Sunday, October 20, 2013

Anything is better than nothing

This was one of those weeks I couldn’t blog. I usually “write” my posts in my head while I’m running or in the shower. It didn’t work out, and not just because I only had 24 miles of running time to work with. Every post I began to “write” just declined into disgustingly obnoxious whining. So I did what any self respecting blogger would do – saved the internet and subjected all my friends and family to endless complaining and self-pitying rants. What would I do without them?

Usually, running is my stress relief. But this particular week, sleep just seemed like a more appealing option in that 4am hour I had available. And when I did have time in the evenings, sitting on the couch eating Halloween candy was just irresistible.

I did run a tiny bit. 5 miles Tuesday morning, 4 miles Thursday morning, and then another 5 miles Thursday evening. Really the only reason I did the extra 5 was for Buffy. If you use a treadmill, I highly recommend “saving” a show exclusively for running. I wanted to start season 3, so I had to run more. Delusional, yes, but trust me, you don’t make it through 50 mile races without the ability to delude yourself.

Friday morning I did a 10 mile run, and that was it for the week. I guess this was a stepback week. Or something. I’m still not convinced that I should maintain running as my hobby. Knitting is still pretty tempting. And you know what isn’t terribly tempting at the moment? Running 50 miles next month.

So far this post is a downer. So let’s move on, because I have good news (well, for past me anyway). My weekend was filled with my absolute favorite person on the planet.
He was excited on the inside, I just know it.

Did you know the new iPhone takes slow motion videos?  I wasn’t sure what the target use was when I got the phone. Now I know.

While I could easily stare at this kid all day every day for the rest of my life, he does go to sleep at times, and there were some other activities I needed to attend to on my weekend at home.

Friday night, my sister organized a huge girls game night and I was so busy having fun I forgot to take pictures. The important things were that our friend Melissa made brownie dip, and we are all officially on the fast track to hell for the things we laughed at during Cards Against Humanity.
I was terrified all the young whippersnappers I was playing with wouldn't know what this meant.
After everyone left, I stayed up talking to my sister and Melissa until 3am. I didn’t even know that was possible for me, but it was totally worth the sleep deprivation. My poor sister had to get up with Harrison at 7am, but she kindly let me sleep in until 8:30. Being an aunt is just fabulous.

We all needed more sleep.

Dancing while proud Grandpa looks on!
Still, there was no way I was running. I only had baby time until we needed to go bridesmaid dress shopping a few hours later, and there was no way I was wasting a second of it. I could barely tear myself away to shower. When you live 400 miles away, you need to soak in every precious moment.


Saturday was jam packed – bridesmaid dress shopping (my sister is getting married on our nation’s birthday!), seeing my good friend/best boss ever Stacy (she hired me as a waitress when I was 16), and then a hot dog/ice cream date with my original black life partner. The ice cream was salted caramel and homemade at a place called Hedonist Chocolate, which is clearly right up my alley.

Sunday, my alarm went off at 6:30. I had laid out everything the night before for a 16 mile run. I pushed snooze. Repeatedly. Until about 8:00. Which is basically the worst choice ever, because then you haven’t run, and you also haven’t enjoyed the benefits of that extra sleep. But seriously, is that moment you push snooze and then roll back over not the best thing ever?

My running theme this week was “anything is better than nothing” (aka 4 miler Thursday) so 16 miles turned into 12, which became 10, and then 8….and so on. Obviously my cutoff was being done by the time Darcy arrived with Harrison. Finally, I got up and started getting dressed. Then I checked the weather. The feels like temperature was 34. The coldest I’ve ran in since like, March is like 50, and I hadn’t packed for that at all.

Apparently some slight vestiges of the former, motivated, no excuses Alyssa still existed, because I went downstairs and started rooting through my parents’ coat closet for some gloves. But then I caught a glimpse of the pumpkin spice coffee beans I’d bought at my absolute favorite coffee shop the night before. And then my run turned into this.

As soon as I climbed in, I knew it was the right decision.

Besides, I needed to help my mom prepare an amazing, pumpkin themed brunch for the family. Here’s the menu, so you can drool and be jealous.

Now I’m acting like the cool kids and blogging from like 20,000 feet in the air! Or however high planes fly, I really have no idea! Of course, by blogging I mean typing in Microsoft Word. Does anyone actually buy plane wifi for personal use? IMHO, if you can't live a few hours without Facebook, you need to reevaluate your life choices.

Speaking of life choices - next week is going to be a determining factor for me in deciding about Stone Mill. I had a fantastic weekend where my diet was about 90% sugar and wine. I got pampered by my parents, girl time with my sister, and I got to creep on my gorgeous nephew more than is probably socially acceptable. Not to mention, my husband cleaned the house while I was gone (he wasn't interested in girls night or bridesmaid dress shopping). So  feel like my head is in a better place, PLUS I found a stress ball in the closet. Game on, training. Maybe.

On a scale of 1-10, how relaxing do you find a visit to your family? (1 is like a root canal, 10 is like a spa vacation.) I would call it like a 500.

Anyone ever been in a running/life funk? Please share advice for busting out of it!


  1. OMG--your mom's brunch is making me sick with envy.

  2. Is there a level worse than a root canal? Like -2, root canal without drugs?

    If I get into a funk, it's about social stuff. I hate hanging out with other moms...who don't run. So I go through long periods of doing the bare minimum and acting like a hermit. Generally guilt will push me to get out more so I don't raise odd kids. But seriously, I hate people. I'd rather stay home and hang out with my BFF the internet. Then I can stay in my running clothes.

    But yeah, call this a fall back week and just have a good week this week and then taper like a boss.

  3. This depends on which family it is. Part of it would be...-10 for sure. Another part would be a 5, and yet another (I have a very divided family) would be around a 30 or more.

    I'm not nearly as motivated as you, but I've known myself to skip runs for far less important things than halloween candy or especially sleep (I have never been a morning runner, except for race day) I don't want to go. I don't really need a reason to be lazy, though I regularly envy your motivation. I know that I could do it if I wanted to, but generally laziness wins. Fail.

  4. You crack me right up.
    I'm considering an ultra in February (Vegas). The problem will be training in the cold (Flagstaff). Hm.
    Funks are NOT fun. The funny thing to me is how many miles you got in during your funk when there was a time that any mile at all would have been a joke!

  5. If I had such a cutie to hang out with, I might never leave the house, either! ;-)

    I think that visiting my immediate family (parents) is a 100. That still feels like 'home' to me, so I know how to help out, don't feel the need to always be interesting/entertaining, and the food is always delicious. Other family is probably a bit more stressful, since I'm not quite as comfy with them.

    When I need to get out of a funk, I spend a few minutes one night make a very precise schedule for the next day, including lots of pesky things I've been avoiding doing. Then, I follow it as closely as possible (like, carry a time with me to track my time). This may sound obsessive, but it gives me a kick start to get things done (list - and I love crossing things off a list!), and makes it sort of like a game (beat the time), and I find that being productive for even just half a day kickstarts me back into a generally less funk-y life/mindset.

  6. So are you considering not doing Stone Mill? I totally get into funks - mostly life ones related to my career, but running ones happen too. For running ones, I usually branch out and do something different, like yoga or cross training. That usually snaps me out of it because I HATE cross training, so then I want to go running ;) Like "oh right, this elliptical SUCKS BALLS...let me grab my running shoes and get out of here!"

    If the funk is life related, yoga helps me get mentally settled and stretch...which also helps with running. I also do to-do lists, like Holly is talking about. It just breaks life down into manageable chunks for me, and then everything seems much more do-able.

    Is there a shorter option at Stone Mill? If it makes you feel better, I took 3 rest days this weekend too/ Sleep and wine (like way way too much wine) was apparently more important. :)

  7. Visiting my sis is never relaxing because it's freaking Hawaii. I get there and want to DO ALL THE THINGS. It's just too unique and beautiful not to want to play in the jungle, you know?

    When I get in a funk, I own it, enjoy the laziness, and kick off the cobwebs the next week. I bet you'll feel great this week!

  8. Your mom instagrammed pictures of the brunch desserts and I was insanely jealous. This post makes it worse.

    Last night, I contemplated running, but instead I worked on the blanket I'm making you. I think it's time you and Eric moved in with us.

  9. It's kinda pathetic how honored I feel to get a shout out for my brownie dip, but...I don't care. I feel famous.

    Also, I am a little disappointed I was not present for the pumpkin brunch. Joy knows my love for pumpkin flavored things. time please? Fakesgiving possibly?

  10. I haven't even finished reading this post and I am already commenting...I cannot tell you how happy I am to find someone else who has epiphanies in the shower! I know a lot of people who do it while running, but I have some of my best ideas/posts/plans while showering! Weird, but so glad I'm not the only one!

  11. Your weekly mileage during your funk is my normal average weekly mileage. Ahh the differences between a half/full marathoner (my first full is in about a month) and an ultramarathoner. Glad you had a great weekend visiting your family! Sometimes it's important to let regular life stuff take precedent over running stuff.

    Harrison is really cute!

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