Sunday, October 6, 2013

From one vampire to the next

I jinxed myself in Thursday's post, bragging about my pre-5am wakeups all week. Friday I turned off the alarm and slept till 7. However, it ended up working out for me. It was almost 90 degrees when I left work, and clearly that meant I had no choice but to run on the treadmill, which meant more Buffy. I have one more episode in season 2, and I'm getting really addicted. I ran 10 miles, or as I like to think of it, two episodes, at about a 9 min/mile pace.
I went directly from one vampire obsession to another. It was the night of our third annual Twilight slumber party. I actually came pretty close to being banned, since I couldn't find my puffy painted Team Edward shirt.
My saving grace was duct tape, sharpie, and the fact that I have the hookup to all the DVDs.
Casi asked the difference between Angel and Edward (besides the obvious hotness factor for Angel). I told her "he has real repercussions in the sunlight - like, he doesn't just sparkle".

If you know me in real life or through this blog at all, you can probably guess that I was pretty excited, since this night has all the makings to be my favorite type of evening. I only had to interact with members of the select group of adults I actually like, the attire was pajamas, there was tons of good food, the entertainment was clearly of the highest caliber, and being in bed early was encouraged.

I'm getting pretty sick and tired of people telling me this means I'm old. Casi and I started having sleepovers at age 13, and we're still going strong at 30. Carolyn brought in one of her high school traditions - matching pajamas.

These are gifts she brought us FROM THE ACTUAL TOWN OF FORKS.
Lastly, if you've ever attended a Twilight premier (I've attended 5 - just saying), you'll know that the average age is like 14. So I don't need any more comments about how old I am. Actually I do, because  have a lot more thoughts and feelings to share on that matter, but I'll save it for another post. I don't have a lot of content, so I can't waste that stuff when I actually have pictures and activities to talk about.

The annual Twilight sleepovers began as a way for us to prepare for the new movies coming out. The last one was released last year, but we didn't see any reason to abandon such a great tradition. Still, not having a deadline, we didn't attack with quite as much vigor this time around. We actually only made it through 1.5 movies before someone (me) fell asleep. That's ok though, it's just an excuse for a part 2.
I didn't even make it to topless Jacob.
Saturday was my rest day. I had to work 10-4 and I was exhausted from so much vampire drama. I have a project/paper due Wednesday, so I had big plans to go grocery shopping immediately after work, then get cracking on grad school.

Shockingly, I failed. I got tired on the way home, and decided to just "lay down for a few minutes", like maybe from 4:30-5pm. As you may imagine, I didn't actually leave the bed until morning. I still could have done some reading, but it was one of those times where I suddenly needed to look at EVERYTHING on the internet instead.

Sunday was another lovely 5am wakeup call. I met Lily and we drove down to Rosaryville to meet up with my fellow blogger Logan for some trail running.

We had intentions of doing 15 miles, which would bring me to 60 for the week.
The first 5 or so passed quickly in the usual fun of getting to know blog friends in person. (I don't hate meeting new people,  I just hate meeting new people I haven't been emailing with/reading about their life for months). At this point in my blogging career, I feel I've gotten pretty good at assessing personalities through email and I knew I'd love Logan, and I was right.
So, I decided to make a complete fool of myself. First, I needed to make a pit stop around mile 4 - nothing unusual after chugging some coffee on the hour long drive down. I told them to keep going. The trail is usually crowded with runners and mountain bikers, but we hadn't seen a single other person in nearly an hour. I'd been leading, and based on the amount of spider webs I'd run through (something like one every 9 seconds), I felt it was safe to assume the trail was deserted.
Let's just say I didn't apply my normal discretion in tree choice, and a couple of mountain bikers got more than they bargained for on their ride.
I kept going, but I was starting to feel really sick. Nothing I couldn't have pushed through, but I let paranoia win out because last month, I ignored symptoms at Rosaryville, and ended up with a week long fever and missed three days of work. I couldn't even afford to lose today, since I'd waited until the last minute to do my paper.
I wimped out and told them to go ahead. They are both super nice so they insisted that it was fine and just let me set the pace. I tried that for a bit but it was pretty clear to me that I was going to do more walking than running. I can handle that, but not the guilt and shame of ruining other people's runs! I was so relieved when they went ahead to finish strong. I spent the next few miles in an endless cycle: run until I felt too sick, walk, feel better, think "yay I can run again, it was just temporary!" then immediately start feeling like crap until I had to walk. I tried to use it as an opportunity to practice my power walking, which I always say I'm going to do during ultra training then never bother.
Plus, I had time to take this picture.
After 9 miles I was back to the parking lot, never so happy to see my car. Pathetic by any standards and I felt terrible for making them both come all the way out for a single digit run, but not terrible enough to stay there one second longer. I'm pretty sad about it now since I love Rosaryville and I only have like 54 miles this week, but life is tough. I cheered up by watching this video.
Also, the humidity was 98% when we began and the temperature was 90 on the way home. Just saying.
The day wasn't completely shot. It was $1 day at a frozen yogurt shop - they don't even weigh it! Believe me when I say I've had this on the calendar for months. I'm not usually a dessert for dinner person - I'm more of a dinner and dessert person. But tonight, when I climbed into bed at 5:00pm with my froyo, it just felt right.
Favorite vampire/superhero/guilty pleasure in general?
On a bad run, do you want your friends to go on ahead or help you through your misery? I generally want as much pity as possible for anything else in life, but the only thing that makes a bad run or race worse is the knowledge that you are ruining someone else's run/race. I'd much rather suffer alone!



  1. I love your Team Edward shirts! I have my very own homemade puffy paint "Team Edward" shirt with my favorite quote from the first book on the back. My best friend and I made them for the first movie premiere. Unfortunately we're no longer friends because once shirtless Jacob came along she switched to "Team Jacob." Just kidding... we're still friends. But not kidding about her switching teams.

    I totally forgot about Buffy until you mentioned it recently. I had a friend growing up who loved that show and we watched the first 5 or so seasons. She had the first few seasons (on VHS I think, pretty sure it was pre-DVD) and we would have Buffy marathons.

    Sorry to hear about your tough run. Glad you got to run with Logan, though! On a bad run with someone I don't know really well I would want them to go on. But with my long run buddy I don't mind company. It's mainly a guilt thing and I hate to bring someone else down. But my friend Kim and I have been running together long enough that both of us have had several bad days and we always stick together.

  2. I'm convinced that one day when I buy a treadmill, I'll finally watch Buffy. The way I see it, that's the only way I'll check out that series.

  3. I suppose it depends on the other person/people's intention for the day, and the goal of her/their run.

    For example, sometimes I go out for a run with someone so that I can get my run in with company. If the other person is having a bad day - I still want to get my workout in, and would want to be free to split. BUT, sometimes I go out with the sole purpose/intention of getting some "bonus miles" while keeping someone (friend, husband, etc.) company. If that's the case, then I'll do whatever the other person wants/needs.

    So, in reverse - if everyone else is also out for a serious workout, I'd want them to go ahead (as long as I wasn't feeling unsafely unwell). However, if they were there to keep me company, or to meet/hang out, then I wouldn't mind sticking together for whatever the day brought.

    Also, don't listen to other people when they tell you what "age" you are. Who the freak cares. It's your life. If you want to watch vampire movies, sleep early, and get up to run 20 miles, DO IT, and don't think twice. [Note: I ran a 50K on Saturday. On Saturday night, we went to a friend's place for a BBQ. If we hadn't left when we did, I was set to curl up on the chaise and go to sleep. Seriously.]

  4. I posted that video on Facebook last week and LOVE it. It's perfect. I hate when I find out a real person reads my blog. I don't pimp it out and try to avoid talking about it IRL because I share too much so of course if someone wants to meet me because of my blog, I get all nervous.

    Your long run reminds me of my marathon last year. That's exactly what I did the entire day. Run until I thought I might puke and then walk until it went away only to do that all over again and again and again.

  5. On a bad run, I just want to give up and lay in someone's lawn, so I definitely don't want anyone to witness that. I would have told them to leave me to die.

  6. I read the Twilight books due to them being such a hot trend, but I can't say they did much for me. I still haven't gotten around to seeing the last movie. I doubt that I'd have seen any of them if not for friends.
    Buffy and Angel, on the other hand, I did love. And True Blood. There's something about parodying vampires versus taking them seriously that attracts me. I can't find a dramatic side to them, but if the shows about them have some fun with the concept of vampires, I'm in.

  7. Ugh what a crappy run. I'm with you....I can suffer through my own misery, but I don't want anyone there to witness it, and I don't want to ruin anyone else's workout! As long as I'm not actually DYING, people should go on ahead. I'll catch up...or take a secret shortcut back to the car. :)

  8. You know that I, like your husband, much prefer the Harry Potter series over Twilight.

  9. Rosaryville has seen a few crappy runs from me and Rosaryville cyclists have seen more of me than they wanted, so I feel your pain.

    Those "Bite Me" shorts made me actually laugh out loud. Kudos. :)


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