Sunday, June 8, 2014

I like to double down on sugar

Last weekend was a insanely fun, but also insanely busy, so I was ready to get back to my usual habits of spending my weekends with my husband, fictional characters, and possibly members of a very select group of people I bestow the honor of calling my friends.

Friday night we took in some theater.

This was put on by Eric's students, and it was pretty impressive, plus quite a bargain, as far as musical theater productions go. I could have gone for an air conditioned performance with possibly an upgrade from folding chairs, but life's not perfect.

Date night. Or something.

On the way there, Eric asked me if I wanted to get froyo after. I'm not sure why he felt he needed to ask me, like there was a possibility of me saying no. I had planned to eat my free National Donut Day donut for dessert, but this allowed me to save it for breakfast and double down on the sugar.

Somehow we've never been to this place ACROSS THE STREET with homemade chocolate dipped waffle cones.
On Saturday, I had plans to attend another free 8am boot camp downtown. But you know what's better than boot camp? Sleeping. I slept for a good 12 hours, until 10am. No regrets.
A significantly better start to my day
Then it really seemed best to just abandon the idea of exercise entirely. Eric and I went for a hot 2 mile walk to avoid bedsores. My fingers swelled to ten times their normal size and I couldn't enter it in daily mile for like 30 minutes because they were numb. Good times. I see a lot of treadmill walks in my future.
Saturday night, I engaged in an activity that I rarely do and generally feel opposed to: I watched a movie. In the theater. What's really shocking is that I didn't pee the entire time, probably because I cried it all out.
My friend Kristin and I both read the book and loved the movie. I highly recommend everyone go see it immediately. I realize I have probably tarnished my movie recommendation reputation by seeing only teen movie sensations and no other films for like the last six years, but seriously, this was good. It did fit my qualifications of being based on a YA novel, but it's no Twilight. I was constantly simultaneously sobbing and laughing out loud. And that's my impressive movie review. See it.
That will most likely be the last movie I see in 2014, although Eric and I really want to see The Maze Runner, which comes out 4 days before my due date. We'll play that one by ear.
On Sunday, I really wanted to just give in to my exhaustion and aching joints (side note - I tried to explain Relaxin to Eric, and he was convinced it was really the name of a date rape drug) and not move all day. I forced myself to go to the YMCA and do a weight lifting class. I've been doing a lot more "weight lifting" since running has gotten so uncomfortable. I put quotes because, does it count as weight lifting if it's a class or a DVD using 5lb hand weights? Anyway, it's hard to get used to workouts that don't result in being soaked in sweat counting as real workouts, even though my muscles are on fire.
The rest of the day was spent baking, doing grad work, and reading American Wife by the pool. Glorious.
Probably the most exciting event of this weekend was paying my LAST grad school tuition bill. Although it's not the last fee I'll have to pay to keep my job, it was still pretty exciting. Just 5 more weeks until I'm finally done with my master's degree.
What's your favorite type of theater? I'd take a Broadway musical over seeing a movie any day. Too bad that's not the most fiscally responsible choice.



  1. Um you will definitely be seeing another movie in 2014 because Mockingjay pt 1 comes out in November, baby be damned.

    1. I would say something sarcastic about how of course I'll totally leave my 8 week old for Katniss but the mommy police truly frighten me.

  2. I hate to break it to you but you probably won't see any movies in 2015 either.

    1. I don't think I'll miss it too much. But I really will come watch Harper so you can see The Fault in our Stars!

  3. I call what I do at the gym strength training and I use 3lb weights. #noshame

    Does that Divergent chick keep that oxygen tube in her nose for the whole movie? That was really distracting me for the preview.

  4. Relaxin would be the perfect name for a date rape drug.

    Mike was sad that Spider-Man came out right before my due date, but Leif was nice enough to come afterwards...maybe you'll get "lucky" too.

  5. I totally didn't know Maze Runner was coming out this year! Pretty psyched for that. As for theater, I love the ballet! I'm trying to convince Will that we should get season tickets next season!

  6. I just don't get movies in a movie theater. I feel like every movie we've seen in theater for the last year or two has sucked and it's so expensive anymore! I prefer to watch movies on my couch, in my pj's. I do love me some Broadway musicals though...I will put on real pants for that!

  7. I loved Fault in Our Stars too. AND my husband liked it. Who is he? I don't know. But I was secretly delighted when I heard him giggle at all the jokes. I forgot tissues and used the inside of my shirt, which was a bad idea since the whole bottom half was soaked with snot at the end.

    I'm currently applying to a masters program. It's gonna take me 5 years since I work full time which is a little disheartening.

    1. Mine took me four years on top of working full time. I thought that sounded like forever when I signed up but now the end is near! You can do it!

  8. I rarely go to the theater anymore. movies just aren't that great anymore. And I'd rather $1 redbox it a few months later. That being said, I feel like a cold hearted lifeless beeyotch because I was "meh" about the fault in our stars book. I didn't even shed a tear. I suck

  9. I bought The Fault in Our Stars on my kindle a while back, not knowing it was a YA novel until I got into it. Something struck me as being YAish about it, maybe the teenagers were just a little too clever to be teenagers or something. But I still cried like a little beeyotch. :)


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