Monday, January 2, 2012

I have workouts to discuss again!

2012 is the year of the Half Ironman, so I figured New Year's day was the perfect time to dust off the bike and get going on that. I have a loooooong way to go.

Since there are no daylight hours to bike outside during the week in the winter, my friend Jackie and I set up the bike trainers in her workout room. We have grand plans of making this a common occurring throughout our training. She has a super ironman biker friend that was nice enough to come over to help us set up the trainers, and give us all sorts of fantastic newbie advice. We did a 45 minute spin DVD and it was a pretty good workout, despite us ignoring the video and chatting through half of it.

Our "aren't we hardcore?" pose
I stopped on the way home to get Eric and I McFlurries for dinner. So far if my New Year's Resolution was "eat less healthy", I'm really nailing it. 

I went to bed more excited than on Christmas Eve because I had a trail run in the morning. I was meeting my friends about half an hour away, and I think I enjoyed the drive at least as much as the run. I finished the audiobook of the Hunger Games and now I'm in the middle of Catching Fire. Seriously, I need Hunger Games Anonymous.

I hadn't run on trails since the infamous Stone Mill 50 Miler, but, despite a few flashbacks at the beginning, I loved them as much as I always have. I was running with my friends Lily, Conor, and Rob, and Mike joined us for a little while. The boys set a pretty quick pace up some of the hills (although we also spent quite awhile walking). We covered 8.5 miles total, and my lungs felt almost back to normal.

I have, without a doubt, also developed an unhealthily close relationship with my Forever Lazy. When I posted the picture last night, I had just put it on, so I wasn't fully aware what a wonderful addition to my life it was. It's warm, soft, comfy, and makes me look like Cookie Monster. I highly recommend going to your nearest drug store and picking yourself up one immediately. However, I caution you - the name is not a lie. It truly does make you forever lazy. 

One more time
I don't know what happened to me over break, but I turned into a total night owl and started staying up and sleeping in later and later until it culminated with 3am to 11am on New Years. This morning I set my alarm for the first time in ten days and was completely confused when some weird beeping interrupted the nightmare I'd been having at 8am. Considering I've also taken some sort of drugs to help me fall asleep every night since Christmas, I'm a little worried about attempting to return to a normal, workday sleep schedule tonight. (Taking drugs to sleep and then trying to keep 20 kids alive all day, much less learning, doesn't really go hand in hand). 

I took drastic measures and significantly reduced my caffeine intake today. I'm talking about probably having no more coffee than a typical American has each morning. I could barely keep my eyes open all day, so it better have been worth it. 

Last random thought - our Christmas tree is already down and put away. I'm pretty sure this is a new record in the Lindsey household.


  1. That forever lazy is hysterical!

    I am in terrible shape for tomorrow. I've somehow became a night owl too. What happened to my 9pm bedtime?!?!

  2. So glad you are feeling better and are able to get your sweat on again!!! And that forever lazy looks awesome :).

  3. OMG, your forever lazy looks amazing!!!!!

    I love the pic of us on the trainers....that might have been the only 3 seconds we stopped chatted and laughing.

    and i must say, the new yellow paint in that room looks nice in the pic....i guess i will have to give dan credit for a job well done now :-)

  4. I love your dinner idea. Jeff is normally not down for dessert for dinner :)

    I think for our next trail run we should have backpacks with 50lb weights so we can be the real badasses.

  5. I'm all for the McFlurry diet. :)

  6. LOL McFlurry........I'm on it :) and I don't even know what an ironman is....better go look it up as it seems like everyone is doing them!

  7. ok so I just looked it up and I didn't realize it was a PSYCHO tri!!!!!!!

    all I said was ....WOAH! that's like a marathon over a century and then swimming over 2 miles!!!!! good luck :)

  8. I wonder if they make Forever Lazys in maternity sizes. I want one so badly.

  9. Your friend's workout room puts mine to shame. I'm jealous!

    Our Christmas tree came down this weekend. I kept telling Mike, "Christmas is OVER! This is the worst!"

  10. Wow, that is a nice workout room! And here I was thinking I'd just have people come to my house & do the group spin in my living room! Very nice! I can't wait to do it again this week.

    Love the forever lazy. I found PJs at Sam's that are like wearing my bed so I may stick with those. They make me lazy enough. LOL

  11. Love that workout room! Mine is more of a workout nook haha. I'm glad to hear you are feeling better!

  12. Everyone is in love with Forever Lazy. You do look a little like the cookie monster. And that is not a bad thing.

    I just started a "stricted eating plan." I really dislike having to resort to it but I've got to get some lbs off me quick! So I am nailing the eating health ;-)

  13. I never really liked my Snuggy, but the Forever Lazy seems to overcome the Snuggy's disadvantages! I might have to get one. And it does make you look like Cookie Monster.


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