Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I'm not proud, but once I made kale chips

My combined total of miles from the past two weeks is 62. That's not good. I should be closer to that each week on it's own to prepare for a 50 mile race. 

I'm not going to have a mental breakdown over it, because if I were gunning for a mental breakdown there's plenty of other, better choices to go for. When you're sick, you're sick, and I couldn't even stay at work for three days straight. 

Still, I started this week determined to get back on track. I was out of bed at 4:20 Monday morning, ready to start the week with a run. 

Well, that didn't work out at all. As I'm sure all morning runners will agree, the tough part is getting out of bed. Once your feet hit the floor and the blanket is off, you've won the battle. Except for this morning. I was out the door well before 5, but only got 4.5 miles in. I was feeling really sick and it just kept getting worse and worse until I finally cried uncle. So essentially I got up at the crack of dawn and sacrificed sleep to....barely run. Solid start to the week. 

After work, I was still determined to get off on the right foot. I had planned a dinner that would take a little while to cook, so I ran another 3 miles during that time. I was really annoyed about it because that was supposed to be my time to sit on my ass and do nothing as a reward for getting up so early. Worse still, I had to waste two outfits and take a second shower.

Tuesday's run was much better. It was 97% humidity when I woke up, which worked out perfectly because I felt like watching TV. I did 8 treadmill miles at a 9:30 pace and didn't feel great, but also didn't feel terrible. Winning. 

In food news, the dinner that took so long to cook was a new to me item - Kabocha squash. FYI - took me three tries to spell that right.

In case you don't know what squash looks like, google images does.

I feel like these were the big thing on healthy living blogs a few years ago? Surprisingly, I never tried them then, despite the fact that I was huge into HLBs and most likely orthorexic. I mean, I hate to get all Jesse Spano and make something super dramatic by slapping a fancy name on it.

But seriously....THERE'S NEVER ANY TIME.
Side note - Eric got this shirt for me and I wear it all the time. If I was less lazy I'd get it out of my drawer and take a selfie.

But I am lazy, so just look at this girl instead.
But I feel like I can diagnose myself as formerly orthorexic, because according to my research (wikipedia), it basically means being a douchebag about how important healthy eating is, having a meltdown if you don't know how many calories are in something, and annoying everyone you come in contact with. It's just a proposed term and the person who proposed it is actually named Bratman. I actually once made kale chips and had myself convinced that I preferred salad to fries. I'm pretty sure if it ever makes it into the DSM, those will be among the top defining characteristics.

Despite the fact that healthy living blogs had me convinced that if every meal wasn't the perfect balance of macro-nutrients then I would drop dead within hours, I never tried kabocha squash, until now when it was on sale at Wegmans. I made this recipe and it was really good. I'm clearly over the whole HLB thing, but they had some good ideas, and why throw the baby out with the bathwater, right?
Any other converted former HLB fans (or current fans)? 

What percentage of the time do you say you eat healthy? Actually I can't really answer that. Some weeks it's like 80%. Other weeks it's like 6%. 

Side note: If you don't get the Jesse Spano reference and gif, I'm not sure you can remain in my life. I'm sorry.


  1. Ha I'M SO EXCITED!! I haven't seen that show in forever, I should probably change that.

    My goal for the month is to be like you and get my shit together to run before work.

    Day 1: I slept in until the last possible moment to go to work...and now I'm sitting on my couch pretending I might still go on a run (spoiler alert: I won't).

    Maybe tomorrow...

    On another note, Zach eats really healthy and I try to eat healthy because it generally makes me feel better, but I also keep a secret stash of candy in the car that I hit up when I need a fix. I tell Zach I'm taking the dogs for a walk...then I go sit in the car with them and eat my candy. The weird part is Zach would never criticize me for eating candy...so I have no idea why I hide it. Maybe I'm actually worried he's going to eat it all himself.

  2. I'm so glad you're reformed now. I eat healthy probably like 20% of the time....if that.

  3. Anonymous StepfatherOctober 1, 2013 at 10:29 PM

    So does this mean Elizabeth Berkley is going to dance to the Pointer Sisters "I'm So Excited" on Dancing With The Stars next week?

  4. Oh man I can't even remember the last time I saw that show!! But now I do have the theme song stuck in my head :)

    Hmmm I probably eat healthy 40-50% of the time. After 8 PM is when my weakness creeps in. And now those stupid, irresistible candy corn pumpkin things are back on the shelves!

  5. I have never tried kabocha, I don't think the grocery stores here even know it exists. I actually really like kale chips, but not better than French fries, blogs that are overly obsessed with healthy food annoy the crap out of me. I want to eat steak, and potatoes and cake. It's good and satisfying.

  6. I'm pretty sure we would have never become friends if you hadn't reformed. Just the idea of that is terrifying and makes me want to eat an entire chocolate cake with a side of french fries.

  7. I didn't even know what kobacha (vs. kombucha) was until Kara explained it to me. Still haven't tried it yet, but I do like spaghetti squash!

    Eh, my healthy eating depends from week to week, but I'd say I sit on 80%. I've gotten significantly better since living with Will because he honestly likes eating that way, And to be fair, I really like those seaweed snacks. Have you had them?! The way they're kinda oddly chewy is like my favorite thing ever. Too bad I go through the entire container in one setting.

  8. I DEFINITELY got the Jesse reference. Actually, I just watched a E! Hollywood story on them about a week ago. I like blogs that have some healthy aspects but also realistic living/eating components. Otherwise it can start to mess with my head.

  9. Definitely got the Jessie Spano reference!

    I started out reading the HLBs and initially thought they were ok...but after time you realize just how insane and disordered they are. I don't think it's obvious right away. But now I've discovered and love GOMI so I totally hate read.

    I probably eat healthy 50% of the time if we average everything out. I'm more healthy Mon - Fri, but then do/eat whatever I want on weekends. Balance, right?

  10. I like my squash to be soaked in butter and coated with brown sugar, so I will never be confused for a (an?) HLB.

    I go through weeks where I am really on the healthy train, and I'd say 90% of my food is full of important stuff. And then there are weeks where my meals consist of cake. Seriously, I had cake for breakfast AND lunch on Tuesday. So. I guess my nutrition is bipolar.

  11. Michaels has a bunch of those delicious M&Ms! =)


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