Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spoons are so important

I'm going to say some positive things about yesterday. I just wanted to warn everyone before you started checking the URL to see if you clicked on the wrong blog, or trying to figure out if I was doing a guest post or something.

I took yesterday off to heal my legs from Monday's 20 miler and Tuesday's speedwork. They are still a tad sore, but basically back to normal.

I actually had a GREAT first day and feel very positive about the school year. Granted it's only the second day, but there have been years where I already had a bad feeling by this point (which turned out to be right). I think I'm going to love third grade. I was too busy to be hangry all day, despite Tuesday's dinner fiasco. Note - I did not say I "forgot" to eat, which you will never hear me say. 

I actually put on makeup yesterday morning in honor of the first day of school. Although I own and know how to use makeup (some might argue with this) I have a serious laziness problem and rarely actually put it on. It takes away from my blogging time in the morning. I couldn't even remember the last time I used it and it felt weird all day. I'll probably keep going strong for 2 or 3 weeks then forget about it until I attend some sort of fancy Christmas party or something.

After school, I rushed to grad class, which had several pluses:
1. We are allowed to eat in class (first grad class ever where I can say this).
2. The professor told us to call her by her first name and said she wasn't into all that "doctor" stuff.
3. I'm already in love with the professor and, while the class seems like a lot of work, the final project involves actually USING technology in education, which is insane, because that's actually what my degree will be in. It only took three classes of nonsense to get to this point!

When I arrived at class I was starving and immediately realized I had brought my yogurt but forgotten my spoon. Everyone was chatting and setting up their computers and stuff and I randomly yelled "does anyone have a spoon I could use?". I was met with the blank stares of normal people for whom staring at delicious yogurt and not being able to eat it for the next three hours was not considered a crisis.
That's not what it looked like. It was a scoop of this with a peach mixed together in an old feta cheese container, which added to my normalcy.

When it came time to introduce myself and "share something that no one knows about you", I thought I could rectify the situation. I shared that I was training for a 50 mile race, which required lots of food, so I'd probably be eating a lot, and in fact that was behind my spoon demands from earlier.

You could hear crickets. No one laughed.

So, FYI, asking for spoons and telling people you want to run 50 miles is not how to influence people and win friends.
I need to read this book.


  1. I probably would have done the same thing in your situation. Too bad i wasn't in your class.

    I also know how to wear makeup, but rarely do. It seems so worthless. Though, today, I wore some for the first time in like six days so that I wouldn't look so haggard. This hurricane is aging me!

  2. LOL, I wish I was in your class. I would have given you a spoon. :) All of my grad classes let me eat (from either degree). When I took my education grad class to get certified to teach, I was visibly pregnant and no one dared to tell me to put my sandwich away.

    People look at me like I said "I like to free base crack!" when I say I'm training for a 50 mile race, so you're not alone.

  3. Haha, I would have paid to be in that class when it happened. I used to work in a kindergarten in Hong Kong and there was no break from 8:30-12:30. The little local Chinese teachers would also wonder why I needed to sneak off to the bathroom to eat. They thought I was such a freak.

  4. hysterical. now you will be referred to as the "weird runner girl". but i suppose there are worse things in life!

  5. I ate in most of my grad classes! But they were either 4:30-7:10 or 7:20-10pm and I was either coming from work or an internship before hand so class always meant eating. The ones were I didn't eat were the seminars where it was like 10 of us sitting in a U-shape and it would have been awkward to eat while someone was right across from me only 6' away. I would have thought you were cool if you were in my grad class and shared that you were training for a 50 mile race. I'm sorry your classmates are so lame and without a sense of humor :-p At least you like the prof.

  6. entirely amused. I don't think I would be afraid to "drink/slurp" the yogurt. In fact I probably did that in law school a couple times...eek


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