Friday, September 16, 2011

How to make a 4am run fun

Answer: Join a running club, meet fellow crazies, laugh and talk the whole time.

Yesterday, I left work to walk to my car and was completely confused. I was outside, yet I was cold. 

That was just one extra factor that made for a great run this morning. My excellent running buddies Lily and Jackie agreed to a 5am 10 miler. We kept the pace nice and easy (poor Jackie is recovering from an injury, AND has her first tri this Sunday!) and I actually was forgetting to hydrate because we were so busy talking. It has been way too long since the three of us did a long run together. 

I even got home ahead of schedule because there was no traffic, which allowed you to enjoy this blog post. 

We did 10.38 miles in 1:46:07, for an average pace of 10:13. If you are amazed I was able to stop at 10:38, it's because that's what it took Lily's Garmin to get to 10, and I immediately jumped in the car because last time the 15-20 minute ride home took an hour and I was late to work. 

I still made time to take this sideways picture though.
 I agonized over what to do with my ten mile run this weekend, with my usual habit of giving minor decisions way more importance than is necessary.

Sunday is my long run, 20 miles on the trails with Kara, Lily, and Perry! My knees are as happy as I am about this run. 

Tomorrow I have to work. Well, actually, maybe that's the wrong word, as it implies I'll be getting paid.

My school is starting the Marathon Kids program, where kids run 26.2 miles over about a six month period. I've whined about mentioned many times on here my crusade for healthier habits for our students, so I'm really excited about this. Actually, you would think I would have been asked to be on the committee, but that's another story.

So, since I'm not officially on the committee of teachers running it, I volunteered to chaperone a bus trip tomorrow to take the kids who joined to a huge kickoff party for the entire district. I'm actually excited for it, so it better be good.

After that event, Eric and I are going to see the Lion King in 3D. Enough said.
Of course, with my love of early morning workouts, you would think I would just get up early and do the ten miles tomorrow. But that won't be possible, because tonight I'm going on another pirate cruise.
This one will be significantly more tame than the last one though. 

My fingers were blue when I got back from the run so I couldn't handle my beloved iced coffee. On the bright side, I busted out my pumpkin mug.

Doesn't everyone ice their knees while they enjoy their morning java?


  1. I just found your blog and I would just like to say THANK YOU! now I can rest easy knowing I was not the only one who saw the Lion King 3D preview and literally jumped for joy! it's only in theaters for 2 weeks!!! I am thinking about taking my son there on the weekend but I don't know if he'll sit through it. Let me know how amazing it was!! :D

  2. 3D makes me woozy, I'm thinking of just watching Lion King on VHS to celebrate.

    I wish my "running group" would run with me that early. Chaz lives an hour away though, so that'll never happen. It would be glorious to be done before I went to work, though.

    I want a pirate cruise. I think you lead a significantly more exciting life than I do. We ARE going to a fair this weekend, though.

  3. WHAT? I live in the boonies and missed any and all ads for a Lion King in 3D. Clearly that would be amazing. How awesome is it to be cold outside while running again? I love it!

  4. Great run! I heard some friends of mine were going to watch Lion King 3D also...that's awesome. I also have a nice trail run this sunday in one of our beautiful forest. I'm doing the north face endurance challenge half and am pretty excited. Happy training to you!

  5. Great run! I would have loved company on my windy 10 miler this morning.

    I'm overly excited for our run on Sunday. OVERLY.

  6. another pirate cruise?! would love to run with you girls on sunday...have fun!

  7. I know I'm looking forward to seeing you show up Sunday wearing the blue and red 3D glasses. And that should look very cool in the photos too.

    Woohoo, Trail Running!

    Woohoo, Trail Running with the Dream Team!

    Woohoo, Trail Running with the Dream Team at least Half in 3D Glasses!

  8. Oh and by the way, 4am!? You're frighteningly hardcore. You need to wear the 3D glasses just to help me get over being frightened of you for being that hardcore in the morning.

  9. 4 am! wow! sounds intense! i am running my first half marathon tomorrow and i just hope that i can run as many as you one day!


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