Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Reasons for NOT running

I already feel like a little bit of a slacker knowing that at least two (and probably more) of the four people I ran the 50K with this weekend already ran again. I think there is always that ever so slight competition between runners, the feeling of "well if they can do it, I should be doing it". 

I definitely feel I could push myself to run, today or even yesterday, but it would be a slow, awkward, painful run, and I don't think I'd enjoy it. I really wasn't sore at all yesterday, still a bit stiff but nothing to write home about. However, as warned by an ultramarathon vet, I was exhausted, and felt like I could have fallen asleep at my desk. My hunger level was back to normal though. Sunday, I pretty much just gave myself permission to eat anything I wanted, anytime I wanted it. So "lunch" was random snacking from around 1-4 pm that included a hardboiled egg, pickles, rice cakes, some leftover pasta and broccoli, and some dried fruit. So weird.

I really don't think running now will make a big difference in my fitness, either way - skipping it won't bring it down, and doing it wouldn't hurt me.

But I told myself I'd take this week off, and it's really for a mental break more than a physical one. I don't want to get burnt out on training or even running - Baltimore Marathon training starts in July, and I want to feel like I am looking forward to it. This week is for catching up on sleep and yoga (which I did at the YMCA last night and it felt awesome). 

Plus this week is super busy. Moving Up night at my school was rescheduled for tonight (hundreds of people in 90+ degrees with no AC - at least I'll be sweating!). Tomorrow night I have summer school training and won't get home until at least 8, and Thursday is my first softball game!

Obviously this is just a justification for myself, since I'm sure no one else really cares if I take a few days off from exercise, but if you are still reading, thanks!

PS Kara gave me a blackberry that she didn't want anymore, and I activated it! I'm joining the year 2000 and now I finally have a cool phone (well, it's still several years outdated, but waaaay above anything I had before)!


  1. Mike Wardian came in 3rd in the 50 miler on Sat (after leading until mile 42) and then got a 1:29 on the half marathon the next day.

    I want to be like him in my next life.

    Seriously, I ran yesterday but it was pathetic and next time I'll wait a few more days. I just wanted to see if I could run more than anything. Answer: yes, but slowly.

    That blackberry might be a little outdated, but it's a hot commodity in Nigeria, or so I was told on Craig's list.

  2. Mental breaks are just as important as physical ones. Enjoy your busy week and don't feel guilty! I just got a BlackBerry last Fall. I was rockin' the super fancy flip phone for about 8 years!

  3. My mom just texted me, for the first time EVER last weekend. She got a SmartPhone. I don't even have one. My mom is catching up and it's scary!

  4. Welcome to the millennium! :)

    I think your race this weekend totally qualifies you for some time off and eating whatever the heck you want!


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