Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm on a boat

Yesterday I went on a field trip. We took a bus to Washington, DC (a little over an hour away), and headed down to the dock to board the boat. I was a little confused when we got to the water and I couldn't see it. 

Oh - there it is
 I was certainly expecting something a little bigger to hold 21 kids and 7 adults. But, we didn't sink. We got some cool views, too.

We went fishing
 It was a really fun trip, except I have some issues with motion sickness. The first time they stopped the boat for a lesson, it was rocking like crazy, and one of the guys who worked on the boat gave me some Dramamine. As soon as I had swallowed it, he mentioned "Oh, ya, we ran out of the non-drowsy kind". It would have been great if he could have said that about 10 seconds earlier. If you've never taken Dramamine, it's right up there with Benadryl and NyQuil - it really knocks you out and messes with your head.

I managed to stay focused (but loopy) for the rest of the trip, but on the ride home I was out. Back at school I had a ton of work to do once the kids left, so I'm sure that's of the highest quality.

I was supposed to go to the track for a two mile timed trial. When I ran home to change, my friend texted me that she was skipping it. That was all the motivation I needed. There was no way I could pull myself together to run two miles as fast as I could. Plus, I love the coach that runs it, she's great at her job, but let's just say not having to listen to her "instructions" before the run would get me to bed a good half hour earlier.

So I banged out a hot 10K around the neighborhood instead.

 Eric: "Don't you want to smile?" Me "No, I want the readers to see how I truly feel".
 Exhausted. And totally out of it. Also I had been sitting directly in the sun the entire day with limited water available. Once we got back, and dismissed the kids, I chugged three bottles of water and didn't have to pee. So all in all, totally prepared for a run.

The run went a lot better than I thought, and I ended up with a 9:20 pace. Probably because I couldn't wait to finish up and go to bed.

Long story short, I'm going on the trip again today with a different group of kids. Based on my Facebook comments, it seems most people consider this inhumane torture, but I'm actually thrilled I get to go again. I double checked with my principal to make sure she actually gave me permission to go again while we were on the boat yesterday, and I wasn't in some sort of Dramamine hallucination.

I'm especially excited because Eric was nice enough to stop and get me some treats after work last night, even though he was there until midnight or some crazy hour.

 He was working at the bar for some private party for Ikea employees, and I guess their dumb asses don't know a good thing when they see it, so Eric was able to bring me even more treats that were leftover at the end of the night.
Free cookies, brownies, and veggies. He knows the way to my heart.

 This morning I was up at 4:50 and on the road by 5:10 for an 8 mile run. I decided to try to keep this run easy and hopefully that will help me keep my tempo run speedy tomorrow. Time will tell. I left the ipod behind and enjoyed running without music (this time). I usually eat something before an 8 miler, so I decided to see if I could skip it since I was taking it easy. Verdict - my stomach didn't care for that plan.

I got home and this just had to happen.

SUPER EXCITING NEWS!! My first giveaway is coming up! It's like I'm a real blogger! I can't wait to share as soon as I get the product to review!

(PS - I'm still angry I haven't won any other people's giveaways.)


  1. That last picture is hilarious. Mike would kill me if I posted that.

    I think I would like your trip if I didn't live in a permanent state of seasickness (vertigo). It'd be awesome to get to spend the day outside. I hope today is better for you! Plus, you have your run done, so it doesn't matter how cracked out you get :).

  2. Great job getting your run in after a day like that! Sounds like fun though. Yummy to all those goodies he brought home!

  3. A small boat all day with 3rd graders? I think if we did that to terrorists, it would violate the Geneva Convention.

    I'm super impressed with your early rising to get the miles in!

  4. Two days in a row on that boat? You are a brave woman! Did the super giveaway plan work?!!!

  5. What a fun field trip! We never got to do stuff like that. :P

    How in the world did you stay awake and knock out a 10k?? Once again, i am convinced you are not really human... :)

  6. that sounds like a great way to spend the day...seriously, i'm jealous.

    i'm doing my first giveaway tomorrow! maybe you'll win!


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