Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday favorites

Thank you so much for all your supportive comments on my fear of dogs post! I tend to overreact (just ask my husband) so I loved all the validation your comments gave me.

Last night was incredibly traumatic for me. When I was moving one of our end tables over to my bike to get ready for my trainer ride, the heavy, wooden box that we keep all our remotes and crap in flew off and nailed my foot. After a lot of screaming and cursing, I remembered I was a blogger and took a photo.

I have yet to meet anyone who's pain tolerance is anywhere close to as low as mine (in fact, I really don't even understand what people mean when they talk about a "high" pain tolerance). This "injury" had me moaning in the fetal position on the floor for several minutes. 

Somehow I managed to pull it together and do my 90 minutes, which again I'm calling 20 miles, on the bike trainer. For some reason, I was getting really mentally overwhelmed with the time. The idea of riding for 90 minutes (or, soon, more) was freaking me out. Doesn't really make sense because I'll spend 90 minutes at the gym and not think anything of it, but I guess then I'm doing a variety of activities. I made it through though, and this was the first time I stayed on the bike for the entire time, without a drink or bathroom break or anything.

This morning, Lily and I did an easy six mile run in my neighborhood. Not much to say about that, so here's some stuff I'm obsessed with this week. If you want me to do you a favor, try one or all of these out. They are all awesome, I assure you.

It's making the time go by while I'm on the bike trainer. When I finish the series, I might need to rewatch my old Dawson's Creek DVDs.

Lady Gaga Pandora Station (on my phone!)

I have yet to give a thumbs down on this. How did I just create this station this week? It's really helping me not hate life during report card week.

Hard Boiled Eggs

Eric read in some men's magazine that you should eat them, and he made some, so I made a huge batch to eat with my lunch this week, and they are so salty and delicious. Plus, Kara Goucher said to eat one a day in her book. Since I'm eating at least 2 a day, I expect to be running 5 minute miles at my half marathon this Sunday.
I also expect my legs to look like this pronto

Cappuccino Peanut Butter
Cappuccino? Good. Peanut butter? Good. Can't go wrong here.


I know that's not exactly new information, but I swear he is looking better and better each week on Biggest Loser. My usual text conversations during the show with my sister Darcy and BFF Casi used to be about what the contestants were up to, now it's things like how great Dolvett looks in his weigh in outfit, and how freaking white his teeth are. Plus, everyone's day just got better as a result of looking at this picture. You're welcome.

What's your pain tolerance like?

What is something you can't get enough of this week?


  1. Your foot looks REALLY painful. I'd curse a lot if that happened to me.

    Is it wrong that I really enjoy that Kara Goucher has a shorts tan line? She's just like me!

    I don't have any new obsessions this week. Unless you count the soundtrack for the Buffy musical episode that I've been listening to on repeat since Sunday. I guess that counts.

  2. Mmmm...Dolvett. Thank you :)

    Also, I want Kara Goucher's legs too. If you know the secret, please share. I bet she doesn't have any cellulite.

    I like to think my pain tolerance is pretty high, but still I wish I had someone to dote over me when I was in pain. After my mole removal incident last week, I was feeling deprived of TLC so I emailed my mom and she made me feel loved again. Moms rule.

  3. Wow, your foot looks really painful! And it was a surprise-pain. I find things are more painful when I'm not expecting them (ie dropping things on my foot versus getting a shot). I'm pretty positive I'm a big wimp in general (I almost cried when I skinned my knee hiking), but I'll run through pretty much anything. I once ran on a torn meniscus for a month. I think my pain receptors just shut down when I'm running.

  4. Your foot is like 100 times worse than mine was when I fell off the table and that had me freaking out and swearing in the office.

    You should watch Burn Notice on Netflix. There are so many action scenes and car chases, you can't help but move faster.

  5. Luckily, I have a pretty high pain tolerance...which is great because I do a lot of stupid stuff that ends up pretty painful for me!

    You know, I think Dolvett whitened his teeth. I love him but I keep thinking that his teeth are way whiter than they used to be. You think?!

  6. I feel like despite my low pain threshold I am always getting some nick or ding, in the form of a cut or bruise. I'm a catastrophe.

    I have never watched Biggest Loser, but Subway is doing a tie in promotion and had a picture of the three trainers, which warranted a, "Oh hey, that guy" from me, because of this blog...

  7. Dawson AND Felicity?!?! I think I'm in college all over again!!!

  8. Augggghhhh your poor foot :-(

    And Hey!!!! are you not excited about our morning runs anymore? WTH?

  9. You inspired me to start watching Felicity. I remember watching the first season or two, but it got too hard to keep up with tv in college. Anyways, why the crap doesn't Netflix stream Dawson's Creek? I'm dying to rewatch that one and I missed the college years. Stupid.

    I hope you don't die of gangrene from that gaping wound. Looks like it might be fatal.

  10. Ouch! Your foot looks like it hurts. Hopefully it won't bruise too bad. That is the worst place to get hurt in my opinion.

    Can't go wrong with Dolvett! Love the eye candy!

  11. I love that you remembered to take a picture of your foot!


  12. Pretty sure that fudge just cancelled out your hard boiled eggs ;)

    Dolvett had me cheering when he showed Conda the door...she is not worthy of his presence.


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