Sunday, June 22, 2014

Out of season candy and hormonal rage meltdowns

I really want to be in my bed right now, but I have to stay up until my Pioneer Woman iced coffee is done "brewing". First world pain, life is so hard. Especially since I have to be out of the house by like 11:30am tomorrow for a bridesmaid dress alteration appointment. It's tough being me.

This weekend I had big birthday plans. A girls night with my two BFFs, although technically one guy was invited.

Of the three of us, we had one breastfeeding a four week old, and one prego, so it was certainly a wild night. #birthdaysinyour30s We even went on a walk!

I had been fooling myself that my strength training workouts were preparing me for baby holding. So wrong.

I really don't think my hormones have been THAT out of control so far, but I suffered a serious rage stroke before our birthday celebration Saturday night. First of all, I was making my friend dairy free cookies, because apparently everyone who nurses now has to give up dairy, which is traumatic for me to think about. Eric forgot to take them out of the oven when I asked him to. My level of anger was more at the level of finding out he was cheating on me with my sister than finding out he made a simple mistake completely by accident.

Somewhere deep inside, I knew that I was being irrational, so I tried just quarantining myself in another room to calm down while I prepared for the evening. Our major wild plans were to get takeout from this place with amazing burgers and out of this world duck fat fries. I called the restaurant to place the order, and was informed that they didn't do phone orders, because they "didn't have the software".

This was where I nearly had a complete meltdown. I was somehow able to take phone orders at a restaurant at age 16, using the sophisticated software system of "paper and pen". It was actually pretty similar to taking order in person, except for that tricky part of holding the phone AND writing the order down. I'd also like to point out that it was 3pm, so it wasn't like I was bothering them with trying to give them our business in the middle of dinner hour.

I managed to calm myself down enough to keep my marriage intact and not get banned from any establishments. (So appropriate - the episode of Full House where Becky is pregnant and gets so mad that Jesse doesn't get her chips with ridges is on RIGHT NOW.)We reinvested our duck fat fry money toward falafel and all was well.

I got some awesome birthday gifts this year, but most notable was the fact that Carolyn is not only caring for an infant, but also found one of my favorite candies, Peeps, in JUNE. Unheard of.

Try not to be too jealous, but my exciting weekend didn't end there. I went through the many baby clothes we've generously received as gifts and hand-me-downs, and organized them by size. We also made an important purchase.

The car seat

We now, technically, are able to bring a baby home. At least in terms of possessing the equipment to legally transport one. Actually caring for him.... that's another story.

I also continued to read my breastfeeding book this weekend. It seems to have pretty solid advice (not like I would know, but seems scientific), or at least it did, until the chapter on what to do if the baby doesn't latch in the hospital. In addition to the normal suggestions, it said to lick the baby. LICK THE BABY. Like mammals in the wild do to their young. It didn't specify where to lick him.

What was the last incident that filled you with uncalled for rage?


  1. Whenever I see you, will will receive another gift of out-of-season candy!

  2. Ha this was me last week and I don't have a pregnancy as a reason! I was in such a MOOD and poor Will was like, "WHAT?!" Friday was his last night before leaving and he ended up having to work through a large chunk of it to hit his Backpacker deadlines before leaving. For some reason, that irrationally irritated me and I threw a fit. I'm such a treat :)

  3. I'm sure my last rage filled moment was due to someone driving like an idiot. Now when someone cuts me off or drives reckless I assume they are trying to kill my baby, so I flip out.

  4. Lick the baby?!! That is a new one to me. I can assure you I did not lick either of my babies and they turned out just fine.
    My last irrational rage hmmmm, might have been when I just got the house cleaned up my husband walked through the mud room, dining room and kitchen in muddy boots.

  5. Lick him if he won't suck your boob? That sound more like spice-up-your-sex-life advice than it does breastfeeding advice.

  6. Lick the baby? Where? Why?

    Ragey? Um, I don't know...I get really ragey about stuff for about a minute or two, rant, then it's over. It happens a lot, but I have ZERO grudge-holding ability, so it never lasts.

    I am starting to get a little ragey right now because there is no ice cream in the house :( What sort of Monday is this??

  7. Licking the baby is a new one for me. I'll have to ask my sister if she read about that craziness.

    I'm pretty sure I flew off the handle at Allan for not taking out the trash last week. He's a patient man to put up with me when I'm mad but I put up with his love of video games so I guess it's a fair trade most days.

  8. I can't say anything about licking the baby, except that adult mammals groom their young by licking. Didn't know this was a feeding trigger, though.

    Rage? I get filled with rage when I'm trying to WALK SOMEWHERE (like, on city streets or through the subway), and everyone has noses-in-phone, walking-at-snail-pace syndrome. I thought this was bad in the US, but seriously - Singaporeans take the cake. For a society that is allegedly competitive and fast-paced (professionally, it is!), folks simply MEANDER about their daily lives. Come on, folks, GOOOOO!

    *end rage*

    [Funny, the posts that will prompt me to comment after a long, long blog reading-not-commenting-anywhere silence...]


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