Thursday, October 24, 2013

It's 95% on

I've been a little temperamental on running lately, but I feel I can now say with confidence that next month's Stone Mill 50 miler is like 95% on. I've had a solid week of running. 

Mon: 7 miles (no watch)
Tue: 6 miles (9:24 pace)
Wed: 7 miles (no watch)
Thu: 8 miles (9:22 pace)

Ok, not speedy, or particularly impressive mileage, but in terms of how I felt, trust me, it's a world of difference.

Tuesday and Thursday, I did fail at waking up and pushed snooze for approximately an hour and a half, true. But then I actually looked forward to my post-work run all day, which is rare. It's especially rare on cold days, like today. I know 49 degrees isn't cold by any stretch of the imagination, but it's a big drop from how it's been, and I felt cold, and that's all that matters. 

The fact that I'm obsessed with finishing the audio version of Insurgent on my runs so I can read the final book in the trilogy has played no small part in this. I think it's safe to say that without young adult literature, I would probably never have completed an ultra marathon. I saw the last two Twilight movies on opening night mere hours before beginning a 50 mile race. Not only that, but in my first 50 miler, I detailed the plots of every Twilight book to Lily. It killed quite a few miles.

Sounds like an excuse to stare at Four a little more.

Throw knives at me? As long as your throwing hand doesn't obscure your face, sure.
I thought I was finally back to the level it was before the crushing blow of being informed that I look pregnant this summer. I mean, I can handle the daily annoyance of being told my hair looks crazy or that I look tired (ok, not going to lie, that one still infuriates me). But now I have to be subjected to insults in my inbox? And from PayPal? 

Dear PayPal,
I don't appreciate you calling me fat. And by the way, your mother's a whore.

I really need my "I love running!" streak to continue because I have epic plans this weekend. I'm meeting Logan and Kara at Great Falls Park for my last long trail run before Stone Mill!

I can't think of a good question. Would you rather be a werewolf or a vampire?


  1. A vampire for sure, unless I had the option to do Alcide. Then wolf. I'd deal with the endless ripped outfits for him.

    I'm so glad I'm not running for hours in the woods by myself. That would probably result in complete insanity.

  2. You should discontinue use of PayPal and tell all your friends to as well for them sending you that email! On a side note, you should find out who has been using your account to make purchases that would trigger them to send you Lane Bryant coupons.

    I hope I get to do a long run someday with someone who has not read Twilight so that I can detail the entire plot in all four books for them! I would have to read the Divergent Trilogy three or four times to be able to detail that plot, though. There's a lot of stuff going on.

    I would rather be a vampire, duh. Team Edward.

  3. I'd rather be a werewolf. Vampires can't eat garlic.

    1. Clearly you have not read Twilight :) The garlic thing is a myth, just to make humans think they have a sporting chance.

  4. I with Meagan. Who's been using your PayPal account?

    On that note, I actually sorta love using my husband's Amazon account (we share one account, but when we got married, we ended up keeping his) to order my trashy true crime & young adult books for Kindle, my running bras, and my cycling shorts. I giggle every time I think of what Amazon is suggesting that he buy when he logs in!

  5. Definitely a werewolf...if we're talking about the Jacob kind of werewolf. I'd like to be able to control it.

    Yay! I'm glad you're on for the race. i'm jealous of your run this weekend, but at the same time, I'll be in my gloriously warm bed while you guys are up at the crack of dawn, so maybe not that jealous.

  6. I swear, you get the weirdest stuff! And yay for the race! Although, I knew you'd run. You're like a little running machine :)

  7. Wow, way to put the pressure on to have an awesome run this weekend. I really hope the full 5% doesn't hang in the balance.

    I cranked through book two yesterday on my way to work and started the Allegiant on my way home from work. I'm now 150 pages took a lot of getting used to because it's told from both Tris' and Tobias' view points.

  8. Lane Bryant is bad, but wait till store clerks and whoever start asking you if you qualify for the senior discount. That's beyond disheartening, because you can always get thinner (well, always might not be the right word) but you're damned sure not to get any younger.. Ugh.

  9. Yay for the race!!

    I can't believe you guys are coming right to my backyard to run this weekend and I am a gimp. Sad day.

    And I have no idea how to answer your question...neither?

  10. If I choose werewolf, can I have Alcide from True Blood?

  11. Okay. So I started the Divergent series the day you posted this. I finished "Allegiant", last night. Did I mention work full time? And have three children and a husband? And am taking 6 credit hours in college, including horrible horrid Statistics? We won't discuss what did NOT get done this week. The family didn't starve though.


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