Saturday, September 10, 2011

Busy week - highlight reel

Last week was one of those weeks we all know and love, where you get home from work, chow down on whatever you kind find and then trying to make it into bed before you pass out. Good times.

So let's look at some highlights.

Last Sunday my friend Emma got married. She was roommates with my BFF Nicole in college, and we were recently bridesmaids in Nicole's wedding. At the wedding, we had an awkward discussion on the dance floor on whether we were actual friends, or just friends through Nicole. Luckily Emma decided to be actual friends. I was really hoping she would, because she's pretty awesome and I was secretly hoping to be her actual friend for a long time.

In addition to being beautiful, I felt like the couple's personality completely came through in the wedding, and I just love that.

You can't see here, but it says "Emma's Funfetti Cake". How great is that?

You always have to get in that classy pic before the open bar gets going.

More "Maybe-we're-friends-through-Nicole-but-I-secretly-love-them-and-really-hope-we-are-actually-friends". I feel the picture was a sign of true friendship. Nicole wasn't even in it, being busy with bridesmaid duties.
The groom and groomsmen wore kilts!
The majority of the night looked pretty much like this, showing off my killer dance moves, as usual.

I danced with Nicole's parents much more than my husband.

I just think this picture is adorable.
 The bride chasing me to the shuttle to tell me she needed an ice bath at the end of the night might have been my favorite part.

I spent a lot of time on the wedding in the highlight reel, because I don't have much to say about the rest of the week.
Monday: less fun, approximately 9.5 hours in the car to get home. On the bright side I drove for zero of them.

Tuesday: I managed to get five miles in around 5am before a thirteen hour work day, which included Back to School Night.

Wednesday: Seven miles around 5am before school, which was immediately followed by class. Are you noticing a theme here?

Thursday: The thunderstorms were out of control, so I slept in until 5:15 and used the treadmill when the YMCA opened at 5:30am. I did my 8 mile tempo run and cursed the treadmill the entire time. While I appreciate being able to run indoors, it's so freakin boring. Six tempo miles were done at about 8:30 pace.
Friday: A local running store had a "runners party", which sounded exciting but turned out to be a burger truck, nasty boxed wine, and a supposed giveaway which no one won while I was there. But this crazy bus is apparently traveling the country, and this was their weekend in Baltimore.
See that treadmill on the top? I ran barefoot on that to have my gait analyzed. They didn't really tell me anything I didn't already know (I pronate moderately), but it was weird to run barefoot on top of a giant bus.

Which brings us up to the present. This morning, I met my group and did 18.7 miles with Jill and Mike. Our coach Marie joined us for a few miles and told us all about her recent full Ironman race, which was amazing to hear about. I tried a new gel on the run.
The chocolate flavor was gross, but this one was basically a packet of honey. Which I would enjoy anytime, so the run was an excuse.

As soon as I got home, took an ice bath, showered, and pounded some oatmeal, it was time to turn around and leave to pick up my packet for the Run to Remember 5K, a race in honor of 9/11 that I'm running tomorrow. Guess what was at this running store?

That's where my huge life change happened. 

I bought a new brand of running shoe. 

I thought I was crazy when my feet felt like my shoes were dead while running this week, because I JUST bought new shoes. In June. But I guess 120 miles in July, 190 in August, and 57 so far in September meant it was time for new ones.

Even since I was first fitted for running shoes, I've worn New Balance. I've bought so many of this model I've lost count. I've never had any problems, but I've never loved how clunky and heavy they felt. 

They were actually pretty clean before running after a week of flooding this morning.
After my gait analysis last night, the guy described the Brooks Adrenaline shoes as still being stability, but light and with a lot of movement in the toes, which is what I love about my trail shoes.

I tried them on and ran a little in them today, and I was sold.

Looks aren't important, but I LOVE the color, and I know Emily does too.

Last Sunday, after the bride told me she needed an ice bath, she said she'd barely seen her husband, and asked if I got to spend any time with Eric at our wedding. I may have snuck in a few dances, but not much. I told her that was why you signed on for the lifetime together thing.

If you are married, did you get to spend any time with your husband/wife at your wedding?


  1. Now, in addition to being 5am workout twins, we are shoe twins. I love the Adrenaline - they have tons of cushioning for all the abuse I give my feet.

    Props for getting in those runs wiht the long workdays.

  2. First of all, I thought something was seriously wrong this week when you hadn't posted anything. Phew, glad you're okay. Next, I also have that exact same shoe! Gotta love the purple. And I have been wearing Brooks adrenaline for about 5 years and love them! Excellent choice. And last, I did spend time with my husband at our wedding...does that make me weird? -crouton queen

  3. Welcome to the Brooks Adrenaline family! It's for the cool kids. FYI, I've heard those laces on the new model don't stay laced easily so you might want to swap them out.

    You have been getting in some killer miles for the first weeks of school teaching a new grade!!

  4. I love Brooks! I've been alternating between the Adrenalines and the Trances for quite awhile with great success.

    Anyways, I barely saw my husband on our wedding day and I can assure you that we got up to our hotel room and passed out. Maybe if we'd actually gotten the honeymoon suite we were promised?

  5. Yay for new shoes! I have never tried Brooks but have heard great things about them. i want to try Mizunos really bad but have been chicken about switching from the norm.

    I hardly saw my husband on our wedding day but we did dance a lot together later in the night.

  6. Yay for new shoes! I have never tried Brooks but have heard great things about them. i want to try Mizunos really bad but have been chicken about switching from the norm.

    I hardly saw my husband on our wedding day but we did dance a lot together later in the night.

  7. YES Brooks Adrenaline! Those are my shoes! Booya!

    You "slept in til 5:15"? You're crazy and I like it!

    At our wedding I told Mike he had to dance with me, so while I spent the ENTIRE night dancing, he spent the first half getting drunk enough to dance with me and then spent the rest of the time with me :).

  8. I also just bought new running shoes. I got a pair of Saucony Ride 4, a neutral shoe. I begin my 1/2 marathon training tomorrow.

    I got married 2 years ago. I did get to spend some time with my husband. We had a smallish wedding though with only 75 guests. After we made our rounds we got to dance and hang out. I feel very lucky for that.


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