Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A different type of marathon

On Saturday morning, I got up early to run 17 miles. Once I got home from that, my accomplishments for the weekend were over.

I spent the rest of Saturday laying around, doing nothing of note. Around 5 we finally got dressed and headed out to meet Carolyn and John to see The Girl with Dragon Tattoo, which I'd been dying to see since it came out, and my coughing has finally died down enough for me to attend a movie and not be the most annoying person there.

Guess what - SOLD OUT. I was devastated. We put the giant bulk bags of candy that had been in my purse to sneak into the movie theater with the rest of the groceries and went to a self serve frozen yogurt place instead, so I did get to drown my sorrows (and the boys got to watch the football game), but even that didn't make up for my loss. Self serve places can be a bit embarrassing though, when they tell you the price and everyone in the shop knows that you plan to eat an ungodly of amount of frozen yogurt and candy (no fruit - never fruit). 

Sunday I had planned to wake up early and use my free gym pass to take Body Pump and try out Power Yoga. I stayed true to my new tradition and slept right through it. Not by accident - I turned off the alarm. In my defense, I had stayed up way too late Saturday night to hit the gym early on Sunday. I just want to fit in with the rest of America - it's January 10th, shouldn't those resolutions already be slipping?

I figured I'd go running later, but Eric literally pinned me to the couch and force fed me gummy bears and refused to let me leave the living room or do anything productive. I am so not joking on this. So, I stayed in my Forever Lazy and we had a full day movie marathon. Cereal was my breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I thanked him before I went to bed because - come on, tell me that doesn't sound like a day of bliss (except for when he made me watch a documentary on football - seriously). No picture of this day exists, just picture a slug and that was me.

Monday morning rolled around and you won't believe what happened - I couldn't get out of bed to run! Shocking! I had ten miles on the schedule, and, like I discussed Saturday, that distance before work seemed so intimidating, that just sleeping for a few more hours sounded like a better idea. Unfortunately, that meant I had to do it after work, which didn't seem so great once I actually got up.

As much as I hate afternoon runs, they just always seem to be faster. I can't compete in the mornings, when my feet hit the pavement ten minutes after my alarm goes off and I don't even halfway wakeup until three miles in. I did ten miles at an average 8:42 pace, which is pretty fast for me, especially on a hilly route. It started snowing (or possibly sleeting) and for awhile I was running straight into whatever was coming out of the sky, and it was pretty much blinding me, not to mention making the ground nice and slippery. I also had to take a Gu. I wouldn't normally have one for a ten mile run, but I didn't finish the run until about 6:30, and all I'd eaten since some soup during my lunch at noon was some cauliflower and dip, and that just wasn't doing it.

Have you seen this video from Saturday's SNL? Two friends sent it to me Sunday, and Eric and I watched it twice and cracked up. Then it backfired on me when we tried out our new pizza stone, and I asked if we should grease it, and Eric told me that was a white people problem and walked away.

Today I did sleep in, but this time it was on purpose, because I'm going to Zumba tonight! I love Zumba.

Let's brainstorm some ways for me to stop sucking at life and start getting up to workout when I am supposed to from now on. And......GO.


  1. I think "That's a white person problem" should be Eric's answer to all of your questions from now on.

    I can't help you. The sun didn't come up today, so I don't wanna workout. I'm solar powered.

  2. If we had been closer we could have had the best Saturday ever doing absolutely nothing.

    I have no suggestions for getting up early. I'm still marveling at the fact that I"ve actually managed to do it this week.

  3. I'm pretty sure the resolutioners are already dying out. Either that or people on my side of town are extremely lazy.

    I'm with Kara. I'm solar powered. Genius :) I have yet to wake up early to work out. It's my goal.

  4. Sunday sounds like the best day ever. I was forced to go grocery shopping, although that was fortunately the only non-couch activity all day.
    I can't help you with AM workouts - I wake up at 7 and still can't do them!

  5. I tried to go see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo too but it was sold out. Everyone says its amazing. Must purchase tickets in advance this weekend!!

  6. Your problem with morning workouts "could" be that you are waking up around the 3 mile mark. If you could just get to where you do it ALL in your sleep, that might work perfectly ;-)

  7. that does sound like a day of bliss! i use a day of bliss as a reward sometimes for getting a hard run in or going to a ST class. so i can't enjoy the bliss without suffering a little first.

  8. I haven't watched my SNL yet, it's waiting for me on the dvr. I can't help you not suck and wake up because I've been having the same problem! Hopefully someone will have a good idea we can both use.

  9. hahahhaha! Kara is freakin hysterical! Love your comment.

    BUT I say get your fat a## outta bed. If I can do it so can you. I'm like twice your age and have 3 kids (yeah one is grown up but he is still there). Or maybe you should keep slacking and then you won't have to do that dumb old tri and you can help crew and pace me for the 100. Yeah yeah. keep slacking!!!

  10. I think I'm a vampire because I almost always worked out before the sun came out. I guess it eliminated that excuse? I always used the chance to act self righteous about the fact that I had already worked out to get out of bed. I love being holier than though. And there is no SNL video on that link!

  11. Your Sunday sounds amazing! I need one of those and soon.


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