Friday, December 30, 2011

Bronchitis is lame

I've graduated from being completely unable to speak, to being able to speak, but being unable to complete a sentence due to constant coughing fits, to finally being able to carry on conversations like a normal person. As long as someone who has been smoking for 40 years sounds like a "normal person". It's really too bad schools aren't in session, because I could probably get a part time job for DARE speaking to children about the dangers of smoking. I considered doing a vlog of myself trying to talk, but I don't want to torture my readers, especially around the holidays.

I was finally able to sleep last night without the assistance of codeine, and only woke myself up with coughing fits like 10 times or so. Oh, I also have to sleep sitting up, otherwise I can't even go a minute without coughing.

First world pain - I had to waste my whole vacation from work being sick, and didn't even get to use any sick days.

Other reasons I love bronchitis - Eric and I were supposed to visit my grandma at the nursing home on our way back to Baltimore last night (she lives about halfway between my hometown and Baltimore). Well, we did stop, and Eric did visit her, but I had to just sit in the car playing Words with Friends, because the chance of bringing bronchitis into a nursing home was way to dangerous to risk. So, lame.

Let me summarize my training for the week. Helping carry a car full of Christmas gifts and suitcases up three flights of stairs. I didn't even help pack the car up yesterday morning because I was still exhausted and high on codeine so I laid on the couch while Eric packed up everything we owned. I would award him husband of the year for all that, but he'd already won that when he went out on Christmas to get me medicine, not once, but twice, the second time driving around for over an hour looking for a drug store that was open and sold Vick's Vapor Rub.

As if Eric didn't take good enough care of me, I really can't complain about getting sick while being home (maybe someday when we actually own a house or something, I won't call my childhood house "home", but until then, that's what it is). Obviously, the only thing anyone wants while being sick is their mom taking care of them, and I had that, plus Eric and my stepdad, so basically I had a never ending supply of tea, Popsicles,  various medicines, pillows, and sympathy (really, the number one thing to help me get well) at my disposal. It could be worse.

I'm still completely exhausted (I could barely even stay awake in the car to listen to Catching Fire), but I think I'll be recovered to do my normal amount of karaoke for New Year's Eve. I haven't even thought of a single resolution yet, so I better get working on that list. 

Based on this  blog, why doesn't everyone just come up with some resolutions for me in the comments. I think I've shared enough of my shortcomings for that to be a pretty easy task.


  1. Hmmm...I like the idea of making resolutions for someone else!

    1. Win an age group award at a race

    2. Continue promoting whootie awareness.

    3. Procreate

    4. Move to southern MD

  2. awful! i hate coughing fits! look at it this way, you are getting in a killer ab workout every time you cough!

    since i'm terrible at resolutions for myself, let alone others, i'll steal kara's #1. you are way more speedy then you give yourself credit for. enter a 5K and kick some ass.

  3. Ugh, I hate being sick and bronchitis is really awful!!

    Resolutions -

    1. Start working having kids (because babies are so fun!)

    2. New PRs

    That's all I've got, I haven't made my resolutions yet... Feel better!

  4. 1. Get better already (and stay that way) ;)
    2. Throw an amazing Hunger Games theme party
    3. Get some more funky Christmas gear
    4. Run a 50-mile race and keep it to just 50 miles

    Happy New Years!

  5. 1. Buy a house so you can have your home be where you live.
    2. Kara's #1 pretty much rocks.
    3. Clone your husband for Emily.

  6. LOL. Thanks for thinking of me Laurie.
    I like that idea.

    I don't do resolutions but I think you should totally make it a goal to do a pull up in 2012 so we can share a goal.

  7. Hang on, I'm a scientist, shouldn't I be able to clone your husband? I'll be back after I look in to this.

    Oh, and I vote yes on the Hunger Games theme party.

  8. I'm sorry to hear about your bronchitis. Here's to a speedy recovery! Eric sounds like the right guy to have around when you're sick. What a great husband! Does he have a brother? When do we get our enxt Eric underwear picture? :)

    Gee, are you two planning on making babies in 2012?

    My own resolutions are pretty lame, so you don't want my help.

  9. ugh that was totally me last week, I hope you get better soon and it isn't fun because it takes for freaking ever to go away. Get better soon! My goal is to really just run a marathon!

  10. 1)I LOVE the idea of a Hunger Games party...
    2) Sorry - please no babies in 2012...I am not ready :)


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