Thursday, June 12, 2014

Baby registry: it's happening right now

Only two more half days of school before summer break! Here's a funny ecard.

OBVIOUSLY this is just a joke and not really true at all. Reasons include, but are not limited to:

1. My classroom averages 85 degrees and wearing a cardigan would mean certain death.
2. Chalk is so 2006. Now we have smartboards.
3. No margaritas for me until summer 2015.

Today was a big day in my life. I finally created a baby registry at 25 weeks pregnant (is this early/late/normal? I don't know). I didn't go anywhere and use the code scanner gun or anything because that would be work and involve wearing real pants and being around people. But I do have amazing mom friends who emailed me amazon links to all the necessary baby products so I clicked some buttons and now those things are all on my registry. I had saved a few things along the way to my amazon wish list, because this whole thing still seemed pretty crazy and registering was just too real. But it's happening right now.

Apparently Eric got an email when I created it asked if he approved this "baby partnership". It really makes us wonder if there are a lot of problems with people creating registries with people who they do not have approved baby partnerships with.

That was one of my major tasks when school is out, so now I'll have to devote myself to binge watching Orange is the New Black exclusively. While I've been looking forward to season 2 coming out for quite some time now (it came out this past Friday), I decided to postpone watching it until Game of Thrones is over for another YEAR, WHY GOD WHY!?!?

This way I'll still have something to live for/look forward to, and I also plan to rewatch season 1 while I'm at it.

Read this amazing GoT buzzfeed my mom sent me. I read it on my phone today while waiting for my appointment in a bridal shop and really embarrassed myself laughing out loud. All was not lost though, as the seamstress assured me she could let out my maid of honor dress for my sister's wedding which is 3 weeks from tomorrow! It actually does still zip (I had to buy it before I even got pregnant) but it makes me feel like this:

I'm going to add watch Gone with the Wind again to my summer to do list. It's filling up fast.

I'm having a pretty good workout week. The YMCA membership has been life changing. I've been going to 3-4 group fitness classes a week, and aiming to work out in some way 5-6 days each week total. I try not to have too many workouts where I just chill on the elliptical with a magazine but sometimes it's just so tempting. Running is not so much happening. I plan to write a post about it, which makes it sound much more interesting than it is.

I think we should all aspire to push ourselves at the gym as hard as Eric does. He slept like this for about 2 hours after returning from his workout last night.

I realize most adults don't get summers off (and this is my first one ever, although I am still working sporadically and taking a grad class), but it's still a special time.

What's on your summer to do list? Mine also includes "read all the baby books", "create a nursery" (don't expect pictures or pinterest worthy anything), and "learn how to keep an infant alive".  I'm actually already making headway on these goals, I changed a two week old's diaper this week, and our blackout curtains for the baby's room just arrived.

Forgot to add: sorry, I turned on word verification for my comments. I hate myself for it but getting 30 spam emails per hour round the clock is too much for me. Hopefully it's just temporary. 


  1. I read zero baby books, so you'll beat me there. I think we did our registry around 25 weeks, too.

    I now want to watch and read Gone With The Wind again.

  2. Ha I'm doing the Orange binge too-- I'm waiting til one weekend when Will is in Brazil for the World Cup and then I plan to watch THE WHOLE SERIES. I'm pretty psyched :)

  3. Gone With the Wind is one of my faves. I think I've read the book at least three times and seen the movie more like ten... so your registry is on Amazon? Never heard of it but what do I know.

    The same thing is on my summer to-do list that was on my winter one.... namely, finish new novel!

  4. I created my registry online around 25 weeks and I think I put about 5 items on it. Then I went to South Carolina (from MD) to visit my SIL at 28 weeks and she took me to the store and helped me complete it. A few weeks later I got the book Baby Bargains and read through a lot of it to make sure my choices were sound based on safety and parental reviews and whatnot. I've also added some things to my Amazon wish list. My shower is tomorrow so I'll have a good idea of what all I need to buy soon!
    We started OITNB last week but we only watch an episode a night at most. We were watching three different series at the same time (now down to 2 since we finally finished Dexter) and only one or two episodes per night so it's slow going but keeps us entertained over a longer period.

  5. I just started Orange is the new Black today because of how much you rave about it! It better be good :)

  6. I guess I need to watch Orange is the new black now!

  7. Jorah the Explorer....I am DYING. Love that article.

    Am I the only person who doesn't love Orange is the New Black? I found that girl to be so annoying...I don't know, just didn't think it was funny. Have you watched House of Cards yet? I don't know if you'd like it (definitely not of the YA variety) but I was obsessed.

    Summer to do list? Start training for fall races, go hiking and camping (!!), hang out by our pool, bbq...oh and maybe start crossfit. I'm going to a free sample class tomorrow. I'm a little bit terrified.

  8. I for real laughed out loud at the "approved baby partnerships." I have a friend who works for Amazon, maybe I can get the scoop from her.

    My summer to do list includes trying not to kill my husband (who also has summers off) when I get home from work and the house is a disaster, the kids are running around half naked covered in peanut butter and possibly dirt and I still have to make dinner.


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