Thursday, December 8, 2011

What do you wish you had pictures of?

I really wish I had more pictures to post sometimes, but, like most people, generally my weeks don't involve many photograph worthy activities. Doing some sort of workout, going to work, coming home, working on grad work, make dinner, watch TV/read blogs, go to sleep. Sound more or less familiar?

One thing I do wish I had a picture (really, a video) of was my epic fall during our last Broomball game Monday night. To review, Broomball is the poor man's ice hockey - same rules, but you're on the ice in your sneakers, and you use a broom-shaped stick to hit a bouncy little ball. My husband and I just finished our second season with a local adult sports league. In the last two minutes of my final quarter of the season, I slipped and basically did half of a back flip, my legs shooting up and I landed on my back. All my teammates watching said it looked pretty impressive. Usually they stop the game for every teeny tiny little stumble, but I guess the ref didn't see that, so I got to watch Eric take a shot on goal from my back on the ice while I waited until I could breathe again. The goalie blocked it, but we won anyway. 

Regarding workouts, I've been doing decently well trying to replace running with some cross training - I'd give myself a C. The point is to try to get stronger in other areas, and avoid injury but not running high mileage while not in training. Note: I just made this plan up, its not based on science or anything. Actually, nothing on this blog is. 

Monday: Supposed to go to Body Pump before work, major fail, ran 7 miles before Broomball. It was at an 8:41 pace on the hills, so that was sort of a win.
Tuesday: 4 mile run (9:12 pace, but felt like a 7 minute mile pace) and Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones 
Wednesday: 1,250 meter swim and 25 minutes on the elliptical reading Self. I now know the correct winter coat for my body shape. 

I almost took a picture of my raccoon- y, bloodshot eyes after my swim, but, the world doesn't need to see that. This swim was unique in how I felt: good. Like, I almost enjoyed it. Now, open water swims - I enjoy those. Hanging out at the pool with a book or my friends - love it. Swimming back and forth at the YMCA trying to count laps - not my favorite. No music, nothing to look it, not going anywhere, avoiding other swimmers: BORING. But, yesterday, once I was warmed up, I was feeling pretty strong, the lifeguard was playing Christmas music, and the laps seemed to be going by pretty quickly. I wasn't praying for the end and actually felt like I could keep going when I was done (not that I attempted that). 

I do sort of wish I had a video of my flu shot from Tuesday, not to relive it, more for the same reason I posted my ice bath video - my pain and horror might amuse readers. Or a video of me yelling at my class for how the treated the sub while I was getting my flu shot. 

Confession: Today was a rest day. I had planned to go to Body Pump at a different gym I have a free pass for (are we noticing a trend with Body Pump?), but I didn't. Because the bed felt so good, and because I'm not on a training plan, so I slept in. To be honest, I really hate admitting things like this on the blog, even though I have proudly proclaimed my laziness. It seems like so many other bloggers are constantly motivated and never take an impromptu rest day - sure, maybe because of busy-ness, but not just because they are tired and they feel like it. But, oh well, I'm not quite that motivated, and sometimes sleep wins out. Don't hate me.

I'll leave you with the one picture I did take during my run on Sunday, so you can get an idea of what my neighborhood is like. 

Sometimes, you just can't wait to get home to rip into the vibrating condom package.

Do you ever wish someone was following you around with a video camera so you'd constantly be ready to post on your blog? Wait....that is a little creepy. Answer anyway, though.

Do you ever just skip a workout because you're tired and don't feel like it? In my defense, I had to spend a crazy day punishing kids and then come home and write a paper for hours yesterday.


  1. Multi speed condoms? Really? Wow.

    I skipped my run yesterday and took a rest day because I took a tour of a preschool and I didn't want to look like a sweaty bum.

    Cross training sounds fun. I should try that. :)

  2. "It's not based on science or anything" :) That's pretty much how I go about my workout plans too.

    I wish someone would follow me around with a video camera so that I could be on What Not to Wear and get a brand new wardrobe! (preferably all running clothes, as mine are all just about expired due to stinkiness).

    I hate to admit it, too, but I've skipped more workouts lately than I like to admit. I'm not sure what it is, but I'm making a conscious effort to stop that.

    A condom package is better than a used condom. Let that one stew a while. :-P

  3. At least it was just the package and not used condom?

    Rest days and cross training are my life right now :)

  4. Not based on science or anything? WHAT!?!! :D

    As creepy as it sounds - yes I do wish I had a video stalker!

    And EWWW at Emily's condom comment...and yet accurate.

  5. Seriously, what's a multi speed condom??

    Body pump is glorious! I wish I wasn't too poor for a gym membership and actually had time to go to the classes. i was so jacked when I went!

    I often skip morning workouts because I love sleep, but then I just workout after work.

    If someone followed me around with a camera, it would be awful.

  6. At least your neighbors *use* condoms.

    Goggle marks are hot. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I have some right now, of course.

  7. Multi-speed condom? What does that even mean? Apparently my husband is really missing out on something here...

    I'm just starting to get into swimming and I'm thinking of asking Santa for those waterproof headphones/MP3 player case... maybe that would help your boredom too!

  8. Haha, sounds like you run in a SUPER fun neighborhood.
    I rarely schedule my rest days into the week, so whatever day I feel lazy just becomes the rest day automatically - I love that.

  9. Of course I skip workouts! On Monday, I skipped my planned 10miler. I had time. I'd gotten 7 hours of sleep. It was 50*. Soooo....I just didn't feel like it.

    Instead I baked over 10 dozen (yes, over 120) Christmas cookies for coworkers & apartment staff.

    I traded in a workout to be the fat kid with cookies ;) Don't feel bad about missing body pump.

  10. I never have pictures either. Just can't get in that mindset to remember to take pictures. Looks like you could have some interesting ones if you took more around your neighborhood.

  11. first off....who uses condoms that is so 1980 :P just kidding - safe sex is the best! and WHAT is with that condom?1?!?! I would be scared if Colin came at me (no pun intended) /w one of those on :P lol

  12. Sometimes I wish someone was around to take pictures, but then we would have 83,000 pictures of me watching TV, eating and screaming at my kiddos at school. I'm pretty sure I Would rather NEVER miss a day than to have to plan for a sub then be mad at my kids when I come back because they were so terrible. ugh.

  13. i'm majorly lacking motivation right now (just posted about this today too!). having no plan to follow makes me feel lost...and lazy!

  14. I honestly don't know how you pack everything into your day! Rest days are important especially if youi aren't training for anything. Take advantage of that!

  15. Oh the exciting world of prophylactics. At least you only found the box....

    You are doing a great job cross training. And taking a day off...well did you see the silly thing I did? some serious 1 mile days are going to HAVE to be in my future soon!!!

  16. Oh wow. I don't even think I knew something like that we're possible.

    I hate that your students acted up while you were away. Hope you don't have any bruises from your fall! I probably would have cracked my head open.

  17. Pssh, until you find a stripey pastel thong and get mauled by a baby possum I remain unimpressed by your neighborhood. Bonus points for a meth lab. I can't believe this blog is not based on science! I must unsubscribe immediately.

  18. What exactly does a "multi-speed" condom do for someone? Do we even want to think about it? What's the point? Yeah, I'd take a condom wrapper over the dead possum I passed for 2 days straight before someone cleaned it up. A wrapped is better then the condom!

  19. A million bonus points for doing any open water swim this month.


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