Monday, December 12, 2011

My Procrastination = Your Holiday Gift

Happy birthday to my Dad!

I attribute my love of exercise to him. When I was a kid, we used to workout together. Old school. We loved this guy.

Bodies in Motion. Back then, it was just a show on TV, so he had to give you directions for what to do during the commercials. He also spent tons of time playing with us outside, in whatever wacky games my brother, sister and I invented as little kids. My dad was on the "healthy kids" plan long before Michelle Obama, and look how well that worked out (ignore yesterday's post)?

This year works out great because Hanukkah will still be going on during our winter break, so we can celebrate Dad's birthday and Hanukkah when I'm home in two weeks - I really can't wait.

I celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah. I wish I celebrated Kwanzaa too, but I have yet to meet a single person who celebrates that holiday.

The end of the semester is on Wednesday (for grad school, oh, how I wish that were true for my third grade class), so I had a ton of last minute work I needed to do yesterday. Actually, it wasn't really a ton, it was just the most time consuming part of finishing and crossing all the Ts and dotting all the i's. Yes I know that doesn't need an apostrophe but I don't know how else to not make it say "is". 

Obviously I'll do anything to avoid that, so I updated the "My Races" page of my blog, and added two sidebars. One with my PRs, so new readers don't have to waste any time reading if they decide I'm too slow, and one with my upcoming races, so you can stalk me by signing up for the same race and then we can hang out in person. Seriously, that's how I met Kara, and yesterday she used her mad English major skills to edit my paper and saved my ass. It also led me to run a 50+ mile race, but that's another story.

Yesterday was a major fail - I was so proud of myself for getting up after the Flipcup event to go to an 8am spin class. After I was all bundled up and arrived at the gym (across the street, but, whatever, it was still like 20 degrees), I got really confused, because it was closed. Apparently I'd been looking at Saturday's schedule.

So I went home, drank coffee, and did nothing productive for the next five hours. Then I decided to go for a run, but I really didn't feel like it. Then I remembered I'm not technically in training until this coming weekend, so I didn't have to! So I went to the gym and half assed it on the elliptical for an hour, reading Runner's World. The End. Good story, right?

The moral is, I just wanted to remind you again that I'm not a real runner, because I'm not all like "What??? Relaxation?? I just don't's just so hard to take it easy and not be super hardcore all the time....I try so hard to sit around like a lump and half ass workouts, but I JUST CAN'T". Not me.

Usually cleaning takes over when I'm trying to put off grad work, but yesterday, updating the blog seemed like much more fun, so, you're welcome. To everyone but Eric, who still has to live in a dirty house.


  1. I'm never bored enough to clean my house. Never.

    I have no idea how to add to my sidebar. I think it would be funny considering my half marathon PR is still 2:16.

  2. I love dads...I don't have one so I always get "dad envy" lol

    I love cleaning my house....not, but I do it once a week and try to do it as fast a possible so I'm able to log it as a workout ;) lol

  3. Um. I wish I could be slow like you!

    I THINK I still have a Gilad bodies in motion in Hawaii video somewhere! My sister and I used to do that together.

  4. i used to workout to bodies in motion too! i always remember lots of "marching" in place. as if that jacked my heart rate up?!?!

  5. I always procrastinate by cleaning. I did absolutely nothing productive yesterday, it would have been awesome if I didn't feel so horrible.

  6. Gilad! I used to love him. Didn't he have his sister on the show too? Oh boy I am old!

    I wish I would get into a cleaning mood. My poor house is a mess! Maybe next weekend?!

  7. I have never heard of Gilad, but I need to go YouTube this.

    It's nice to know I'm not only Chrismukkah celebrator! Are you half Jewish too or did you convert? Wow, is it even appropriate to ask that?


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