Saturday, September 17, 2011

I was born without inhibitions

Last night was my second Pirate Cruise. A pirate cruise is a boat that rides around the Baltimore Inner Harbor, manned by pirates. 
By day, it's for kids. By night, it's for adults to consume massive amounts of grog. 

It's a ton of fun. Last time, the aftermath was rough. 

 This time, I went to the complete opposite end of the spectrum and stuck with Gatorade for my grog. As we all know, many people drink to lower their inhibitions. Luckily for me, this is totally unnecessary. I was born with the innate ability to make a fool of myself and act like a complete jackass, no alcohol necessary. 

The day before my last 50K, I could be found singing karaoke to My Humps, at an art festival, in broad daylight, no adult beverages to be found.
Therefore, I had no problem dressing like a pirate and entering a limbo contest last night.
 I was invited by (one of) the world's greatest running buddies, Lily, and her roommate, Tricia. It was fun to hang out while we weren't out of breath and sweaty. That's what she said.

I was also fully prepared to man the cannons when we came under attack. Last time I couldn't get access to one (they are pretty popular among the pirates). This time, as soon as I realized the attack was imminent, I elbowed my way through a group so I could defend the vessel.

I let Tricia help out

I gave Lily a turn, but no other pirates were allowed.
I continued to demonstrate class and sophistication by wearing my eye patch and bandanna at a nearby bar. Remember, I still hadn't had a drop of booze.
Everyone should want to be my friend

I forced myself to leave at around 10:30. The bar was a few doors down from my favorite frozen yogurt place, Mr. Yogato, so I think we all know how that ended.

When I got home, my night got even better. Eric was supposed to be working at the bar, but he'd gotten cut (meaning, they were slow and didn't need that many employees, for those of you who have never worked in the service industry) and was home trying to fix my GPS. I was so excited to see him, but I barely stayed awake long enough to eat my frozen yogurt. 

Last night was the first time in literally years I fell asleep without earplugs. Eric doesn't snore, I'm just the world's worst sleeper and can't sleep without earplugs and an eyemask, even if Eric's at work. Last I passed out without either one, AND without cleaning up my frozen yogurt dish, which is completely shocking. Thanks, 50 miler training.

See the Lion King in 3D. You only have one more week. Just do it.
Note: I can't see that movie now without thinking of Ryan's "My Cousin Mufasa" story on The Office, and cracking up. I tried to find a clip, but apparently none exist.

Tomorrow, as Kara put it, the Dream Team reunites for 20 miles on the trail! Lily and Perry are coming too, I could not be more excited for this epic run.

Our first meeting.....awwwww the memories

Kara is providing the oreos, so I stocked up on a few other trail running essentials. Then took a photo shoot with them. Because that's what I do to amuse myself when Eric is at work and I am avoiding grad work.
Potatoes and Fig Newtons - fuel of champions (unpictured: chocolate milk)
I will be eating a minimum of 3 boiled potatoes and at least a quarter cup of salt.
Refueling is also important after long runs. My choice of calorie replacement is in no way related to my triple chins.  


  1. Ha, I want to do a pirate cruise! I love to act drunk when I haven't had anything to drink. Keeps people on their toes. Good luck tomorrow!

  2. I'm so excited for tomorrow that I'm going to bed early so it happens faster.

    Uh, I'm a little concerned by how much Lily is enjoying firing that cannon. :)

  3. That pirate cruise looks awesome! Nothing against booze, but I can have just as much fun without it. Especially if I get frozen yogurt instead!

  4. "my cousin mufasa" I love it.

    This post has everything, sober pirates, lions, the dream team. I'm so jealous of your run today. I would even consider doing a 20 miler today if it meant I could do it with you.

  5. I'm with Kari. I wanna 20-mile it up through the woods with you!

    Also, why are you not wearing the eye patch on your eye? This makes me sad. Next time you go on a pirate cruise, I'm demanding an eye patch over the eye photo. Thanks.


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