Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Things that make me happier than they probably should

In my last post, I was a bit of a Debbie Downer. If you didn't get that vibe, don't worry, those who know me in real life did. So I'd like to take tonight as an opportunity to celebrate the little things in life. It's awfully hard for me not to make posts like this all about food, since that really is the best thing in life, but I'll try.

1. I'm sucking less at running!

I ran 7 miles yesterday and 6 tonight. For those of you keeping track at home, that means it's only Tuesday and I've already done more than half of my entire mileage from last week (13 vs. 24). That sentence came out really math-y. I don't even teach math this year, so I don't know what happened. My apologies.

2. It's October 22. Today is freaking huge. For one, Katy Perry's new album comes out.


 Second, Allegiant comes out. For a second I was going to put up a google image of the book cover, but why don't we just enjoy some more eye candy and stare at Four.

Divergent Theo James as Four
 I tried to think of a good catch phrase but there's no "May the odds be ever in your favor" in this case. Faction before blood!

Ok, granted I haven't enjoyed either yet. I am downloading Katy's new album now. I was going to preview it, but then I just told myself "get real". Like there is any chance I wasn't going to buy it and love it.

I just finished listening to Divergent, and began Insurgent on yesterday's run. I read them both before, but they are so action packed I flew through them and apparently barely comprehended them at all because there's a lot of a surprising information the second time around. Now I am freaking dying to know what happens so I need to finish Insurgent and for some reason tonight I ran with no headphones to decompress after work or something and that was a tremendous mistake.

3. Alright, two solid non - food things, so let's talk about food. I absolutely love Panera. I've eaten there twice in the past 4 days and I have no regrets. It's weird because I am usually one of those annoying "I don't want to eat at a chain!" people, but I could eat Panera every night and never want to stop. I had dinner with my friend there tonight, and got a Pumpkin Spice Latte for dessert. It was so sweet my teeth hurt. Just how I like it.

4. Clearly, no dessert is complete without chocolate. My parents introduced me to this unbelievably good homemade chocolate shop this weekend, and they had some unusual flavor combinations.

It's clearly the kind of thing that either makes you salivate, or throw up in your mouth. I'm the former, and I have a good friend that I knew would agree, so I had to buy us each one. We tried them tonight, and it was life-changingly delicious.

Just the perfect amount of balsamic, and goat cheese.

5. I treated myself to the fancy sleep mask at Target. My old one was all stretched out and letting all sorts of light in. Truly, I suffer. This one has a soft little rest for your eyes at the bottom and when I tried it on at the store, it was a complete black out.

I was so excited about it I wanted to take two pictures to show the front and the back,
but I felt that crossed into the true weirdo category.

6. This happened. And I really didn't see any reason to retype for the blog when a screen shot of my Facebook status would suffice.

If you ever want to feel old, tell a child how phones
used to be connected to a cord, and if you needed to get something
in another room, you had to tell the person to "hold on".

It really is the little things in life.
What little things are rocking your world right now?
What do you eat that causes other people to dry heave?
Edited to add: I'm listening to Katy's new album now, and loving it so far.


  1. Oh! I forgot about Allegiant coming out today! I'm trying not to buy books, so I'm already on the waiting list at the library for it. Who knows when they'll actually get them and process them. It's only $7.00 for the Kindle version...I'm trying to decide if I want to pay for it or wait...

    I was telling a fifth grade group about the cold war yesterday. They asked if it was a cold war because Russia is cold. I had to reflect that that made a strange kind of sense.

  2. Do they make manly eye masks? On a related note, please make Eric model it for any future pictures.

    I don't think I eat anything too gross, but Jeff says my meals of odds and ends are gross because the foods don't "go" together. Whatever, no one else in this house eats leftovers so he should thank me for eating stir fry with a side of pasta bake.

  3. I downloaded Allegiant as soon as I got the email reminder. I can't wait to start it!!

    I gotta say, I love chocolate, but goat cheese and chocolate definitely makes me want to throw up a little.

    Kids these days are so soft. Now I understand why our grandparents were always like "in my day!"

  4. A) Your status on FB had me dying last night!

    B) Allegiant is gonna be awesome! I expect to be done by Friday. No self control for other priorities in my life :)

  5. Those chocolates sound delicious!

    Uh, wine is rocking my world today. Mostly because I left the doc's office yesterday and my friend called...and we drank 1.5 bottles of wine last night. I am too old for that shit. But I have to say, it made me feel better in the moment :)

  6. Oh and my space heater. Because my office is freezing and this tiny box of goodness and warmth is awesome.

  7. I have been pilfering through the previous two books, too. I started on Sunday night and am now halfway through book two. It was so long ago that I read them, I can't even remember what happens (I also have a notoriously bad memory, so that might not be saying much...).

    Glad running is going better!! =). I' headed to Great Falls (MD side) this weekend to do some trail running if you are itching to get some in.

  8. I am listening to Katy Perry, (side note: I prefer to call her Katy Purry), on Spotify right now and loving every minute. It is making my work day more enjoyable for sure. I also laughed out loud at your fb post about the real camera vs. camera phone lesson with your student. Definitely makes me feel old.

    You should also teach them about how if one person wanted to use the internet in the house, no one else could, and no one could make or receive calls either. What do you think of that kiddies?!

  9. I just requested Allegiant from my local library and saw this message: 391 holds on first copy returned of 55 copies. Guess I won't be reading it for a while... but perhaps I need to reread Insurgent. I didn't like it as much as the first book, and couldn't quite understand what happened at the end.

    You were the one who turned me on to this series, so thanks!

    Theo James as Four is hot. Looking forward to the movie.

    As for Panera, I love their mac-n-cheese. They have another pasta dish--Pesto Sacchettini, or some name like that, which is decadently addictive. Give me pasta or give me death!

    As for running, I sort of skip those parts, lol, but it's so great to be able to keep up with you in this way!

  10. Two things I am over the moon for right now are Diet 7up and Girl Scout Samoa flavored creamer. I've been using your cold coffee method for a while now and this just adds the sweetness I love!

  11. I got the "Your order of Allegiant has shipped" e-mail today and I was so excited! I will be hogging it at soon as it comes in. The students can read it when I'm done. :)

  12. Yes! I'm so excited Allegiant is out! I was too tired to read any further than Chapter 1 last night, though. When you start the book you will see how pathetic that is.

    So if that's a picture of Four, then that means there's going to be Divergent movies?? I kind of figured there would be, but hadn't heard anything. They did a good job picking him :)

    Do you like how I essentially clung to one sentence from your entire post and commented only about it?

  13. Wait a second. We already geeked out over you living in Rochester, right? At least...I think it's Rochester. Not sure where else there's a Hedonist chocolates that makes a strawberry balsamic creation....

    Little Things That Are Rocking My World: Living vicariously through blog friends in Rochester, a package that was delivered WITHIN the window the delivery company gave me, an extra hour of sleep this morning, an AWESOME group run last night. Oh, and since we're doing food, too...the broiled mushrooms with goat cheese & balsamic that I made last night. Heaven!


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