Sunday, January 1, 2012

I'm really good at New Year's Eve

I want you all to know, that when I asked for reader suggestions for my New Year's Resolutions, I truly took them to heart. One of my closest friends suffered injury and bloodloss as a result, but I stand by my choice.

Andrea suggested throwing a Hunger Games themed party, and now, thanks to her, my 29th birthday is half planned.

Last night, Eric and I headed to our friends John and Carolyn's to ring in the new year with some of our close friends. Being among several other Hunger Games fanatics (Eric is one of them!), we decided to get a head start and have a 2011 reaping.

Casi and John were chosen, things got a little out of hand, and Casi ended up with a bleeding fat lip.

No worries though, the 2012 reaping went much more smoothly, and the Victor was declared with no actual blood loss.

After the disaster in the arena, we switched gears to a much safer option - the celebrity game. You have to guess the celebrity on your head by asking yes or no questions.

I got my celebrity crush, just after her husband divorces her....coincidence? I think not.

Usually gifts are reserved for Christmas, but a fellow Stone Mill survivor, Perry, mailed me and Lily a little something. We wanted to order 50 mile race stickers, but we also wanted the true distance that we covered represented. Perry specially ordered these for us.
I can't wait to get this on the Civic. I don't care that no one will understand it.

You may not have known this, but you are actually allowed to re-wear the exact same outfit from a former New Year's Eve; IF, and only IF, you were with a different group of friends the first time you wore it. I think I should switch this blog to being a fashion blog.
This NYE, while dangerous, was educational. Lily taught us all a Colombian New Year's tradition. You eat 12 grapes at midnight, and get to make a wish for each one.   I don't know how to express this in writing without sounding sarcastic, so, disclaimer, I mean this completely seriously - I love learning holiday traditions from different cultures. I've led a pretty sheltered life so it's exciting to me.

I had a panic attack at 10pm because I hadn't made any serious resolutions yet, so it was hard to also come up with 12 wishes, but I think I did pretty good.

One thing I've never learned that I really want to know - was this considered NYE 2011, or NYE 2012? Seriously, my picture albums on my computer are all messed up because I never know if you are supposed to refer to it with the previous or new year.

Around 11:45 we grabbed the champagne and headed out to the harbor to watch the fireworks. A huge barge was setting them off over the harbor in front of the city skyline, so it was gorgeous. 
Classy, no?

Tried to get the fireworks in the background - fail
I told you I was taking your ideas seriously, so since Kara suggested promoting whooty awareness, Carolyn and I wore signs to inform the other fireworks observers that there were whooties to be seen.
I can't just rely on the blog - I need to bring whooty awareness to real life
We always do paper plate award for New Year's Eve, but we ran out this year, so mine was on construction paper. It truly captured how I spent the night, however.

I successfully contracted bronchitis TWICE in 2011
We ended the night with a New Years group hug and Don't Stop Believing. 

Eric and I had originally planned to spend the night, but since I didn't want to risk keeping Carolyn and John up all night with my hacking, we decided to stay sober and drive home. I had some delicious sangria when we arrived, since Eric had offered to DD, but turns out alcohol and illness and meds didn't mix, so I switched to Powerade anyway. It was officially my first sober NYE since I've been of age. 

My last sober NYE was in 2003. 

Fun Facts about that NYE:
  • I was also sick that night
  • It was at my friend Stacy's wedding, which was in the same exact room where Eric and I later had our wedding reception.
  • While writing this blog post I had a panic attack because I couldn't remember what the room was called and the place we got married has now renamed all their rooms.
2003 - partying in the Dewitt - Clinton room

2008 - couldn't find one where we were actually posing

Remember when this was an exercise blog? 2012 has been a great year so far. I woke up (at 11am, after going to sleep at 3am - who am I?) and Eric said "wow, you look much better!" immediately followed by "wait - I didn't mean it like that!". Luckily, after all he's done for me this week, he can do no wrong.

Lily came over and we ran five whole miles together! I'm back in action!

We also tried out my new Christmas gift (just for a minute or two each).
A bike trainer!

I even have another exercise date tonight, at the late hour of 8pm. This might be the latest I've exercised since college. It's with two doctors though, who are coming after a busy day of performing surgery and saving lives and stuff, so I guess I could take a break from my 9th consecutive day of doing absolutely nothing and head over there. 

Last, but not least, I'm ringing in the new year in what might possibly be my favorite gift of all time....the Forever Lazy.


  1. All the pictures are great :) It sounds like such a fun night!! And I am glad you are starting to feel better. Bronchitis sounds horrible :( Can't wait to read more about your adventures in 2012!

  2. How do you like that block? I guess after you spin tonight, you'll be able to tell me better! It is smaller than the one that comes with my Cycleops!

    Where did the poop shirt come from? My hubby needs one STAT!

  3. OMG, I want a Forever Lazy! I might have to invest in one soon :)

    I'm so glad you're back and running! I'd hate to see you go nuts due to lack of endorphins.

    Your NYE sounds really fun and so much more festive than what I did. I would dominate the Hunger Games. :)

  4. Haha, it looks like you are in a fleece HAZMAT suit. You must report back on how the poop flap works.

    I hope you have the Hunger Games cookbook to make your party super delicious and accurate ;) Also, be prepared for me to have a HG-themed party after you and copy everything you did!

  5. I loved your NYE outfit! So cute. I just finished the Hunger Games and now just started Mockingjay. Happy New Year Alyssa! I will make it to Bikram in the next few weeks up your way! I will let you know!

  6. I NEED a forever lazy. I will get a matching one for the baby and we will look awesome. I can't wait to see pictures from your Hunger Games party! Way to be the only blogger I've read so far who actually partied and stayed up past midnight! Also, that outfit is cute. I will not judge you for wearing it twice. Now go use it to get some Katy Perry action.

  7. For all those interested in purchasing an "I Pooped Today" shirt, for yourself or as a gift, here's where I got it:

  8. The forever lazy is amazing. I'm getting that for Mike for his birthday.

    Your NYE was so much more exciting than mine! We just hung around our friends' kitchen and drank. Well, I had soda because i'm pretty sure I'm sick and dying, but everyone else drank.

  9. Wow, that went way better than my Saw themed NYE party.

    Also, I am proud of everyone involved with the "I Pooped Today" shirt.

  10. I felt kind of bad to attack Eric(he has been so nice to me in real was rough to block that and attack him ...LOL) but I was glad to be the "victor"

    I am glad I can contribute to your ethnic knowledge :D

    I need to get one of those forever lazy..seems pretty comfortable!!!

    and thank you for the trainer experience ...cant wait to get mine!!!!

  11. Yes! You have a Forever Lazy! I saw the commercial for it and said I wanted one...hubby laughed for ages and refused to take me seriously. Mine would have o be pink, of course...

  12. Wow, all these years I've been a whooty and didn't even know it. Thank you for making me aware.

  13. The Forever Lazy is awesome! I can't help but see whooty and think "whooty who!".


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