Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Random list Tuesday

1. Yesterday at dismissal, one of my kids asked me if I was a "first, second, third, fourth or what?". I thought for a second it was one of those things the cool kids trick you with, like the Pen 15 club (any other members out there?). But then he clarified that he was asking if I was the first person with my name. He told me his title is "Uncle Jesse Everdeen the 4th". (Names have been changed for privacy). So naturally my response was to yell "Alyssa Lindsey, first of her name" and then get totally distracted thinking of what cool titles I could add after it instead of "mother of dragons", but I had to get refocused before I could think of anything good, because dismissal can get kind of chaotic as it is.

2. I thought that was the highlight of my day, until my mom tweeted me this. I don't remember the last time I read something that had me laughing so hard. Tears were streaming down my face. It's officially in the top ten for the entire internet.


3. For a Monday, yesterday actually had some good stuff. I had a late night (7:30-9:30) meeting at my second job. No offense to anyone hosting it, but that wasn't the good part (and if anyone reading has ever been to an enjoyable meeting, please let me know asap how this unheard of phenomenon occurred). After one of those fun days at work where you spend the entire day so stressed you want to vomit, I randomly texted my friend to see if she could meet to run downtown before my meeting. (Side note - I had to run at night because said stress prevented me from sleeping the night before). We met for a nice, cool 7 mile run, and got to catch up for the first time in months. I did another 2.1 after while staring at a gorgeous sunset, and felt like a new person. This was absolutely the first run where I'd felt normal in over a week.

4. I ran 6 miles this morning. I had low hopes for a 5am run after getting home around 10pm the night before, but it was actually great. That was thanks in no small part to listening to Divergent on audiobook. I read it before, but I needed a refresher before the third book comes out this month!

5. I appreciate all the responses on my quest for more white chocolate candy corn M&Ms. I did see them at Target, but they only had the big bag, and my damn lack of willpower meant that would only last a night and end in heartache. I desperately wanted some tonight, and went to Safeway. Huge mistake. They have some sort of beef with Halloween and didn't even have regular candy corn, and I was stuck with a Caramello. The worst part was, there were some out there, just waiting for me to devour them. 


At least one member of the Miller clan (my sister - Miller was my maiden name - fun fact right?) got to enjoy them.  

I'll expect my kickback any day now, M&Ms.

6. On a related note, you may all be relieved to know that I have already placed my girl scout cookie order and have not repeated last year's mistake. I will be receiving Thin Mints and will never again try a new type of cookie (although what's up with Samoas now being called Caramel D'Lites or something weird like that?). I'll admit though, after placing my order, I did kind of regret it. Last year I blogged about how pissed I was that I didn't get Thin Mints and I had THREE amazing people go out of their way to give me a box (thanks Dan, Kristin, and mom!). 
7. Coming next on the blog - how to prepare when you have a marathon in 4 days (which I do). Aside from the obvious tips I've already shared, like obsess over candy and cookies and fail at adequate sleep. Just kidding, I'm in no way prepared for this race/overpriced training run.
You know, my blog doesn't always live up to it's name, but in today's post, it just may have.
What awesome title would you give yourself? I'm thinking something like "Alyssa Lindsey, true heir to the Iron Throne,slayer of chocolate, defender of Twilight, champion of sleep", off the top of my head. If this means nothing to you, seriously, get with the program.
Just in case - favorite seasonal candy? Mine is either candy corn or Cadbury Cream Eggs.


  1. I like candy corn, but only the white parts. I'm notorious for biting off the white top and putting the rest back in the bowl. Obnoxious, I know :) I have a serious problem with gummy candies though-- like licorice, swedish fish, gummy bears. I plow through bags like no tomorrow.

  2. When I saw the Slayer of Chocolate thing on facebook, I totally expected Buffy talk. I read this whole thing waiting for Buffy. There was no Buffy.

    Alyssa Lindsey, First of her Name, Cold Born, Mother to the People, LIAR ABOUT BUFFY

  3. Oh so I also saw Halloween cadbury eggs with green in the middle. Almost grabbed you one, but they looked pretty unappealing. Let me know.

  4. Regarding the Girl Scout cookie names, the name of the cookie depends on the baker/distributor. At least in the '80s and '90s, there were two main bakers that GS used (ABC and Little Brownie Baker), with each council making it's contract with one or the other. While some cookies had the same name at each baker (Thin Mints), some had different names despite being the same cookie (Samoa/Caramel Delites and Tagalongs/Peanut Butter Patties).

    Yeah, I've been around a lot of GS cookies in my life...(my mom was the service unit distributor for many years, so our two car garage would be crammed full of cases of cookies)

  5. I don't understand these white chocolate candy corn m&ms....are there candy corn pieces in the middle, like a peanut m&m? I'm confused.

    I don't really do candy, but I love baked pumpkin things, and anything chocolate.

  6. Mike told me that if we have a kid and it's born during a storm, it's middle name WILL be "Stormborn."

    I'm with Ashley. i need more information on these candy corn m&ms.

    They changed the name of Samoas????

  7. Mmmm... Thin Mints! Best cookie in the history of humanity. Only cookie I can't stop eating till the box is empty.

  8. My mom works for the local Girl Scout council, and she tried to give me several boxes of leftover cookies that were almost at their expiration date. Sadly, no mints. Even with an "in" you have to wait for the best ones!

  9. Tie between mellowcreme pumpkins and cadbury eggs...I also really like those Russell Stover choco covered eggs available around Easter (filled with various sorts of cream)


  10. Can't stop eating those. Eating them as I type this.. actually..

  11. In the name of reserach I need to find some of the candy corn M&Ms, because I can't acurattly answer your question. But, unless those are life changing, my favorite candy is the mini Cadbury eggs. I don't like regular Cadbury cream eggs, but the mini are so so delicous.

  12. Marshmallow eggs at Easter, no question!!!

    [Preferably white marshmallow - NOTHING PINK - and dark chocolate.]

  13. Hahaha way to combine Full House with Hunger Games to protect privacy! :)

    I hope you find yourself some candy corn M&M's soon! I need to find a Girl Scout so that I can place my cookie order. Last year, no one came by our house to try and sell us some (we had only been here a few months at that point). However, no one had any problem begging for candy on our doorstep on Halloween. Honestly, I didn't mind. The kids were cute and it was fun. We lived on a farm before now and never got any trick or treaters.

    Favorite seasonal candy- the pumpkin-shaped candy corn and Peeps

  14. You can never go wrong with ordering several boxes of Thin Mints. Favorite seasonal candy-anything really. If it's candy or chocolate and in our house it will disappear. This year we aren't buying Halloween candy until the day of so Allan doesn't eat it.


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