Thursday, January 19, 2012

Keep your germs to yourself

I really don't know how bloggers post every day of the week, much less two or three times a day. This was one of those weeks where I had nothing but time, but nothing to say. I really didn't want to assault my loyal readers with some crap post that was a waste of time, so I said nothing. What would be a smart solution would be to generate a list of topics that I could write a post on when I am lacking ideas. So....feel free to think of any. And leave them in the comments. Thanks!

After my 20 miler last Sunday, I started getting really sick. It was just a basic cold, where my head felt like it was going to explode from congestion, nothing new or exciting. Whenever I get a cold, it hits my asthma, so it turns into a cold plus coughing and wheezing. Any blog post I would have written about my activities Monday (which, luckily, we had off from school, thanks to Dr. King) would have been something like "blew my nose, threw the tissue away, whined to my husband about how sick I feel, got another tissue, repeat until the whining turns into crying". Fascinating. 

I really wanted to run Monday, since I had the day off, but I'm a pretty big follower of the "neck and up rule". If your symptoms are from the neck up, you're ok to exercise (which is why I went for the run Sunday, I wasn't coughing or anything yet then). As soon as they are anywhere below your neck (aka. lungs) it's a bad plan.

I took Tuesday off too. Because I'm a big whiny baby and I was starting to cough like crazy again and I was terrified of contracting bronchitis again. Bronchitis is really really not fun and I would really like to avoid ever having it again. 

Tuesday I was THAT GIRL at work, the one who is constantly blowing her nose, sneezing, hacking, and making everyone else stay ten feet away and wonder why this rude bitch brought her germs up in here. It's not really like me to do that, so I put in for a sub on Wednesday. 

Tuesday afternoon was warm and sunny, but I resisted the urge to "just get a few miles in" and went straight home and got in bed. By the time I emerged Wednesday around noon, I felt like a new person. I felt so good that I went grocery shopping, which made me feel guilty for not being at work, but, whatever.

I considered going for a run, but the winds were gusting over 30 mph, and since I had taken off work due to my lungs hurting, I decided not to be an idiot and set up the bike trainer instead. I rode for an hour while watching Date Night. I thought it might be hard to stay motivated to push it hard enough to get a good workout, but I was so wrong. I cranked up the resistance, and did one minute sprint intervals with between 3-5 minutes of rest, depending how lazy I felt in between, and I was dying. DYING. I need to really get my quads in shape for this Half Ironman.On the bright side, exercising in my living room while watching a movie was a win. Now I totally want a treadmill.

I went for a 6 mile run this morning, average pace 9:33. Nothing life changing. It was freezing, 25 degrees but felt like 20. Might as well get used to it, it is January, after all. I tweeted it to Dolvett to see if I could accomplish my life dream and get him to retweet me.

Our school is doing a Family Fitness Night this evening. I'm on the planning committee, so I'll be teaching kids and parents about healthy eating this evening. Hint: Don't keep buying chocolate and then eating it all in one night, every night. I haven't quite mastered that one yet. 


  1. I always have a list of things to talk about if I do nothing exciting all day - which happens most days of the week. Glad you're feeling better! The school fitness thing is neat - I've never heard of that in a public school and I have to say I'm impressed!

  2. I'm glad you're feeling better! Exercising in the living room is a TOTAL win! I'm jealous!

    Good luck at Family Fitness night. We never had fun things like that when I was in school. I think you should hand out chocolate.

  3. I was wondering why you were available to gchat yesterday. This post solves the mystery!

  4. I am really having a time management issue lately and can't find time to write a post. It's either write or sleep. I've been choosing sleep. Are you doing the High Cloud Snapple race?

    1. I'll answer for her: Yes! We're both running it! Are you going to be there too?

  5. I blog everyday because I have a lower standard for blog content. :P

    I think you're being smart about actually resting so you can get better. We do have a half marathon in less than 2 weeks!

  6. Glad you're feeling better, and I've found myself wishing for a treadmill recently as well. If only I had a couple thousand dollars to "invest" in one...but that is not the case. I'm still digging out of the hole that car repairs put us in this last fall. At least you have the cycle trainer though...that's on my wish list as well !

  7. Smart resting so that you can get better! I have asthma too - and asthma complications are never good!

    I'm kind of jealous of your bike trainer, not gonna lie.

  8. once it creeps into your chest = kiss of death for an asthmatic. take care!!!!

  9. I am so glad to read that the trainer is kicking your butt too because it is kicking mine. Sorry for the yucky cold but I am glad you're on the mend. Your speed amazes me - even sick.

  10. I hope your event is going well! Just don't germ people at Family Health and Fitness Night. Might send the wrong message. Also, I need that book so I can teach my baby why mommy is such a germphobe.

  11. Thank goodness you are feeling better. I am terrified if I have to run my half this weekend in the rain then I will get sick again. January and I don't have the best history when it comes to sickness.

  12. You're right about bronchitis and asthma. I suffer from the same thing and I'm sure my husband would tell you there's no bigger baby in the WORLD than me when my asthma kicks in! I was stupid about it two years ago and it put me out of running for almost 3 weeks - smart of you to listen to your body.

  13. I hate it when I am that girl at work and am trying so hard not to cough and sneeze my snot all over. bleh

    Glad you are feeling better!


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