything like track or cross country, so I will definitely beat it in Kari's timed mile challenge! If you haven't signed up, you should.  I'm really curious to see how fast I can run just one mile all out, and I have two friends with similar paces (Jill and Jackie!) doing it with me, so I think the competition will actually make me push myself. Jill and I were only 4 seconds off during the two mile timed trial from Tuesday!

Pretty sure I'll look like I did during the whole ten miler last Saturday: beautiful.
I took about a 3 mile walk to the library yesterday and it was pretty freakin hot. Then I did a 3 mile trail run with a running group, and was nearly at a Bikram level of sweat. If it's over 90 like this for the next 50K, I'm in trouble. Good news was that Eric came along for his first trail run and loved it. It had a hill similar to what we experienced during the Northface Endurance Challenge so he got to see firsthand what I've been complaining  about. My Garmin died as soon as I turned it on, which is a big problem for me. The photo from the B-more Ten Miller finish line shows what I do at every finish line.

Were you cool in high school?? Would you/did you go to your ten year reunion?


  1. Yay! Thanks for the tag!

    It's pretty hilarious that Eric said he wouldn't have dated you in High School. Mike and I were the reverse, I was on the "cooler" side and Mike was not, so I'm pretty sure, even though he was a senior when I was a freshman, i probably wouldn't have dated him.

    Have fun at the reunion!!

  2. I love that race pic! I always look like I'm thinking about farting my race pics.

    I was NOT cool in high school and I sucked hardcore at running the mile. My 10 year reunion is soon too, but with Facebook I'm not sure there's any point of going. I didn't really like most of those people anyway. :)

    My husband's 10 year college reunion is in Oct, so at least that make me feel young. Woohoo for marrying old guys!

    I love that you called your husband the black A.C. Slater. :)

  3. I did NOT go to my 10 year reunion, which was over 15 years ago. So no old talk here, missy!

    I hated everything about high school and I'd rather not see 90% of those people again. It's probably shitty to say, but I don't care about what they're doing and I don't want them to know anything about me. Except that I'm a highly skilled and good looking runner. LOL Just kidding. Kind of.

    I wasn't popular in school or unpopular. I was like, that "no group" girl that had maybe 1 friend from band, 1 friend from the swim team, 1 popular friend, and 1 nerd friend.

  4. Great race pic! I just got that water bottle and hated running with it at first, but I am starting to like it more, the more I run with it.

    I like to think I was popular, prom queen, cheerleader, class vice president, President of the FFA chapter, track star, voted class cowgirl :) Of course we only had 60 kids in our class it was easy to be an over achiever, though I still graduated third in my class.
    I went to my ten year reunion 8 months pregnant, not good for the ego with my belly and butt expanded!

  5. You look a lot cooler running that I do.

    I didn't go to my ten-year reunion (last year). I agree with Kara. I keep in touch with the people I want to keep in touch with (mainly on Facebook), and have no real desire to run into the kids that were too cool to talk to me back then. (I was a nerd and definitely had a horrible mile time. I bet I could get a really good one now, though...well, good for me.)

  6. I just don't think I want to go to my 10 year reunion. I'm still friends with some people from high school and all the others I can secretly stalk on facebook. : ) ha! The black AC Slater thing made me laugh out loud. It's funny how people change so much from high school when I thought I had it all figured out.

  7. your hubby is adorable. I love what you told me about him winning his division in the all-white race!

    I have so many good high school memories I don't even know where to start. I was solid. Not the hottest girl in the school, but loved my friends, loved partying, loved getting straight A's, loved being soccer team was a great time for me. Life is good now too though!


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