Thursday, October 10, 2013

Instead of getting ready for a marathon, I shopped for chocolate

I am completely unprepared for Saturday's marathon. Sure, training-wise, I'm ready to complete it, although not fast. But in terms of logistics - I've done nothing except click on the ten day forecast a few times (it doesn't look good).

I think I've gotten spoiled by small races and now can't handle the thought of dealing with figuring out getting to the expo, parking, bag check, finding people after, what to wear (technically this would still be a concern in a small race), etc. 

Eric had the course maps up the other night so I figured I'd take a look. I checked for a split second and was pretty much like "yeah looks the same". I've ran this marathon twice before, so I get the general idea. Here's the only important information that EVERYONE needs to have.

This will never happen.
The main reason I can't find the time or motivation to care can be summed up in this ecard.

I was confused about why they only included such a short list, but I guess filling the entire ecard with
tiny text isn't as visually appealing.
Like, it took me over 24 hours to check out this buzzfeed about trail running my mom tweeted me (Buzzfeed is her addiction). I still have emails with funny links that I haven't even clicked yet - I truly suffer for the sake of the children. But I did get to go on a field trip and lay on a bed of nails.

Eric's class was canceled tonight, so he was my knight in shining armor and went out in the rain (which is supposed to continue until Sunday) to get our packets. 

Despite all that, I'm still excited. The Baltimore Marathon is my favorite race. Telling people that usually elicits the same reaction as when I tell them I hate dogs. It has a bad rap for being super hilly, but I don't think it's as bad as it's reputation, plus it's just so much fun.

I originally said I was going to run this race as a training run, but secretly planned to run it hard and try for a PR. But now that I've missed a week + with being sick, I can't afford to lose another week of training due to recovery. So I need to actually run it as a training run for Stone Mill. Not the biggest loss, since I can't even remember the last time I did speed work.

I may have been far too busy to dealing with my race, but I wasn't too busy (and never will be) to go to two different stores to find my beloved M&Ms. That's when you know you've reached an unhealthy level of obsession, by the way.

I found a Rite Aid on my way to grad class, and they didn't have them. So I bought two other kinds of Halloween candy to console myself. 

Then as I was leaving class, a magical Walgreens appeared out of nowhere, and they had the goods, plus an extra treat.

I was instagramming before I even bought them.
Side note - there was a gorgeous sunset.
Here was my dessert that night, and my life was complete. No, one bag of M&Ms isn't enough for dessert in my world.

Dessert + snuggie = perfection
I had some questions about the inside of the M&Ms, so I bit one open and took a picture. You're welcome.

White chocolate, mainly.
I tried the red velvet pumpkin tonight, along with the second bag of M&Ms, and it was just as good as you may imagine. And that, my friends, is a little look into what life is like when you put chocolate as your absolute number one priority, above all else. I'll admit there have been times where I've wished I had originally chosen a different blog name. But in times like these, I'm so glad I chose one that gives me license to spend three consecutive posts obsessing about seasonal candy.

I almost just published this without mentioning the ostensible topic of this blog - running. I ran 8 miles yesterday morning. I meant to run 7 this morning, but it didn't happen. I had to put my alarm on silent during the field trip, so it would vibrate when a student needed medication in the Planetarium. I never turned the sound back on, and woke up like 45 minutes late, so the run was bagged. I made it up after work on the treadmill, and got to finally watch the season 2 finale of Buffy Mind. Blown. 

I'm going into the race with 30 weekly miles so far. If I can manage to finish and complete a 4 mile recovery run the next day, I'll finally be at 60 for the week!

Do you find yourself "not having time" for certain things, but always able to fit in others? Like, clean laundry will sit in the basket for an entire week, but I'll somehow manage to fit in 50 miles of running and an entire season of The Office.


  1. yes It take weeks to find time to mow my lawn but runs that can only be done when I have babysitting unlike mowing I allways have time for.

  2. I can always find time to run an extra mile, but sometimes have trouble finding time to stretch. Go figure. :)

    I can always find time for laundry (actually, I love doing laundry), but have trouble finding time to dust.

    I can always find time to go to the gym, but I can't always find time to go for a haircut.

    And those were just the first three that came to mind!

  3. I never have time to get around to folding laundry. It's funny how I'm up to date on the latest viral internet trends though...

    I don't remember Baltimore as a hilly race. Mostly I remember the last 6 miles and how you kept speeding up. That's what stuck with me :)

  4. Ha, oh yeah, especially with my most hated chores :) I have plenty of time to plant tulips and move rock this weekend, but I can't really find the time to put the dishes away or fold laundry. Weird how that works.

  5. Haha, I just read the end of your post to Patrick and was like "this is my life!" I will leave laundry on the couch for DAYS because I hate putting it away, but I always have time for Greys Anatomy.

    Good luck this weekend! Is Eric running the half or the full? Is he ready?

  6. Please feel free to delete this...and I would have emailed you but couldn't figure out how. Have you seen this sight:
    For me, its a "this is crap you should be looking for in the store" site.


  7. Hey now, on Tuesday you promised a guide on how to prepare for a marathon in the days leading up to the race. What is this!? :) But I am glad that you found your M&M's.

  8. OMG Stop introducing me to these delicious chocolate items that I then need to have in my own life. Project wedding is underway (ok not really, but I'm going to tell myself that so that I don't go on an extensive mission to find that red velvet thing)

  9. Can you imagine if walkers actually obeyed that recommendation?? Life would be so much easier. Like the time the guy asked me if I was running a race while he was wearing loafers and cargo shorts and standing at the front of the race start.

  10. If only people actually listened to the idea of only running two across. 3-4 wide seems to be the norm these days.

  11. Chocolate is my energy food! Putting everything aside for it, especially if I’m feeling down, is a-ok in my book. Heh.

    I know what you mean about time management. I somehow manage to wake up early for training week, but can’t seem to get the same flow going when I have to wake up for chores.

    Paul @ VestPac


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