Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A valuable life lesson, from me to you

June is my birthday month, and birthdays are a good time to reflect on your life. I think I am going to list staying out until 3:30am for my sister's bachlorette party while pregnant as one of my most impressive accomplishments. 

It was actually even more challenging than it sounds, in some ways. Let's take a look at the timeline.

Friday, 4:30pm: My BFF Casi and I drive from Baltimore to Rochester, NY.

I'm not good at geography. I like when bloggers include maps.
Here's how we looked on the drive - happy, fresh, and beautiful.

Friday, 10:30 pm: Arrive at my mom's house.
Friday, 10:30pm - 12am: Cook/prep for the shower.
Friday, 12am: Pass out. My mom and stepfather stayed up and cooked until THREE AM. Rockstars.

Saturday, 7:30am: Wake up. Actually that's a pretty impressive amount of sleep. I guess I have nothing to complain about, but I felt tired.
Saturday, 9am-12pm: Prep for shower at my sister's house. 
Saturday, 10am: My nephew gives me a hug. I hide in the bathroom and cry with joy because hormones. Crying now. 
Saturday, 12 - 3pm: Bridal shower! Let's look at all the adorable decorations and delicious food. My mom gets full credit for all of it. You might not care, but I do, and it's wedding season anyway, so someone must have a shower to plan.

The genius mastermind, as well as the bride and maid of honor (me).


Fruit salad, in a watermelon, IN AN ANT. 
Yes please. All homemade.
I want one right now.
 Unpictured: Blood orange lemonade, rhubarb lemonade, homemade iced coffee, and a million other things I want back in my mouth.

I've only ever played this game (shared by grandma)  at my own bridal shower, but trust me, it's way better than most stupid games you'll play at bridal showers. You spread cotton balls on the floor, blindfold people, and see who can scoop the most into a bowl using a spatula. Actually, it sounds like a pretty hilarious game for any gathering, especially one serving alcohol.

The bride
 Saturday, 3-6pm: Clean up from the shower, and reconvene at a hotel downtown to change into our wild bachlorette party outfits
Saturday, 6-9pm: Dinner - at the Wegmans restaurant! Best choice ever - we got a private room with couches and music and stuff (we just reserved it, no extra charge). 

Plus a disco ball (my mom wanted to comment this picture but blogger doesn't allow that. Yet.)

It was perfect for everyone to hang out and not worry about that awkward situation at a long table where you get seated next to someone you barely know that wants to tell you their boring life history. Everyone could mingle and hang out. Plus, it was perfect for our special event.

Personalized Cards Against Humanity

We created our own deck all about the bride, and it was a HUGE hit. I highly recommend it for anyone planning any sort of event centered around another person. We used this site

Saturday, 9pm: The limo arrives

 Saturday, 9pm - Sunday 3am: Debauchery, including dancing and wearing heels the whole time (that's just to brag about my accomplishments further).

My old college hangout. This was a different way to experience it. #Geneseo
Sunday, 8am: Wake up. I don't know why.
Sunday, 1-7pm: Drive back to Baltimore 

All in all, fairly busy, and I stayed awake the entire time, even on the drives (Casi did all the driving, love her). I've tried to think of a non - afterschool special way to say this, but there really isn't one. I had SO much fun, I didn't miss drinking at all (especially not Sunday morning). It works out pretty well that my 
sister has awesome friends, both in terms of helping me put together the party and being fun to hang out with while I'm sober. So, there's your life lesson: you CAN have fun even if you don't drink. That's a gift from me to you. I don't plan on adding bars to the regular pregnancy activity rotation, though. I'm happy to return to Saturday nights with the couch.

What's the stupidest shower game you've ever played? The one where someone smashes candy bars in diapers and you have to guess the type of candy. Full disclosure: I've never actually played this (obviously I'm not going to throw a shower I've attended under the bus on my own blog, but you should).

Edited to add: Happy National Running Day! I didn't run, because it's getting on my nerves lately.


  1. Why is that a shower game? That is hilarious.

    Also, personalized cah sounds amazing!! You guys killed it for the weekend.

    1. It's a common one I think, at least according to Google!

  2. Any chance you can share the recipe for those cupcakes? I am obsessed with lemon flavored desserts!

    Personalized Cards Against Humanity is a genius idea for a shower.

  3. Personalized cards against humanity?! That is brilliant!

  4. I'm super impressed you stayed awake and wore heels all night!
    Personalized CAH is brilliant and I might have to steal that idea.
    A dumb shower game my MIL always made us play (except me because I usually refused to play shower games and took pictures instead) was putting a paper plate on your head and trying to draw a baby on it without being able to see what you are doing.

    1. Yeah that's the kind that is a waste of time in my book.

  5. I cant believe you managed to stay awake for so long! I'm not pregnant and your schedule makes me want to take a nap! Your family is the cutest, and it sounds like you had a really fun weekend.

    I avoid stupid shower games at all cost, so I can't even come up with one. But most of them are horrible.

  6. I've played the smashed candy bar game and it is HILARIOUS, especially when it's a co-ed shower.

  7. Anonymous StepfatherJune 5, 2014 at 10:40 PM

    I also set a new record: I'd never grilled at 7:45 AM before.

  8. I doubt this "fun without alcohol" claim. But since I will most likely be child-free all my life, I may never know.
    Dumbest game: whoever can chug a beer the fastest through a bottle. MAN that game takes a long time.
    Also, gimme one of those cupcakes.


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