Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I have readers!

 Warning: No pictures in this post. Nothing I've done in the past 48 hours has been photo worthy.

Doing a giveaway is totally cool. I keep getting all these comments from people who have never commented and it's so exciting. I have a core group of wonderful blogger friends who I know I can count on to read and comment on each post, and some loyal friends and family, but even though blogger claims I have all these other followers, sometimes I wonder if it's really true.

My phone was my best friend yesterday because it kept giving me emails from all these new friends who either love to read my random thoughts about running/life, or want a free bra. Either way they read at least one post. I got some really nice comments, which was totally not a requirement to win, and doesn't even get you bonus points in the contest. And I got some new followers, which I feel means more, because I didn't bribe people to do it, I really worked for it. It's like getting an A in that class from a professor who grades super hard, vs. an A from the professor who doesn't really give a crap. Thanks, readers!

But before we proceed, let me clear something up, based on an email I received.  If you win, you will NOT be receiving the sports bra that I wore for 21 muddy miles on Sunday. Handful will be providing you your very own brand new bra, in your size and color preference. Although, now I sort of want to try to giveaway some nasty used crap I already own and see what happens. Any takers?

Since you guys totally made my day yesterday, I'll share a really good idea with you. Go make Kari's banana bread as fast as you can. It's amazing. I got in a baking mood Sunday night and made a loaf of that, and some delicious homemade granola bars that give you serious running energy. (I'll share the recipe when I find out if I can).

One time I ran with Kara, and she had just received a loaf of banana bread from Kari. (Still waiting on mine though....not sure where that is.)  After taking some of her husbands super fancy expensive rare coffee to drink on my way home, I demanded some banana bread as well. She's lucky to have a friend like me who will drive two hours to run with her. I was shocked at the deliciousness of the banana bread, but even that didn't hold a candle to what it tasted like straight out of the oven. Don't tell Kari, but I subbed apple sauce for one of the sticks of butter, and added nutmeg, and it was still phenomenal. 

If you think me going on and on for two paragraphs about banana bread is excessive, make the banana bread. Then you'll see. 

Last night I went to Bikram with Lily. Bikram is 90 minutes of intense yoga (like, they tell you certain positions are supposed to cause pain) in a room heated to 115 degrees. It was her first time, and I was torn between how much I should tell her to warn her, vs. not wanting to scare the crap out of her about how challenging it really is. I erred on the side of caution, but during the class I wished I'd warned her more. She had the same "WTF IS THIS" expression that I'm sure I wore my entire first class as well. We survived though and now my muscles are happy and stretched. 

I remember before I tried yoga I didn't think it was a "real" workout. I was so wrong. 

I tried out my new compression sleeves, but I'm a little unclear on how to review them since I've never tried compression sleeves before. Could someone share how I'd know if the sleeves are "good"?


  1. LoL. The giveaway I'm having today (if my computer is fixed, as the pictures are on it), is for something I've never tried before as well, and was wondering the same thing. I guess just be honest that you have nothing to compare it to, and just say how it felt. That's my plan.

  2. i didn't actually read this post, because you said at the top that there were no pictures. So I scrolled down to the bottom to comment on that fact first.

    True story.

  3. If the sleeves are comfortable (no rubbing or chafing) then that's good and if you feel like your calves were adequately compressed, then that's good too. See? I'm so helpful.

    I'm impressed that you did Bikram last night. I still feel dehydrated from the weekend! It could be worse, you could be like Perry and have run 16 miles last night (he's NUTS)

    Now I want banana bread.

  4. Hey! I'm one of your readers that came out of hiding for the giveaway. I love reading your posts (and seeing your pictures!)! I just ran my first marathon a few days ago, and I signed up for a 50-miler in May. You and your blog are full of great info!

    I just got my first pair of recovery sleeves to wear after the marathon, so I don't have much experience with them either. Do you feel like you recover faster when you're wearing the sleeves?

  5. It is multiple paragraph-worthy bread, but seriously? You made it healthier? C'mon! I'm sending a loaf to Emily today, so maybe when I don't want to leave the house this weekend after my 20 miler, I'll bake yours. I promised I would during the power outage!

    Are you talking about the Tommie Copper sleeves? Don't review them, go buy CEPs and then you'll really know what compression is.

  6. I love that bra, but I love you too! I love my readers, getting comments from them always makes me so excited!

    I have Tommie Coppers and I love them, but I also love my Asics compression socks, they feel so good.

  7. I just reviewed those Tommie Copper sleeves and wondered the same thing about how to tell if they "work". I wore them long enough (over 10 days) to see if there was a difference. I would say just keep wearing them!

  8. Ah, birkam yoga...I'm totally scared of that. NOt sure i will ever be brave enough to try it!

  9. The benefit is a total lower-body core workout, using all of your leg muscles while simultaneously using your arms, the elliptical motion benefits your upper body as well.


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