Thursday, June 5, 2014

Pregnancy deprivation

Finally, some weekend plans that once again require me to hydrate in advance. I'm seeing The Fault in our Stars with my work bestie Kristin on Saturday. We're going to bring a box of tissues each. If you've read the book, you know that has nothing to do with pregnancy hormones, its just the saddest story of all time. It makes Stepmom look uplifting. It's going to be awesome.

In further exciting news about Kristin, she's the first person to see the baby kick. Staring at my stomach is now occupies about 57% of my time, and I can see a lot of tiny movements. She saw one of the major ones at work yesterday! I'm starting to think I'm in trouble once this kid weighs more than a pound, because he already seems pretty strong to me. This morning, he woke me up with what I swear had to be dancing. I love it so much. He continues to stop as soon as I call Eric over. Maybe I need to whisper?

There are only 7 school days left (and two are half days), or as I like to think of it, 7 days until I am free to pee any time I please. Which, incidentally, is every single second of my life. I was in a really good phase where my bladder seemed unaffected by a child on top of it, but that's over now. Everyone at work is seriously amazing with jumping in and watching my class so I can go, but the problem is they all have their own jobs to do and are sometimes unavailable.

I said yesterday that I didn't mind avoiding alcohol at my sister's bachelorette party at all this weekend, and I meant it. But of course, the universe took that to mean I needed to be hit hard with some pregnancy deprivation. Challenge accepted.

I had grilled chicken leftover from the slider bar at my sister's bridal shower Saturday, so I was all excited for us to have buffalo chicken sliders for dinner this week. I had to do a little grocery shopping, so I got some blue cheese. I'm a major cheese snob. I don't buy fat free, low fat, pre-sliced, pre-shredded, and usually I only buy it from the cheese shop, not the dairy section (fellow Wegmans shoppers know what I mean).

Before the mommy police break out the tasers and nightsticks for my blue cheese purchase, let me explain. According to my research, which has been extensive and started way before I even considered getting pregnant, because it's THAT important to me, pregnant women need to avoid unpasteurized cheeses. So for all those, like young me, who want children yet can't live without soft cheeses, you have nothing to fear. Go to the grocery store and try to find an unpasteurized cheese. They're pretty rare in my experience, at least here in the good old USA.

Since I do prefer my cheese fancy and pretentious and expensive, I've been pretty diligent with checking labels. But of course, on Tuesday I hit Trader Joes in the post work starving/tired/dying to get home state. When I actually did get home, I was just about to complete my slider after bathing my chicken in Frank's Red Hot.... and the freaking cheese was made from raw milk. DENIED.

I went right back to Trader Joes the next day to return the cheese, because I'm NOT about to just throw three dollars and fifty cents down the drain like some dumb sucker. While I was there I exchanged it for another, more expensive, pasteurized blue cheese, and was hungry after work again, so I bought like $12 worth of other stuff, so I still ended up in the red financially after all.

Contrary to what that story may have you believe, the week wasn't all pain and suffering. We got to meet this guy.

Some people wondered if this made me excited for September. UM HELL YES.

My BFF Carolyn had her precious baby boy, Nathan, two weeks ago. SO TINY AND PRECIOUS. I can't even stand it. Meeting a baby when you have one inside you is a horse of a different color.

Then, obviously, this was a highlight.

Please tell me someone else caught the hilarious/major foreshadowing Littlefinger quote. I actually laughed out loud. I just taught a lesson on foreshadowing so maybe it's just on my radar.

Only two episodes left. I can't even deal. On the bright side, Orange is the New Black season 2 comes out tomorrow.

What's your favorite kind of cheese? I swear this isn't a crap question, I really like talking about cheese.



  1. Seeing little baby Lindsey kick was the HIGHLIGHT of my week!!! Maybe he will make another appearance during he grueling "Test that shall not be named" tomorrow! Oh and BTW I was telling Grace about TFIOS and started tearing up- we are doomed! As for cheese- I love me some feta!!! Extra Sharp Cheddar and the ever so gross Wispride Port Wine cheese in a tub is also great!!

  2. Yes - sometimes even though I'm a snob, I LOVE some cheapo cheese - movie theater nachos - YES.

  3. Manchego! Followed by not-funky brie, soft/salty blue, and fresh mozz. Cheese is awesome.

  4. You like cheese almost as much as Buffy.

    I wear the cheese. It does not wear me.

    Favorite type of cheese? Um...cheddar? I also like gouda. I don't do blue cheese, but I have a thing about tangy dairy. Basically, I'm nuts.

  5. Anonymous StepfatherJune 5, 2014 at 11:12 PM

    I kind of like 80's pop music...oh wait, that's CHEESY. Favorite cheese? Extra, extra, extra sharp cheddar from the Public Market. So tangy and good.

    And you should have sent Eric to Safeway for some emergency chunky blue cheese dressing, I wouldn't have eaten the wings with out blue cheese.

    1. It wasn't wings, it was a piece of grilled chicken on a slider bun. Eric wasn't home and my cheese snobbishness means I wanted legit blue cheese, not dressing!

  6. Have you had raclette? pure heaven

  7. You can't taunt me with buffalo chicken slides and NOT post a recipe!! :(

    Cheese? I love cheese. There is a cheese shop in Falls Church that sells truffled gouda. Gouda with shaved truffles. OMG so good. They do free tastings on Fridays, so I like to stop on my way home.

    1. Sorry, no recipe! A piece of grilled chicken on a bun, douse in franks red hot, and put on a slice of blue cheese, or if you're me, buy the wrong kind and then just eat the chicken with red hot.

  8. I love cheese, not sure I have a favorite. I love a smoky cheddar with a glass of wine. I used to love feeling my babies move in my belly. That may be the only thing I really miss about being pregnant. I know I don't miss the constipation!

  9. I'm kinda addicted to goat cheese-- yum! And I was home sick yesterday and finally caught up on the last three GoT episodes. Oh man, that battle scene destroyed me!

  10. Oh God I love cheese. I think I'll eat any kind of cheese except the ones with chucks of jalapeno in them because I hate peppers.

  11. Cheese lists! This changes but my top five are: Wensleydale, Gubbeen, Beaufort, Taleggio, and Brindamour. And now I'm hungry!....

  12. Goat cheese - I can't believe the first time I had it was only a year and a half ago. I feel like I cheated myself out of yummy goodness prior to this. Have you watched the BBC cop drama, "Luther"? I inhaled the two (now three!) seasons of it. It's great - just a suggestion if you are looking.


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