Sunday, September 18, 2011

My first giveaway!

It seems like most people I talk to either view exercising on the weekend as a ridiculous waste of their limited free time, or as necessary torture that they endure before getting to the fun activities. Therefore, telling people that I am looking forward to a 20 mile run on my weekend just as much (if not more) than I looked forward to my pirate cruise or seeing the Lion King in 3D doesn't really win me any normalcy points. And I'm already in the red in that area.

Nevertheless, I hopped out of bed at 5am this morning, because I couldn't wait to meet Kara, Lily, and Perry at Rosaryville State Park (the trail Kara and I did our last 50K on) for 20 miles of bliss.

After two emails and a Facebook message requesting that I bring them, I dug yesterday's 3D glasses out of the recycling bin, just for Perry.
3D glasses make running more fun
And since I did all that work, I thought it would be fun to do the whole run with them. Everything was 4D!

Tiny baby heads on sticks are totally normal to see in the woods.

Perry and Phil tried to build a bridge for the washed out stream crossing.
 The most important part of any run, is, of course, the food. We did one ten mile loop, then set up a snack station in the back of Kara's car.
 This picture does not do it justice. This was just as good as any aid station I've ever seen. We had Gatorade, Coke, Halloween Oreos, boiled potatoes, bananas, peanut butter (2 kinds), Nutella, pretzels, almonds, fig newtons, and twizzlers. I think I listed them all. My grandma always says how she doesn't understand why the contestants on Biggest Loser lose so much weight by working out, so why don't I lose weight while I run? Mystery solved. (Note: she wasn't saying I needed to. At least that's not how I heard it).

I thought boiling 6 potatoes would be way too many. The tupperwear was pretty much licked clean. And not just by me.

Perry decided to work on our cultural and architectural knowledge by making us run off the trail for an extra half mile up a hill to see this house. Oh, I mean this mansion. Here it is.

Totally worth the extra running
 After the mansion stop, I took a break at nature's bathroom. Phil, a member of our posse who I'd only met that morning, was nice enough to give me some toilet paper. I'm pretty sure trail running is the only social event where it's acceptable to someone you've just met for toilet paper, and then tell him to turn around while you used it.

We took a break at mile 18 to watch a horse show. If you want to piss Kara off, just ride a horse incorrectly in front of her, and watch out.

Perry's original bridge didn't work, so he build another one

Apparently Perry wasn't ready?
It's normal to ask people to take a group pic at a trail.
 Seriously, this run was so much fun, it honestly didn't even seem like a workout. Don't get me wrong, Kara was leading and keeping a killer pace. We ran the entire time, except up one big hill. Our average pace was 11:59, and I consider that pretty fast for a trail run. With our nonstop chatting though, it flew by. If you read Kara's blog, you know she's hilarious, but it's even better in person, without whatever restraint she uses when posting her thoughts on the internet. And if you don't read it, get started.

We ended up doing 21 miles in 4 hours and 11 minutes. We exited the trail at about 20.75, and Phil seemed a little confused as to why we were running around the parking lot, but I'd already ended one run at an uneven mileage this week, and I wasn't about to do that again.

In addition to the fabulous company, this run was also extra special because I got to try new things. Four new things, to be exact.

1. My Northface arm warmers, swag from my first 50K. Loved them. Until the first mile when I got too hot and took them off.
2. Click Espresso Protein Drink
Kara won it and doesn't like coffee, and thought it was gross. She was really interested in seeing my reaction when I took a sip, and I think she secretly was hoping I'd spit it out in disgust, which made me secretly nervous. I LOVED it though. Almost enough to buy some. Almost.
3. Cho-Pat compression sleeves. I'll be doing a full review of these tomorrow so I can actually see if they helped me recover. Right now they just feel weird. I've never worn compression sleeves before.

4. A Handful sports bra - which will be my first giveaway!
Jody from Handful provided me with a sports bra to review. As I was about to leave at 5:30 this morning, Eric told me I'd gotten a package (he'd just gotten home from work), and I was so excited to try out the new bra. And a little nervous. Jody had been so nice in her emails, so I really wanted to like the product. Plus, it's a little lame to be like "I'm doing a giveaway for this bra, it's a piece of crap, good luck!".

I don't remember the last double digit run I've been on when I wasn't yelling in pain in the shower because my sports bra rubbed so much against my rib cage that I was bleeding, and I'd chalked it up to being the status quo. This bra didn't chafe at all, and I couldn't feel it at all during the run. It looks like they are sold not too far away from me, and I am seriously considering buying a second one.

It is supposed to lift and separate, and avoid the uniboob look. Personally, that's not something I ever sought out in workout gear, but both Kara and Lily said they could  notice the difference when I asked them. I'm ok with looking like crap while I work out, but for the single ladies, why not hit the gym with some cleavage? 

I completely hate giveaways where you have 17 steps and you have to leave a comment for each one. I almost always skip them because I get annoyed. So, I'm making this easy. You don't even have to follow me, you can think my blog totally sucks and just be here for a bra. But, I'm not requiring people to tweet it or anything, so those people probably won't even know about it.  Handful has asked me to request people to like them on Facebook in order to win, which seems fair. We'll use the honor system there.

That's the color I have. And what my abs look like.
Two steps to winning: like Handful on Facebook, and leave a comment on this post, saying whatever the hell you want. Whenever I enter contests, I don't understand why I have to tweet about it when that just decreases my chances of winning. Not that I'm prohibiting it or anything, I'm just not forcing you to.

I'll choose a winner next Saturday (September 24)! Good luck!


  1. This is the best blog I've ever read. Hands (ful?) down.

    I already like Handful on FB, so I'm in like Flynn.

    Your boobs looked very perky this morning, I really need one of these things.

    Today's run was the most fun 21 mile training run I've ever done. Now I really wish I wasn't a snob doing the fancy 50 mile race. :)

  2. Yay for perky boobs! I love this bra so much, would love to have another in my Hands(ful) :)

    I already like them on FB!

    Yay for getting to run with Kara btw, so jealous you two got to run together.

  3. I've liked Handsful, as I can use all the help I can get!

  4. Your aid station looks awesome!! I liked Handful on Facebook. :)

  5. My abs totally look like that too. And I liked Handful on FB!

  6. I like Handful on FB. And now I'm subscribing to you :) I didn't run today because it was legs P90X day and my hamstrings are already sore from clearing out an overgrown landscaping bed yesterday.

  7. You are too funny! Your blog says it like it is and I LOVE that!

    I like handful on facebook and I would love to try out the new handful bra! I am in need of a good one!

  8. Hooray for giveaways! Like (love) them on Facebook and in real life...this bra is hands down my favorite.

  9. I liked handful on facebook!! Thanks for teh chance to win!!!1

  10. I'm linking to your giveaway on my blog tomorrow so be prepared for a TRAFFIC RUSH. Haha

  11. I already liked them on FB and I am new to your blog. Loved reading about your 20 miler. So much more exciting than mine! :)

  12. What an awesome run. Love the aid station. I definitely need to have that kind of aid station. I like Handful on fb.

  13. I like them on Facebook, but I like you more!

    Kara's a hillbilly, why else would she be mad about horses?

    Glad you loved Click. It's my favorite thing ever!

  14. what a great giveaway! I love the look of that bra, and lord knows I need some new ones.

    unfortunately, I never "like" any pages on facebook, because I think its a lame manipulation, and at this point I would have liked 1309485 things due to blog reading. So I guess I'm not in....or I could lie and say I "liked" them....(I didn't like them).

  15. Love your blog; A friend raves about these bras -- would be nice to try it out for myself.

  16. I liked them on facebook, and noted with great amusement their logo is basically a hand grabbing a boob.

  17. hmm. I was totally going to enter this one, but I don't need a bra (yet). But this post is still better than Kara's. Let me count the ways:

    1. more pictures
    2. making fun of kara
    3. picture of boobs.
    4. kara said her avg pace was 12 minutes. You said 11:59. win.
    5. talking about boobs.

  18. Dunno if you caught it, but I was totally surprised afterward to find out you were serious about the sportsbra being the giveaway item -- I thought you were kidding about that. Not sure if I dare enter the contest...

    Great run!

  19. I liked Handful on FB. I wonder if they have big enough bras for the over-endowed ladies.....guess we will find out if I win! Great blog - easy reading!

  20. fantastic giveaway! i liked handful on FB.

    where did you get your ice cream t-shirt? i LOVE it! can that be your next giveaway? ;)

  21. I like Handful on FB; reasons why you need to pick me!

    1- I love pink
    2- I won the fall award with 2 falls superwomen style
    3- who else does tempo runs with you :-)

  22. This is my favorite contest ever! I am following your blog and not just for a bra.

  23. Did you seriously run the whole thing with the 3D glasses on?? That is hilarious! And creepy baby head on the stick...ummm, that is weird.

    Thanks for the fun giveaway! (And not making it one million steps!) I'll go like Handful on FB now. :)

  24. I like them on facebook and follow you b/c you're awesome - I love handful!

  25. I read your blog (since I found a link on facebook on the Baltimore Running Festival's page)and you keep me motivated to keep pushing further!

  26. Hilarious! I'm with you on the 17 steps to enter giveaways and decreasing your chances by tweeting. Since I'm not really looking for a new sports bra (love the ones I have), I won't waste everyone else's chances of winning by entering. I know, I'm saintly like that :)

    Every time you guys do a trail run, I crave Oreos. I really need to get in on this amazingness. Plus, boiled salted potatoes sounds really good. I know, who says that? But dude, potatoes are the second best carb-a-licious comfort food, behind bread, of course. And salt? Duh.

  27. Great blog, Awesome trail run! I need to do something like this also. But first I need to find some running friends. :)

    I found your blog through Kara's blog. Hope you dont mind me following. I'll pass on the bra ;)

  28. Liked them on FB. I would love to win a bra! :D

  29. I liked them on FB -- I'm always on the look out for the perfect bra.

  30. Tweeting and doing a million lame steps for a give away is lame. You are awesome. :)

  31. I liked it :) Hopefully it holds up well for the bigger ladies too...haha...

    I'm not even sure what twitter is, does that make me old?

  32. This is hilarious! I'm not going to lie. I'm excited about the giveaway and I did the necessary fb liking and writing on their wall but I'm probably more excited to read more of your blog posts!

  33. I am enjoying your blog! Thanks for the giveaway ;)

  34. I am always excited to try a new running bra, especially if it's free! I liked Handful on facebook, so draw my name please. ;)

  35. I liked them on facebook- I love new bras- especially when they are sport bras!! I would love to use this for my first half marathon!! Woo-hooo PICK ME PICK ME!

  36. I've been looking for a good sports bra! I liked them on Facebook and they sound great!

  37. Yes, I like them on FB, and would love to have one of these little beauties.

  38. Ahhhh am I too late! I've been wanting a handful forever! I like them on fb. Great lr report!

  39. umm what ab workout do you do bc yours are rockin...will mine look like that if I win the bra ;)

  40. I liked them on FB! And I love Halloween Oreos. They are why I lose no weight while running. Well, and donuts. And beer.


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